Gryphon Announces Core Voice, a Real Time Conversation Capture Tool for Business

October 02, 2012

Gryphon has announced the availability of Core Voice, a complete call recording and business intelligence solution, for capturing conversations in real time from any phone used to carry out any business transaction. This allows the company to retain crucial data of discussions between sales or service agents and the clients.

Information gathered in these recordings come in handy during audits and is important in the providence of advanced monitoring and analysis of either the company’s workers or the customers, enabling the management to make informed decisions aimed at improving general productivity.

Core Voice, which provides an effective do-not-call policy among other crucial marketing privacy, is accessible via a range of devices. These include office phones, the CRM by using click-to-dial or by dialing a 1-800 access, and then using a unique PIN, or even through a smartphone dialer app.

"With the strengthening of call recording laws like Dodd-Frank, companies have to find ways to capture sensitive conversations that could originate from any phone, at any time," said Eric Esfahanian, general manager, Gryphon, phone-based services. "These same companies want the value that targeted analysis of client conversations could bring to new-hire training, sales-team optimization, and customer-service levels."

Core voice will also support Key Phrase and Emotion Alerts, which allows sending of e-mails once core voice places an ID on important words or phrases in a conversation. Other features include agent-initiated recording that allows agents to initiate and terminate conversation recording, and the Target Speech Analytics that allows the app to compile relevant voice commands and output practical seller effectiveness score values.

In a statement, Jeff Fotta, Gryphon’s president, said, "Our solutions are purpose-built to help firms unlock their marketable universe and observe customer preference while improving sales productivity. . . Our solutions are purpose-built to help firms unlock their marketable universe and observe customer preference while improving sales productivity."

Core Voice will make the realization of real time speech analytics simple and achievable. Managers will be in a position to monitor their sales agents' activities by training, retaining and rewarding appropriately. This network-based solution will allow carrier-grade high-availability call settings that do not require complicated network configurations.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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