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Vodaphone Company Assists UK Government Agency in Telecom Spying Operations
A recent joint news report by British and German media reveals that the U.K.'s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) has operated a mass surveillance program with the help of telecom company Cable & Wireless (CW). The report found that CW gave GCHQ extensive access to its network, allowing it to collect data from millions of Internet users.

Call Recording Week in Review: OAISYS, Twilio, LiveVox and More
Just because the holiday season is right around the corner doesn't mean companies are slowing the pace on call recording innovations. The call recording industry has seen another very active week, so let's take a moment to look back on some of the week's highlights.

Gryphon Networks' Call Recording Systems Make Compliance Easier
Call recording is easily one of the most powerful tools at a company's disposal. It offers a variety of benefits to its user ranging from improved customer service to protection against lawsuits. But many powerful tools are often dangerous if misapplied, and that's why there are a set of laws surrounding the use of such tools. Yet in some cases, such tools are actually required by other laws, and that can make for a difficult position for a company to be in. Gryphon Networks, meanwhile, may have…

LiveVox Opens Toronto Data Center
Cloud contact center solution provider LiveVox has announced that it has opened a data center in Toronto.

Twilio Gives Enterprises More Flexibility with Launch of its Elastic SIP Trunking
Cloud computing has revolutionized virtually every aspect of information and communications technology (ICT) by providing a range of solutions to a wider audience, and giving companies multiple modes of delivery for the services they provide. Whether it is software, infrastructure, platform or security, cloud delivers it more efficiently, at better price points and without having to deal with the headaches of legacy systems. Even though SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking is relatively ne…

EarthBend Augments Call Recording Tech with New OAISYS Release
While call recording may well be one of the most dangerous tools a business has at its disposal-improper use of call recording could be met with a variety of legal challenges and potential fines-it's also one of the most powerful in terms of providing great customer service and even protecting a business' interests down the line. To that end, EarthBend has brought out the availability of version 8.1 of the OAISYS line of call recording tools, and this new version promises to bring plenty more po…

Ecosmob Launches Contact Center Software
Ecosmob, a fast-growing Indian IT company offering a wide variety of enterprise solutions, has announced the global availability of its new contact center software for enterprises of all sizes. The feature-rich solution is noted for being an intelligent, robust and secure alternative to the many competing services on the market.

Recording Calls with Different Smartphones
Although the advent of the smartphone has brought innumerable exciting new functionalities over its predecessor, the feature phone, one of the things we've lost is a built-in tool to record incoming and outgoing calls. A chief reason for this is the historically murky legality surrounding the issue, such as in the U.S. where it is required that at least one party (or every party involved, in some states) is knowledgeable that the call is being recorded.

Tech Talk Featured Articles

Transera Unveils Customer Engagement Analyzer 2.0
Recording and understanding customer interactions is a vital aspect of customer service for a contact center. They employ various technologies to record this important data.

Encrypted Phone Calls will Protect Mobile Phones from Tapping and Other Intrusions
Encrypted phone signals are one way to gain an edge over eavesdropping practices, but generally these are limited to hard-line and VoIP phones, and don't always transition to mobile. Today however, several call encryption apps exist that allow smartphone users to curb the effects of eavesdroppers by encrypting their mobile calls.

OAISYS Wins TMC's CUSTOMER Magazine 2012 Product of the Year Award
OAISYS has announced that the company's Tracer with Mobile Recall product has received the CUSTOMER Magazine 2012 Product of the Year Award from Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC). Mobile Recall products enable OAISYS Talkument and Tracer software solutions.

omNovia app now includes Recast technology
omNovia Technologies, a company that provides webinar and webcasting solutions, recently announced an addition to its mobile app. The company has now featured its mobile app with omNovia's Recast technology which now allows the users to replay omNovia hosted webinars at their convenience in an interactive mode.