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How to Make Customer Opinion Even More Valuable
Ever see those commercials involving websites offering paid surveys? How such commercials will tell the viewer that "companies value customer opinion" and, as such, are willing to pay for it? It's actually somewhat true, as most anyone who's run a business knows, if the customers aren't happy, said customers aren't buying. But there are ways to take that customer opinion and make it even more valuable to a business' normal operations, as a recent study from Business 2 Community noted, and much o…

Call Recording Week in Review
This week in Call Recording (CR) we find an exciting collection of announcements which, holistically, seek to prove the old saying 'out with the old, in with the new'. As the exciting world of CR continues to evolve, it is apparent that companies, in this vertical or in need of its services, are taking the necessary steps forward to evolve with it.

Fonetic and Tango Networks to Improve Voice Recognition, Global Trading
Voice recognition solutions provider Fonetic announced this week that it has partnered with business mobility services leader Tango Networks. The pair will reportedly be working together to establish linguistics recording in multiple devices that will ultimately affect compliance on global trading floors.

Motorola Announces TekSpeech Pro Voice Recognition
This week, Motorola announced its latest voice-driven solution that aims to improve the operations of warehouses and distribution centers. Called TekSpeech Pro, it allows businesses to create an end-to-end supply chain solution that offers speech recognition capabilities in a range of mobile computers.

Hexagon Housing Improves Customer Service with Call Recording System
Hexagon Housing, a London-based housing nonprofit, has announced that it has chosen a call recording system from Business Systems to keep on top of requests by its tenants.

Call Recording Week in Review
The week following July Fourth was a busy one for call recording, so take some time this weekend to kick back and review some of the week's highlights in the industry.

Know Your Call Recording Needs Before You Buy
The use of call recording is a powerful tool to monitor activities, protect the organization in dispute resolution and train employees in the right way to handle processes. While it seems pretty cut and dry, each industry actually uses call recording in a different way. Within these different industries, there are also specific needs, putting more focus on the reality that one size does not fit all.

Listening to the Customer with Social Media, Call Recording
Most businesses would find, if they could pinpoint customer satisfaction precisely, that they are not offering the high quality customer experience they think they are. Customer satisfaction is often measured by occasional customer surveys, which don't provide a great picture of what's going on in the contact center today.

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Tech Talk Featured Articles

Encrypted Phone Calls will Protect Mobile Phones from Tapping and Other Intrusions
Encrypted phone signals are one way to gain an edge over eavesdropping practices, but generally these are limited to hard-line and VoIP phones, and don't always transition to mobile. Today however, several call encryption apps exist that allow smartphone users to curb the effects of eavesdroppers by encrypting their mobile calls.

OAISYS Wins TMC's CUSTOMER Magazine 2012 Product of the Year Award
OAISYS has announced that the company's Tracer with Mobile Recall product has received the CUSTOMER Magazine 2012 Product of the Year Award from Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC). Mobile Recall products enable OAISYS Talkument and Tracer software solutions.

omNovia app now includes Recast technology
omNovia Technologies, a company that provides webinar and webcasting solutions, recently announced an addition to its mobile app. The company has now featured its mobile app with omNovia's Recast technology which now allows the users to replay omNovia hosted webinars at their convenience in an interactive mode.

ShoreTel Intros Call Flow Editor for ShoreTel Sky Portal
ShoreTel has announced the introduction of the Call Flow Editor feature for the ShoreTel Sky Portal, a Web-based voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) management application.