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  • Is It Legal To Record Calls With Smartphone Apps?
    Anyone who's been even casually following the call recording industry for more than a couple weeks knows that call recording is a powerful tool. It has uses in training employees, in ensuring the best in customer service, and even protecting against lawsuits. Some laws actually require some industries to engage in call recording. For everyone else, call recording has a minefield of laws around it, and the rise of smartphones hasn't made the picture much clearer. So much so, in fact, that some are specifically asking if it's legal to record calls on a smartphone using a smartphone app.
  • Call Recording Goes Mobile with Three and Gamma Co-Production
    Call recording's value has long since established itself, thanks to a combination of legal matters that in some cases require it be used and other cases only allow it to be used under certain specific conditions. When there's that much law around a tool, it's got to be a powerful one, and businesses are increasingly putting it to work. For mobile devices, this is no exception, and a new combined effort from Three and Gamma is delivering exciting new value in a field that seemed dominated by other firms.
  • iFree Skype Recorder Offers Free, Unlimited Voice Call Recording
    Although there are a lot of enterprise call recording software options on the market, many are designed for midsize and large businesses that need to capture the calls of entire call centers. For small businesses and less demanding users, those options can work well, but users may find themselves using (and paying for) a bulldozer when all they needed was a shovel.
  • VirtualTone In Compliance With Kari's Law
    VirtualTone, a telecommunications company that is based in Houston, Texas, announced this past week that its phones and voice services are ready to comply with Kari's Law.
  • The Robocall Flood Can't Be Held Back
    If you've had a call recently from a machine, like Lisa at Cardholder Services, then you're in very good company, or at least, in very broad company. A new report from the YouMail Robocall Index says that there's a new record-setting development afoot, as robocalls in the U.S. reached a staggering new high of 2.64 billion calls received just in the month of August alone. That's enough to mean a new record.

What Is Call Recording?

The idea that we have to even ask what is call recording seems like a silly concept as the phrase itself lends enough explanation to the activity. Most of us have heard the message that our call may be recorded for training and quality purposes and we’re well aware of the activities of the NSA ...

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