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  • NetSapiens Updates SNAPsolutions VoIP Platform
    NetSapiens, developer of the SNAPsolution VoIP platform, recently announced a series of updates to that platform including WebRTC integration and an increased number of SNAPped In Services, third-party applications for faxing, transcription and more.
  • CallTrackingMetrics Unleashes New Features
    While the value of call recording is quite clearly known by now, there are some lesser-known offshoots of call recording that pack in plenty of value as well. One of those is transcription, in which call recordings are converted to text, and CallTrackingMetrics recently added transcription systems to its offerings to bring this powerful, if somewhat lesser-used, system to its user base.
  • Castel Adds Layer of Protection: Mandatory Agent-Only Dialing
    Castel, designer of call center software, services and solutions announced the release of Castel CallSelect, a premise-based calling platform designed to help address the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) compliant agent manual dialing. While the TCPA protocols are designed to protect consumers and legitimate businesses follow them, it slows down their operations.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: HigherGround, TapeACall, SIP Print
    This week in call recording news, we take a look at more of the benefits associated with recording and tracking phone calls, and review some of the latest offerings available.
  • HigherGround Joins the Cisco Solution Partner Program
    The Cisco Solutions Partner Program is part of the Cisco Ecosystem and unites the larger company and its offerings with third party providers that deal in both hardware and software. By working through this programming, customers who are looking for a wide range of different products can basically go to one particular location and find exactly what they are looking for.

What Is Call Recording?

The idea that we have to even ask what is call recording seems like a silly concept as the phrase itself lends enough explanation to the activity. Most of us have heard the message that our call may be recorded for training and quality purposes and we’re well aware of the activities of the NSA ...

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Call recording for your IP PBX

Whatever the size of your organization - from a small professional corporation to a large enterprise - you chose to deploy a VoIP communications system for the capital and operational cost savings and the productivity advantages for your users ...

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