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Law Enforcement Wants Smartphone Kill Switches...Department of Justice Doesn't
In a move that's sure to leave a justice watcher scratching his or her head, a new wrinkle has emerged in the smartphone kill switch debate. While for the most part the word out of law enforcement has proven to be pretty unanimous-we not only need kill switches for smartphones, but we need such devices now and no one should be able to opt out, so the argument seems to be going-dissent has risen, and from a strange quarter: the United States Department of Justice.

Shanghai Unicom Deploys Impact 360 Speech Analytics
By mining recorded calls and analyzing them to identify early trends, problems and opportunities. It can also be used to quickly assess the success of marketing campaigns to determine a change of direction is necessary or continue on the same path if there is positive response.

Business Call Recording Ramped Up by High Quality Voice
We've gotten so used to reduced audio quality in our telephone calls that we hardly notice it is gone. Thankfully, VoIP and the high-definition calling that it enables helps us bring back some of what has been lost. Although not all VoIP implementations offer high-definition voice, business-grade systems do-and it gives audio quality beyond any traditional phone call.

Phone Voice Recordings to Help in Parkinson's Study
Smartphones have revolutionized everyday communications, but there could be far more stunning uses - such as in healthcare - of the technology when combined with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) call recordings.

Call Recording Week in Review
Time to wrap up this holiday week with some technology news. Let's see what's happened in the call recording space.

Call Recording Can Help Companies Establish Caller Identity
The Internet is very good at anonymity. That historically has been one of its selling points, and the pathways to anonymity through the Internet are varied and many because of this very early design feature of the technology.

Mobile Call Compliance Made Easy with IPC Systems, TeleWare
IPC Systems and TeleWare have announced a way to provide mobile compliance systems to record calls and other communications in the U.S. and the U.K.

Call Recording a Must for Telephony Reseller Offerings
If you are a company looking to install or enhance your communications services, chances are you've heard the name HDN, Inc. (short for High-Tech Digital Networks). Founded in 1992, HDN began as a reseller of pre-owned telecommunications equipment, but since that time, HDN has grown to become a top Voice over IP (VoIP) and WAN integration company, specializing in telephony and data solutions.

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OAISYS Wins TMC's CUSTOMER Magazine 2012 Product of the Year Award
OAISYS has announced that the company's Tracer with Mobile Recall product has received the CUSTOMER Magazine 2012 Product of the Year Award from Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC). Mobile Recall products enable OAISYS Talkument and Tracer software solutions.

omNovia app now includes Recast technology
omNovia Technologies, a company that provides webinar and webcasting solutions, recently announced an addition to its mobile app. The company has now featured its mobile app with omNovia's Recast technology which now allows the users to replay omNovia hosted webinars at their convenience in an interactive mode.

ShoreTel Intros Call Flow Editor for ShoreTel Sky Portal
ShoreTel has announced the introduction of the Call Flow Editor feature for the ShoreTel Sky Portal, a Web-based voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) management application.

TMCnet Call Recording Week in Review
Today, organizations large and small are replacing analog systems at impressive rates, and Voice over IP (VoIP) calls now exceed analog call volume by double digit percentages. In fact, in some industries and professions such as call centers, financial services and the legal community, call recording is mandated by law/industry regulation. Many organizations are turning to call recording systems in increasing numbers for training purposes, for regulatory compliance and/or for enhanced customer s…