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Transera Unveils Customer Engagement Analyzer 2.0
Recording and understanding customer interactions is a vital aspect of customer service for a contact center. They employ various technologies to record this important data.

Encrypted Phone Calls will Protect Mobile Phones from Tapping and Other Intrusions
Encrypted phone signals are one way to gain an edge over eavesdropping practices, but generally these are limited to hard-line and VoIP phones, and don't always transition to mobile. Today however, several call encryption apps exist that allow smartphone users to curb the effects of eavesdroppers by encrypting their mobile calls.

OAISYS Wins TMC's CUSTOMER Magazine 2012 Product of the Year Award
OAISYS has announced that the company's Tracer with Mobile Recall product has received the CUSTOMER Magazine 2012 Product of the Year Award from Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC). Mobile Recall products enable OAISYS Talkument and Tracer software solutions.

omNovia app now includes Recast technology
omNovia Technologies, a company that provides webinar and webcasting solutions, recently announced an addition to its mobile app. The company has now featured its mobile app with omNovia's Recast technology which now allows the users to replay omNovia hosted webinars at their convenience in an interactive mode.

ShoreTel Intros Call Flow Editor for ShoreTel Sky Portal
ShoreTel has announced the introduction of the Call Flow Editor feature for the ShoreTel Sky Portal, a Web-based voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) management application.

TMCnet Call Recording Week in Review
Today, organizations large and small are replacing analog systems at impressive rates, and Voice over IP (VoIP) calls now exceed analog call volume by double digit percentages. In fact, in some industries and professions such as call centers, financial services and the legal community, call recording is mandated by law/industry regulation. Many organizations are turning to call recording systems in increasing numbers for training purposes, for regulatory compliance and/or for enhanced customer s…

Novo Technologies Rated for Avaya Compliance
Novo Technologies, a supplier of call recording, quality and coaching tools for the call center and customer relation management markets, announced today that its flagship product NovoLog6 is compliant with key collaboration solutions from Avaya software. Any company that creates telecommunications solutions either in software or hardware must develop compliance with the large systems providers like Avaya, ShoreTel and Cisco.

Digital Phone Technology Puts More Power in Business' Hands
The less a business spends on those everyday operational parts of the business, the more they have to put into research and development, marketing, human resources and all those vital components of the business that can improve conditions, boost morale and nourish bottom line. One way to do just that is to switch to digital phone technology.

Call Tracking Metrics Updates its Call Tracking Solution
Call Tracking Metrics is allowing advertisers to publish a single phone number and have each call automatically ring to the location nearest the caller. The company has launched its call tracking and reporting software, including a geo-routing feature to this end.

Tata Communications Enhances its False Answer Supervision Algorithm
In an effort to enhance its False Answer Supervision detection programs, Tata Communications has announced that it has selected IPSoft's algorithm. Tata Communications is a recognized provider of New World Communication solutions for international markets. The new and enhanced False Answer Supervision (FAS) algorithm will enable the company to offer its clients quality services as the market demands for a FAS solution that is effective becomes a growing reality.

OAISYS Announces Early Adopter Release of Mobile Recall Application
The new Mobile Recall Application from OAISYS lets users have web-based access to the key functionalities of OAISYS Talkument and Tracer software solutions.

New Technology Detects and Blocks Contraband Communications Devices in CA Prisons
Global Tel is a private company that owns California prison pay phones. Recently, they funded a multi-million dollar project to detect and block contraband cell phone use inside of California prisons.

eFusion Announces HD Recorder 5.1 App for iOS
eFusion, a Japanese audio technology company, has just announced that version 5.1 of their Voice Recorder HD is ready for the general public. This iOS-based recording application is designed for anyone who loves to be able to record voice memos quickly and easily. This particular app is geared towards the business person who wants to manage background recording on their iPad, iPhone or iPod. This company has been especially popular in Japan and Russia and has released other applications for iOS …

Voci Technologies Secures $3.12M to Expand Its Customer Base
Voci Technologies Inc. recently unveiled that it has raised $3.12 million in Series A financing. This new round of funding will enabling Voci to expand its customer base and will provide an increased opportunity for more companies to leverage the 'voice' of their customers.

OAISYS Introduces Expanded Voice Documentation with Version 7.2
OAISYS, provider of business call recording and contact center management solutions, announced the release of an update on its flagship software offerings Talkument and Tracer. The latest offering, version 7.2, includes expanded voice documentation compliance capabilities and a new Archiving Appliance.

Call Recording: Noble Systems Announces UK Launch of Noble Enterprise Hosted
Noble Systems, a global leader in unified contact center technology solutions, has introduced hosted enterprise solution in the UK.

Voxsmart Reduces Connection Time While Recording Mobile Calls
Voxsmart, the biggest provider of mobile recording solutions, just announced its release of two new services: VoxRecord 2.0, granting users shorter connection times; and VoxMonitor, tightening the security of the transaction. VoxRecord 2.0 heeds issues with carrier delays, present when recording an outbound call, by putting the recording connection on the hook before the call connects so that sending and receiving has no delay.

Performance Monitoring in the Contact Center: Some Key Points
Wouldn't every contact center like to boast that its managers are fully aware of its own operational costs or that its leaders are very familiar with the elements that jeopardize its customer interactions?

TMCnet Call Recording Week in Review
In case you missed some of this week's featured stories, we have you covered. Call Tracking Metrics takes home a top award; Xtend extends its service hours; Steve Anderson has a few tips for contact center managers; and I bet your fifth birthday was better than this. Read on.

TMCnet's Call Recording Week in Review
Looking at the top stories in call recording this past week, TMC's Tracey Schelmetic wrote that customer service training company Telephone Doctor will partner with customer support and sales solutions provider ContactPoint to offer a new training accountability program called Service Ensure, the two companies said today.

TMCnet's Call Recording Week in Review
It's the weekend, and that means it's time for a roundup of the best in TMCnet's call recording news.

TMCnet's Call Recording Week in Review
Goodbye to 2011, here's hoping 2012 is a year of blessings and prosperity and that the Mayans weren't right. Lots happening in the call recording space, let's get you caught up.

TMCnet's Call Recording Week in Review
Looking back on the week in call recording, there was a good piece from TMC's Juliana Kenny looking at the year in call recording.

TMCnet Call Recording Week in Review
One of the primary reasons for call recording is analysis. If ever there was a reason to analyze the contact of the calls that come into a call center, and there are many, gaining an understanding of what drives first call resolution is one of the most compelling.

Business First Names CallCopy One of the Best Places to Work for Fourth Time
CallCopy, a leading provider of call recording and contact center software solutions has been named one of the "Best Places to Work" by Business First. This is the fourth consecutive year, that the organization has received this honor.

Nuance Introduces Free Application on the Apple iOS
Nuance Communications has launched a free application on the Apple iOS app store called as Dragon Recorder app.

Wales and West Utilities Call Center Solution Selects Red Box Recorders for Enhanced Customer Service
Red Box Recorders, a global provider of software-based voice recording for financial services, public safety and contact centers clients, recently announced the winning of a new client.

ITP VoIP Improves Customer Service Call Centers with New Call Recording
When it comes to call center outsourcing in today's competitive business environment, it's essential for Customer Service Call managers to make sure that they meet their customers' quality expectations,

Vermont Rail System Improves Communications Using OAISYS Tracer Call Recording Solution
OAISYS, a provider of business call recording and contact center management solutions, announced that regional rail service operator Vermont Rail System (VRS) has selected OAISYS Tracer call recording solution to improve communications.

TMCnet Call Recording Week in Review
It was a busy week in the Call Recording sector this week. Here are some of the major stories from TMCnet.

TMCnet Call Recording Week in Review
It was a busy week in the Call Recording sector this week. Here are some of the major stories from TMCnet. Executive recruitment and placement firm Govig & Associates has standardized on the Tracer contact center management solution by OAISYS to maximize the management and performance of its call center. Govig has been using Tracer for quality assurance and dispute resolution since 2004.

Rounds Communitainment Platform Integrates Screenr Recording Capabilities
Rounds, a provider of live "communitainment" platform that brings video chat and social apps into one fun integrated consumer experience, announced it has surpassed 1,000,000 monthly active users.

Voice Activation without the Physical Trigger or Buttons?
If you've thought much about a world of voice activation and speech recognition, you've realized that you still need a physical trigger or button press to activate the voice control in the first place.

TMCnet Call Recording Week in Review
It was a busy week in the Call Recording sector. Here are some of the major stories from TMCnet.

RightNow Mobile Powers USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service Virtual Representative
RightNow, a provider of cloud based solutions, announced that the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has implemented RightNow Mobile to enable its new Mobile Ask Karen application.

ShoreTel Validation Testing Completed By CallRex Call Recording Software
Telrex is an Enghouse Systems company and provider of the CallRex suite of IP call recording and contact center optimization solutions. The company recently announced that CallRex Call Recording software has passed validation testing with the ShoreTel IP telephone system. Telrex has received the ShoreTel Validated designation through comprehensive testing completed with the ShoreTel Innovation Network.

Tech Talk with SIP Print's Jonathan Fuld: Is Microsoft OCS 2010 a PBX killer?
The problem with implementing a Microsoft OCS 2010 (as it stands now) is the recovery of previous investment of handsets. They can't be re-used. Even if a company is transitioning from one VoIP based PBX to OCS, Microsoft uses a modified and incompatible SIP-like protocol, so standard VoIP phones are out.

Tech Talk with SIP Print's Jonathan Fuld: What is a Session Border Controller and Who Needs One?
A Session Boarder Controller, or "SBC," is a device at the edge of one network that has two main features: control the signaling of the session: telephone call, video or other media and manipulate and manage the media translation between various networks

Tech Talk with SIP Print's Jonathan Fuld: Cellular Long Term Evolution - Part 1
Just the other week, I attended a conference where Andrew Seybold was speaking on Cellular Long Term Evolution, or "LTE." Seybold is a well known advisor/consultant in the cellular world. He hosts the annual Seybold Dinner that recognizes the accomplishments of companies that are developing leading-edge technologies, devices, services, and applications that will change the way we view and use wireless in our everyday lives and that will attract new customers to wireless.

Tech Talk with SIP Print's Jonathan Fuld: 3 Keys to Successful Selling
The other week while my son was home from University, he asked if he could join me in my exercise routine. I said, "Sure, we work out for an hour." Three quarters of the way through the routine, we started on our 6th set of pull ups.

Tech Talk with SIP Print''s Jonathan Fuld: Call Recording Analytics
Merriam Webster's website defines Analytics as the method of logical analysis. Analysis comes from the Greek as meaning to break up or, in other words, to separate from the whole into its component parts. Sometimes, though, it is better to see the whole for what it is and to make business decisions based on the sum of the parts as well as the parts.

Tech Talk with SIP Print's Jonathan Fuld: Call Recording and Vacation
Last year I went on vacation on some local ski slopes. I was gone for a week skiing day and night. I had local phone service. I had my cell phone. What I did not have was access to all the phone calls made to and from my company while I wasn't there.

Tech Talk with SIP Print's Jonathan Fuld: What is a Codec?
A codec is an algorithm that a telephone uses to break down, or encode, speech from the handset of a telephone. This same algorithm is also used on the telephone at the other end of the conversation to recreate, or decode, the voice or sound that was made at the other end.

TMC Honors OAISYS for Digital Call Recording and Interaction Management Software
Technology Marketing Corporation's Customer Interaction Solutions, or "CIS," magazine recently honored OAISYS' Tracer, a digital call recording solution for contact centers, with the 2009 Product of the Year award. OAISYS is a provider of small- to medium-sized business and enterprise-class call recording and contact center management solutions. The company's call recording and interaction management software, Tracer, captures telephone-based interactions as digital call recordings, or voic…

CallCopy Receives ShoreTel Partner Proven Certification
ShoreTel's high-performance, secure network reduces latency and jitter, resulting in high-quality voice communications. Wideband audio codecs deliver outstanding voice quality.

Tech Talk with SIP Print's Jonathan Fuld: the Bank Secrecy Act
The Bank Secrecy Act, or "BSA," was implemented in 1970 to deter money laundering and secret bank accounts.

Tech Talk with SIP Print's Jonathan Fuld
I took a flight on a major airline the other week, right before the Christmas holiday. I had to finish up some work for a client of mine. As I was heading out, I captured the coveted emergency exit seat. A rather plain looking gentleman sat down on the aisle seat and next to him was a lovely young woman in her mid twenties. He told me he is a salesman's salesman, someone who instructs salesman on how to "get to yes."

Ask the Expert: The Value of Conferences: Seminars vs. Web Searches
I ran a Google search using the term: How many telephone manufacturers are there in the United States. It returned 70.2 million results, nothing usable but some ads. I ran the exact same query on and received 10.4 million results, but nothing I was looking for. A simple answer to a simple question. If I were to spend the time paging through all the results, I wouldn't be done for a couple of weeks. Google suggested I go to One of the first returned advertisement links from Ask.…

Ask the Expert: SIP Print's CTO Discusses Predictions for 2010
Recently, a well respected leader in the communications industry asked me for my predictions for the year 2010. So I gladly responded with what I saw coming for the year. As the initial issue of "Ask the Expert" for the year 2010, I thought you might enjoy the following predictions.

Verint's Public Safety Call Recording Available on Motorola Dimetra IP TETRA Radio Platform
Verint joined the TETRA Application Partner Program in April of this year and signed a license agreement for Application Programming Interface to Motorola's Dimetra system. This enables Verint to provide recording solutions for Motorola Dimetra IP trunked radio systems.

Verint Witness Rakes Up Awards for its Impact 360 Workforce Optimization Suite
Verint Witness Actionable Solutions, a division within Verint Inc. which makes the popular Impact 360 workforce optimization suite, has raked up quite a few awards so far this year, including four from Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC), as well as one each from the American Teleservices Association (ATA) and the European Confederation of Contact Centre Organisations. In addition the company earned finalist status in the "Eagle Star Gala Awards."

Isn't is cheaper and easier to use a software-only call recording solution?
In the end, an appliance is software embedded on hardware — a simple solution with a return on investment that is substantially greater than a software-only solution.

What is 'system-level' recording and why do I want it?
System-level recording means capturing calls at the network foundation, rather than from the PBX.