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Telinta's CallMon Analysis and Reporting Tool Announced at ITEXPO

August 29, 2013

By Steve Anderson, Contributing Call Recording World Writer

New products, new information...this is the order of the day at ITEXPO Las Vegas, and as the event starts to wind down today, the announcements are continuing to fly. One of the more recent such announcements came from Telinta, which announced its new CallMon reporting and analysis tool geared toward keeping VoIP service providers up to date as far as key metrics go, providing the necessary information to help make the best decisions throughout the business.

CallMon has a wide array of features to its credit, including the ability to track things like profits per minute, average call length, average success rate, and several other metrics thanks to the use of Telinta's Switching and Billing platform, a cloud-based service. With CallMon, VoIP service providers can even spot things like DID vendors, or termination vendors, that aren't performing up to snuff—thanks to that average success rate measure—and make decisions accordingly. CallMon can allow businesses to spot issues like outages or straggling performance, which in turn allow for the ability to route around these problem areas, or determine just how often such areas are a problem. Simple or occasional issues can be worked around; issues that are trending poorly may need to be replaced.

Better yet, Telinta's CallMon can be used to more tightly focus on specific metrics, which allows businesses to not only focus on certain points, but further measure the impacts that such points have on other parts of the business. CallMon can even be used alongside the normal measure of reports that come with Telinta to provide the most detailed analysis tools of parts of the business.

Telinta's CEO, Alex Ferdman, offered up some remarks on CallMon's ultimate value, saying, “Telinta understands that VoIP service providers need fast, real-time data to make crucial decisions in running a successful telecom business. CallMon is based on more than a decade of Telinta’s experience helping VoIP service providers to run profitable businesses around the world. With Telinta, service providers can keep a close watch on profits, while providing the quality of service they need to win and retain customers.” Ferdman further elaborated that not only VoIP service providers could find value with CallMon, as things like hosted IP PBX services, calling card, and pinless services could also put CallMon to work.

Indeed, trying to run any business without having the proper information on hand is an extremely difficult practice. It's especially important to have all that information on hand when the business is a VoIP provider, and CallMon from Telinta looks to help keep that information not only on hand, but also as up-to-date as possible. The end result is a better business, better run, and better able to not only serve its customer base but remain viable in a difficult economy.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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