TMCnet Call Recording Week in Review

February 02, 2013

VoIP in the workplace brings all of the advantages of call recording to life. Automatic call recording allows businesses to protect themselves from liability while preserving customer interactions for employee training purposes.

Still, the practice of call recording always brings up issues of privacy. Let’s take a look at some of the news from the Call Recording community this week.

MiaRec, a company providing VoIP call recording and solutions for workforce optimization, showcased its customer interaction solutions at ITEXPO in Miami this week. The MiaRec solution enables companies to conduct live monitoring and automatic recording of both incoming and outgoing calls.

The solution has applications for the financial, healthcare and contact center industries thanks to its widespread IP-PBX compatibility. MiaRec works with Asterisk, Avaya, Cisco and TalkSwitch. In addition to live monitoring, companies can search their call database by name, date and phone number through a Web-based call recording interface.

Companies using a solution like MiaRec have a wealth of recordings at their disposal. But what if consumers and businesses want to provide a modicum of confidentiality?

The Open Technology Institute (OTI) of the New America Foundation sent a letter to Skype this week to discuss the confidentiality issue. The OTI’s letter to Skype asked the company to release a transparency report. The report would contain information about what data the company collects, what the company does with the data it retains and what user data is vulnerable to third-party interception.

This information, said the OTI, is necessary because of the types of people who use Skype. Of course, ordinary people want to have private conversations, but many journalists sharing sensitive information and many activists fighting authoritarian regimes also use Skype to communicate both internally and with the outside world.

So sure, call recording helps organizations know that they are complying with regulations and that they are interacting appropriately with customers. But consumer suspicions about what companies do with those recordings will always be looming in the background.

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