City Park Technologies Chooses Aspect for Mass Voice Analytics Rollout

November 15, 2012

The growing recognition of call recording and voice analytics technology will improve the experience of call center employees. In theory, it wouldn’t be wrong to suggest voice analytics would produce valuable results to be considered with many other kinds of data being collected.

Aspect Software, a provider of next-generation customer contact and enterprise workforce optimization, has secured a partnership with City Park Technologies (CPT) to provide call recording and voice analytics technology across three contact centers, and 1,000 agent seats.

 Under this deal, CPT will be able to enjoy compliance with increasing industry regulation, and drives value from customer interactions for its Blue Chip clients.

Aspect is set to roll out the technology this month.

Many contact centers struggle to listen to even a small proportion of calls because it’s just too labor-intensive and noisy. These voice analytics can easily check that agent sales and service prompts are being followed, relevant offers are being made and opportunities aren’t missed. CPT will also use voice analytics as a tool to improve sales and service performance across the contact center for its clients.

The company will use voice analytics as a tool to improve sales and service performance across the contact center for its clients.

Gerald Murphy, sales director at City Park Technologies, said in a statement, “Since 75 to 80 per cent of our traffic is voice, we wanted to prove the efficiency of this channel and ensure that the level of quality of service is both maximized and sustainable, The decision to introduce voice analytics was primarily as an additional ‘check-point’ to ensure quality and compliance standards are being maintained. Regulators are now more vigilant than ever in ensuring that all customers are treated fairly and will impose heavy financial penalties where breaches occur.”

Mark King, senior vice president Europe and Africa at Aspect, added, “CPT is one of the most forward thinking business process outsourcers in the U.K., and is leading the pack in terms of recognising the benefits of such technology in both day-to-day management of the contact centre, governance and high level decision making.” 

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Edited by Braden Becker

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