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New Survey Reveals Why Most Contact Centers Record Calls
We're all accustomed (some might say "tired") of hearing the line that "this call may be recorded for quality monitoring purposes." The disembodied voice says "may be" because many call centers record only a portion of their calls. Inevitably, those recorded calls are being used to sample the quality of employees' performance. A manager listens, critiques or praises as the case may be, and may even recommend a promotion or a raise.

How to Make Customer Opinion Even More Valuable
Ever see those commercials involving websites offering paid surveys? How such commercials will tell the viewer that "companies value customer opinion" and, as such, are willing to pay for it? It's actually somewhat true, as most anyone who's run a business knows, if the customers aren't happy, said customers aren't buying. But there are ways to take that customer opinion and make it even more valuable to a business' normal operations, as a recent study from Business 2 Community noted, and much o…

Call Recording Week in Review
This week in Call Recording (CR) we find an exciting collection of announcements which, holistically, seek to prove the old saying 'out with the old, in with the new'. As the exciting world of CR continues to evolve, it is apparent that companies, in this vertical or in need of its services, are taking the necessary steps forward to evolve with it.

Fonetic and Tango Networks to Improve Voice Recognition, Global Trading
Voice recognition solutions provider Fonetic announced this week that it has partnered with business mobility services leader Tango Networks. The pair will reportedly be working together to establish linguistics recording in multiple devices that will ultimately affect compliance on global trading floors.

Motorola Announces TekSpeech Pro Voice Recognition
This week, Motorola announced its latest voice-driven solution that aims to improve the operations of warehouses and distribution centers. Called TekSpeech Pro, it allows businesses to create an end-to-end supply chain solution that offers speech recognition capabilities in a range of mobile computers.

Hexagon Housing Improves Customer Service with Call Recording System
Hexagon Housing, a London-based housing nonprofit, has announced that it has chosen a call recording system from Business Systems to keep on top of requests by its tenants.

Call Recording Week in Review
The week following July Fourth was a busy one for call recording, so take some time this weekend to kick back and review some of the week's highlights in the industry.

Know Your Call Recording Needs Before You Buy
The use of call recording is a powerful tool to monitor activities, protect the organization in dispute resolution and train employees in the right way to handle processes. While it seems pretty cut and dry, each industry actually uses call recording in a different way. Within these different industries, there are also specific needs, putting more focus on the reality that one size does not fit all.

Listening to the Customer with Social Media, Call Recording
Most businesses would find, if they could pinpoint customer satisfaction precisely, that they are not offering the high quality customer experience they think they are. Customer satisfaction is often measured by occasional customer surveys, which don't provide a great picture of what's going on in the contact center today.

Target Grop Deploys CTI Group's SmartRecord
CTI's Smart Record solution, a multi-tenant hosted recording solution, is being deployed by Targetgroup to capitalize on the growing trend of hosted unified communications in Ecuador.

Were You a Target of the NSA's Communications Surveillance?
The Edward Snowden affair brought to light a host of issues about communications monitoring and domestic spying at the highest levels of government. But a new report recently emerged from the Washington Post, suggesting that not only did the National Security Agency's (NSA) communication interception plans go a lot farther than anyone may have expected, but that many of the most useful bits of information came from those who were least likely to have been actually intended for surveillance.

MATA Transit Ramps up Customer Service with SIP Print's Call Recording Solution
Just about every industry makes use of contact centers, and these days most contact centers are looking to call-recording solutions to help improve operations.

Call Recording Week in Review
While the World Cup is taking the global community by storm, there continues to be plenty of other news generating worldwide, and the call recording industry was no exception.

Nexidia Interactions Analytics 11.0 Features Upgraded Speech Analytics Technology
Nexidia, a specialist in providing customer interaction analytics solutions that enable business transformation, released Nexidia Interaction Analytics 11.0. The upgraded version will feature enhancements to the speech analytics technology and applications which will help improve customer interactions.

SessionTalk Adds Call Recording Feature to its Android SIP Softphone Product
Many companies today are adopting softphones to increase the productivity of their organizations. However, some businesses still prefer to use a hard phone and this has encouraged phone developers to create softphones that boast features available on standard office phones as a way to entice these users to make the switch.

European Wax Center Starts Recording Outbound Calling, Unnerves Many
The practice of call recording-outbound, inbound or otherwise-has always been something of a double-edged sword. Like any powerful tool, it's got the capability to do some real good for its users, but it also has the potential to be somewhat dangerous. That's why there are often plenty of laws governing its use, and that's also why some are looking askance at the European Wax Center in Aventura, Florida, for putting call recording to use on its outbound customer service calls.

Hillarys Supported by Advanced Contact Center
Hillarys is one of the U.K.'s largest suppliers of blind, shutters, and curtains, and its massive operation that handles more than 1.2 million calls every day is supported by a contact center that holds up to 180 customer service representatives. Tony Hillary began his operation in a garage in 1971, and now a recent report from Business Systems UK says that it, a voice and speech technology solutions company, will seek to improve the Hillarys operation of 1,000 field-based sales advisors with it…

Anti-NSA Blackphone Shipping Soon
After having raised over $30 million in new investment capital and selling out pre-orders last month, Silent Circle is set to begin shipping the first batch of Blackphone devices three weeks from now, according to Phil Zimmermann, the company's CEO.

New Biometric Security Solution Hits the Scene
The forensics and security experts at SpeechPro have released VoiceKey.OnePass, a dual verification system that takes a photo of the user as they say the authentication phrase. The camera of a security system or even a mobile device captures the movement of the user's lips as they form the words, and SpeechPro claims it can't be fooled by a photo.

Call Recording Week in Review
This week saw plenty of news in the call recording space, so let's take a break from those weekend plans to catch up some highlights from the week.

US Court Rules Usage of Location Data from Mobile Devices without a Warrant is Unconstitutional
In a scene from the popular pothead comedy Pineapple Express, one of the protagonists tears a cell phone out of the hand of his friend, throwing it into the woods out of fear that the police may be tracking them. It's a scene that is repeated in a lot of films, and it is based in some fact. Police are able to track the general location of a suspect through their mobile devices. Yet, criminals need not be so fearful. It can only be used to find the area a person is located, not the exact location…

Call Recording Assurance Helps Improve Contact Center Performance
While many may think of contact centers as dealing primarily with phone systems, the technologies that support these hubs of communication are becoming increasingly varied and advanced. Call recording and workforce optimization solutions, speech analytics, omnichannel presence and more are being incorporated into the modern contact center.

SpeechPro Partners with Avaya
SpeechPro, a developer of cutting-edge solutions in speech recording, processing, analysis and voice biometrics, has entered into a partnership with Avaya, a global provider of business collaboration and communication software and services, to offer VoiceKey through DevConnect MarketPlace.

Spy-Proof Messaging Service Debuts Beepip Service
Many Internet users are extremely concerned about their privacy while surfing the web and communicating online. From the alleged breach of privacy allegations from the NSA, to constant potential for viruses and hackers to filtrate personal computers, users have troubling feeling totally secure online.

They DO Exist: Secret Wires That Allow State Surveillance
A new report was released from Vodafone revealing that a secret wire set up for the purpose of allowing state surveillance actually does exist and it gets a lot of use.

Call Recording Week in Review
As call recording technology evolves, it has expanded from the contact center bubble to reach the mainstream, its uses becoming more varied and widespread. With so many ways to take advantage of the technology, plenty of news is being generated. Let's take a look at some of the highlights from the week in call recording.

Can Outbound Dialers Assist Debt Collection?
Debt collection centers always have a hard time, as calling up people who owe money in an effort to get them to pay is never an easy task. However, call centers in charge of this task have found some success using call recording and outbound dialing solutions as part of their business strategy. In fact, a recent case study with Creditlink Account Reovery Solutions (C.A.R.S.) has proved that these solutions actually work, as the company has been using a Magnetic North dialer to increase answer ra…

CallFinder Partners with Customer Centered Strategies
CallFinder has entered into a strategic relationship with Customer Centered Strategies, LLC (CCS) to provide cloud-based call recording and speech analytics solutions as a component of CCS' customer experience and business transformation professional services.

Tragic End to Radio Stunt Shows Ethical, Legal Ramifications of Call Recording
Sometimes a joke can go too far. A former Australian radio host has expressed remorse for a prank call that resulted in the suicide of one of its targets, highlighting some of the legal and ethical issues regarding call recording.

Nice Systems Fixes Call Recording Software
Recently, Austria-based SEC Consult highlighted several vulnerabilities in Nice System's Recording eXpress platform. As one of the most recognized security companies in the world, Israeli-based Nice protects the digital resources of thousands of enterprise class customers around the world as well as nine out of the top 10 U.S. cities, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and many other public and private entities with critical security and safety needs.

Researchers Find Vulnerability in Emergency Service Recording
It seems like hackers can't leave any digital domain well enough, and if they can use the data for some nefarious purpose, they will go after it. You would think the emergency calls people make during their time of need would have nothing useful, but according to the Guardian, hackers could have easy access to confidential calls because of vulnerability in one of the most widely used security applications in the world.

SpeechStorm Forms Alliance with GM Voices
SpeechStorm, a company that offers mobile and voice customer service, recently announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with GM Voices, a producer of professionally-recorded voice prompts for automated technologies and an expert in the provision of translation and localization services, to add translation and localization services to its portfolio.

WikiLeaks Claims NSA Has Gone 'MYSTIC'
The Edward Snowden saga resembles a radio serial form the 1940s that tells about an impending doom in the hopes listeners will tune in, and that is what Glenn Greenwald seems to be doing. The problem is the vast majority of people around the world are not as na├»ve as Snowden and Greenwald thought they were. Most people in developed countries are computer literate and to some degree they probably are aware the intelligence services in their countries monitor the Internet and mobile communication.…

Call Recording Week in Review
Call recording made headlines yet again this week, featured in news around the world, from the U.K. to the Bahamas. While the holiday weekend is now in full swing, and the unofficial start of summer is right around the corner, now is a good time to recap the week's call recording news highlights.

UK Traders Ignore Call Recording Laws
While the United Kingdom has attempted to prevent another financial crisis like the one that happened in 2007-08, half of all bankers seem to ignore the call recording rules introduced by the Financial Services Agency, according to a new report by Ovum and Teleware.

Social Media Interactions Can Benefit from Call Recording
Social media has introduced a whole new way to communicate with your customers. Without a clear strategy for making this communication effective, however, you could quickly alienate your best customers. This is about more than just great customer service; it's about embracing the rules of a social media world and acting accordingly.

Record Personal and Business Calls with New Reality Telecom Service
Ensuring that calls made for business on mobile devices meet compliance standards, and that they can be used for gathering data, is still an issue for many.

Bahamian Residents' Mobile Calls Being Recorded by the NSA
While the President and U.S. Congress are working overtime to take away some of the powers of the NSA in this country, the agency is still up to its old tricks elsewhere. Edward Snowden has provided more documents that shed light on an operation by the NSA that has the agency intercepting, recording and archiving audio from nearly every cell phone call made on the island nation of the Bahamas.

Call Recording Week in Review
Another week has passed for the call recording industry, and for another week is there is plenty of news to go around. Customer service and protection from fraud and spyware took center stage in the call recording market, so let's take a moment to look back at the week's top stories.

New Call Recording Software from AIS Group
A lot of data passes through call centers, especially those that are in the business of providing insurance. This is because thousands of customers call everyday for information, questions and claims. As a result, insurance companies are burdened with excess amounts of information and this entails larger space for storing these calls. Unfortunately, these calls have to be recorded to resolve disputes, improve customer service, increase security and to meet government regulations. However, this n…

The Fight for Privacy is Both Global and Personal
I keep a piece of tape over my webcam. It's not aesthetically pleasing, and I don't like it, but I also didn't like the stories about schools spying on students through a webcam, or an extortionist snapping photos of Cassidy Wolf, Miss Teen USA 2013, through her webcam. At first I felt silly and paranoid for covering my cam, but a quick Google search will show you that everyday folks are also being targeted by stalkers, hackers and, as we now know, even the government.

Indian Consumers' Expectations Exceed Companies' Customer Support Offerings
According to a recent customer experience management study conducted by Avaya that surveyed 1,268 businesses and 8,500 consumers across 13 countries, customers in India have high expectations of the quality of customer service they should be receiving, and are finding those expectations are not being met.

Anti-Spyware More Relevant in the Age of VoIP Call Recording
As adults, we discover that in this day and age of advanced technology, the concept of spying has gone beyond the fantasies associated with James Bond. Spies come in a number of different forms and they're not just looking for government information - they also want to spy on the average citizen and mobile professional. If you transmit information digitally, spies are likely interested in you.

Callstream's Vault Platform to Ensure Coversure Franchises are PCI-Compliant
The Callstream Vault platform, a cloud-based PCI Level 1 certified solution for contact center environments, has been deployed by Coversure in order to ensure that its franchises comply with PCI-DSS regulations.

Call Recording Week in Review
It's been another eventful week for call recording technology, which continues to be featured in everything from political news headlines to new partnership agreements.

Call Recording Reveals Closed-door Australian Politics
We all know the kind of value and potential risk that call recording can bring to any normal operation. While there's spectacular potential for improved customer service, internal operations and even lawsuit protection, there's also the potential for legal troubles and lost public perception if used incorrectly.

mSpy Can Track Smartphones
Smartphones have become more common, even among youth. If public service announcements on TV asked if parents knew where their children were, one company might provide a modern way to find out: mSpy.

Callstream, Open GI Team to Offer New Technology and Communications Services to UK Insurance Brokers
U.K.-based contact center solutions provider Callstream recently forged a new partnership agreement with Open GI, insurance broker software provider.

Call Recording Week in Review
It's been another eventful week in the call recording space, with international ventures taking shape, new solutions being unveiled, and controversies over call recording making national headlines. With the weekend here, take a few minutes to sit back and review some of the week's top call recording stories.

Donald Sterling Case Underscores Personal Call Recording Debate
Call recording for personal use continues to be a hot-button issue, particularly when it involves high profile figures. The current NBA Clippers news story saga revolves around the validity and legality of the call recording.

Business Call Recording Gains Momentum in Romania
The need for high-quality voice and call recording services is universal, as more and more countries enter into the broader business community. In Romania, this need is no different, and one voice services provider is making strides to bring the best solutions possible to local companies, bolstering their communications and helping them succeed.

Storacall launches the new STIP Call Recording Solution
Voice over IP (VoIP) is a type of voice Internet telephony communication service. So far, it has gained widespread acceptance among unified communications (UC) carriers and service providers, as seen from the market penetration. In recent time, the market for VoIP services has grown beyond expectations; in fact, it is estimated to grow to $82.7 billion in 2017, reports Diane Myers, principal analyst for VoIP, UC, and IMS at Infonetics Research. Even more impressive are the numbers estimated in t…

Versadial Solutions Announces New Version of Call Recording Software
Versadial Solutions has been offering call recording solutions for over 20 years. The company's Adutante Call Recording Software Package is suitable for businesses needing to continuously record on a reliable and steady platform and quickly search for specific calls based on date, extension, caller ID, and more. Users are also allowed to play the calls directly from their PC and make comments or export the call in WAV format for review.

Law Enforcement Wants Smartphone Kill Switches...Department of Justice Doesn't
In a move that's sure to leave a justice watcher scratching his or her head, a new wrinkle has emerged in the smartphone kill switch debate. While for the most part the word out of law enforcement has proven to be pretty unanimous-we not only need kill switches for smartphones, but we need such devices now and no one should be able to opt out, so the argument seems to be going-dissent has risen, and from a strange quarter: the United States Department of Justice.

Shanghai Unicom Deploys Impact 360 Speech Analytics
By mining recorded calls and analyzing them to identify early trends, problems and opportunities. It can also be used to quickly assess the success of marketing campaigns to determine a change of direction is necessary or continue on the same path if there is positive response.

Business Call Recording Ramped Up by High Quality Voice
We've gotten so used to reduced audio quality in our telephone calls that we hardly notice it is gone. Thankfully, VoIP and the high-definition calling that it enables helps us bring back some of what has been lost. Although not all VoIP implementations offer high-definition voice, business-grade systems do-and it gives audio quality beyond any traditional phone call.

Phone Voice Recordings to Help in Parkinson's Study
Smartphones have revolutionized everyday communications, but there could be far more stunning uses - such as in healthcare - of the technology when combined with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) call recordings.

Call Recording Week in Review
Time to wrap up this holiday week with some technology news. Let's see what's happened in the call recording space.

Call Recording Can Help Companies Establish Caller Identity
The Internet is very good at anonymity. That historically has been one of its selling points, and the pathways to anonymity through the Internet are varied and many because of this very early design feature of the technology.

Mobile Call Compliance Made Easy with IPC Systems, TeleWare
IPC Systems and TeleWare have announced a way to provide mobile compliance systems to record calls and other communications in the U.S. and the U.K.

Call Recording a Must for Telephony Reseller Offerings
If you are a company looking to install or enhance your communications services, chances are you've heard the name HDN, Inc. (short for High-Tech Digital Networks). Founded in 1992, HDN began as a reseller of pre-owned telecommunications equipment, but since that time, HDN has grown to become a top Voice over IP (VoIP) and WAN integration company, specializing in telephony and data solutions.

MiaRec Now Interoperable with BroadWorks Platform
Technology as well as industry and government regulations are making call recording a mission-critical application for organizations across different sectors. Whether the company is using traditional or hosted telephony service, they have to comply with new rules designed to protect consumers in healthcare, finance, legal profession and other industries. This is introducing new opportunities for service providers offering call recording as a service by integrating new technologies to gain compet…

AGNITiO Unveils Voice Solution with Anti-Spoofing Protection
The increased sophistication and extent of cyber-attacks on critical data belonging to government agencies and other financial resources has made it imperative for enterprises and their call centers to enhance their digital identity and security solutions.

Irish Garda Saga Continues: Recording was Planned for 21 Stations
More news has unfolded in the Irish Garda saga, after it was discovered the police force of Ireland had been recording incoming and outgoing calls in its stations around the country. According to the latest reports, plans to install recording equipment were underway for 21 stations around Ireland in 2007.

San Diego Police Officers to Begin Recording Interactions by End of June
Currently 10 police officers in Central Division are outfitted with the cameras in a pilot program patrolling downtown San Diego and surrounding neighborhoods. So far they have captured dramatic events involving an officer shooting as well as a crime scene in which an officer involved shooting took place.

Truphone Launches New Truphone Mobile Recording Solution
Truphone, a global mobile network and mobile recording solutions provider, announced the launch of an industry regulation-compliant Truphone Mobile Recording Solution. The network-based solution will enable financial institutions in the UK and US to comply with mobile recording regulations and offers unlimited voice and SMS recording features.

Call Recording Might Help Solve Malaysian Airline Mystery
As the search for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 continues, officials are trying to glean any clues that they can from the few pieces of evidence that exist on where the flight could have disappeared to.

Wheelings & Dealings: HSC Partners with Toshiba of Canada to Deliver Call Recording, Call Accounting
A post featured on last week disclosed that Hansen Software Corporation (HSC), a Canadian call recording and call accounting manufacturer, have formed a partnership with Toshiba of Canada Limited. Toshiba of Canada, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Toshiba Corporation and a diversified electric/electronic manufacturer that provides a wide range of products and services on a global basis, announced that the alliance officially began on March 4.

Wheelings & Dealings: LiveVox Sells Majority of its Stake to Golden Gate Capital
Since its commencement, LiveVox has been offering a suite of integrated contact center solutions, including predictive dialing, ACD, IVR, call recording and reporting/business analytics tools, via a unified multi-tenant cloud platform. The company has 175 clients spread across a variety of industries such as financial services, healthcare, and telecommunications, as well as outsourced call centers.

Ninth Circuit Reverses Motion to Dismiss Call Recording Case Against Hilton
The issue of privacy is one that businesses have to tread on very carefully. No matter how benign the offending act might seem to the organization committing the offense, the violation can still be substantial enough for the victim to seek damages in a court of law. In the case of Young v. Hilton Worldwide Inc. et al., Rick Young claimed Hilton violated two sections of the California Invasion of Privacy Act (CIPA), Sections 632 and 632.7, when the company recorded him without his consent.

The President and Congress Introducing Bills to Harness NSA Powers
Since Edward Snowden first started leaking NSA operations around the world, the agency has been volleying all manner of allegations. Whether it is true or not, the NSA as well as other law enforcement agencies face incredible odds in trying to find global enemies who are trying to harm US citizens and her allies. While most people understand these agencies have to sometimes bend the law in order to catch terrorists, the problem has been the perception most people have of the NSA as having unlimi…

The Irish Garda Now Faces Illegal Recording Allegations
Ever since Edward Snowden began leaking information about the NSA, authorities around the world have been under greater scrutiny when it comes to respecting the privacy of their citizens. Now, law enforcement agencies are being being held accountable, and oversight committees in these agencies' respective municipalities are demanding that they explain their snooping into the private lives of the people they are supposed to protect.

Call Recording for the Consumer: Easy, Free and More Common than Ever
Every conversation with a major call center for any kind of business always begins with the same and often repeated phrase: "Your call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes." Companies use call recording for many purposes, and while some of these needs like training staff on how to reduce average call time and improve sales conversions, other uses like having the ability to back up a claim that the other party refutes or even having a simple reminder are useful for anyone who talks on t…

Aspect Mentor Provides Real-time Speech Analytics
The technology available today allows businesses to gather data from each touch point so they can use the information to improve the product and services they offer to customers. For call centers it means recording every interaction with the customer so it can be used to improve agent performance and provide the information to the company for further analysis. Aspect Software, provider of fully-integrated customer interaction management, announced the launch of Aspect Mentor, a real-time speech …

Call Recording Week in Review
Call recording has become a vital lifeline to businesses around the globe, as well as a controversial topic when it comes to government surveillance and lines being crossed.

Call Recording and the Enterprise: Working With IP Telephony for Better Customer Service
Then there are companies like SIP Print whose enterprise edition of its call recording solution can work with IP telephony, ensuring accurate records, increase productivity, and increase customer satisfaction.

Illinois Supreme Court Deems Eavesdropping Law 'Overly Broad and Unconstitutional'
The legality of call recording within the U.S. can get a little sticky at times thanks to inconsistent consent laws from state to state. It gets even worse when you factor in updates to these laws as was the case recently in Illinois.

Call Recording, Speech Analytics Not Necessarily Mutually Exclusive
As companies start incorporating data into their processes, they are increasingly turning to call recording in conjunction with speech analytics to get a better understanding of customers. These tools can help mine data to help determine the sentiment of customers. Executives can then use the data to make changes to improve quality and boost customer loyalty, sales and revenue.

NSA Surveillance Program Replays Foreign Phone Calls up to a Month Old
As more documents emerge concerning the National Security Agency's phone surveillance programs, more of their capabilities are becoming clear. In particular, a recently expanded call recording system has been revealed, which grants the NSA the power to store 100 percent of a foreign country's telephone calls, which can be rewound and replayed up to 30 days after the call actually took place. This allows the NSA to later follow up on a suspected individual's phone calls made before they were deem…

Automatic Speech Recognition Market Growing
Speech recognition by computers has long been a science fiction concept, but a new report by Research and Markets says that automatic speech recognition technology is becoming popular in real life, driven by a need for greater security.

Transition Networks Makes Testing and Launching Ethernet Services Easier for Carriers
Service providers live in a world of complex networks with lots of moving pieces, and they are faced with the pressures of keeping costs down while at the same time introducing new services and scaling as demand requires.

Call Recording Week in Review
Call recording continues to be a prominent technology in the business world. This week, call recording was included as a feature in many new product announcements, providing unique benefits such as agent training, quality assurance monitoring and customer feedback data. Let's take a look at some of the products advancing call recording technology released this week.

Voxox and Lenovo Sign Distribution Agreement
According to the terms of the agreement, Voxox's embedded icon will enable Lenovo's customers to gain access directly from the laptop to Voxox's feature-rich, low-cost global communication app. The app offers calling, call forwarding, call recording, global texting, electronic faxing, sharing of video, photo, contact and location information as well as instant two- way language translation, and voicemail transcription capabilities.

CounterPath Signs Agreement with Gryphon to Empower Gryphon Mobile Solutions
CounterPath Corporation announced that it has entered into a distribution and licensing agreement with Gryphon Networks, designed to provide additional capabilities to the mobile solution offerings from Gryphon.

Continued Controversy in Turkey Underscores the Delicacy of Call Recording
What politicians say behind closed doors has come under a new wave of scrutiny in recent years-thanks to the modern world of technology, in which privacy is often more of a courtesy than a guarantee. Former U.S. President Richard Nixon, who resigned in the 1970s after the embarrassment of the Watergate scandal, found this out the hard way. And now Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his party are facing a similar challenge.

Recordense App Adds Tags to Audio Recordings
Call recording has been around for a long time, but new technology is making it easy to add some nifty features that can enhance the recording experience-adding value and making it simpler to find key parts of the audio file quickly.

BharatSync Offers Four New Services for Low-end Mobile Devices in India
As per a recent IBNLive India post, BharatSync, a mobile communication service in India, has revealed four new services for low-end mobiles. Consumers can now sync their call log, use call recording, perform SMS backups (have SMS saved on servers hosted in India by just updating the application), and enjoy protection from unauthorized access to emails (i.e., email accounts can be secured with a PIN).

Wheelings & Dealings: Mitel Acquires Call Recording Company OAISYS
Today, many companies in the contact center space supply more than one business process, integrating their products seamlessly in such a way that their customers have less to worry about when it comes to integration. The days of the "Frankenstein call center" seem to be largely at an end. In pursuit of this goal, we have seen a number of important players in the contact center space acquire the technologies their portfolios have been missing.

Call Recording Companies Can Now Breathe Easier in California
While call recording is used on a daily basis by many companies, if not most, when it comes to customer support issues, the technology isn't free of headaches from a legal perspective. While anyone who has ever done business over the telephone is aware that "this call may be recorded for quality purposes," this generally applies to inbound calls when a customer is calling a company. The provision isn't always as obvious in outbound calls, in which companies generally require live agents to speak…

ASC's INSPIRATION WFO Software and VoIP Recording Solution Picked by GERI HDP
ASC, a provider of software solutions that are designed to record, analyze and evaluate communications, has implemented its workforce optimization (WFO) and VoIP recording solutions for GERI HDP.

There Are No Excuses Anymore for Not Evaluating Campaign Performance
Some consumers think it's pretty scary to see personalized ads pop up on Facebook's timeline or Google searches, but for marketing and sales centers it's even scarier to think about putting those campaigns out there and never knowing how well they work. Even the biggest company can set up a perfect flow of drip messages to push a prospect through the sales funnel, and then lose the trail when the customer decides to call rather than click to purchase.

Storing Call Recordings Securely is as Important as Encrypting Them
Some days, you've got to wonder how many people are listening in on your telephone calls or other messages. From news that the NSA is collecting data about your phone calls to the U.K. spy agency GCHQ being accused of intercepting millions of Yahoo Web cam images, it seems like these days, everyone is fascinated with your business.

Call Recording Week in Review
This week in the call recording industry, customer service reigned supreme as a top-of-mind concern for companies big and small, and news from the call recording sector reflected this.

How to Balance Call Recording with PCI Compliance
The idea of call recording is generally communicated to consumers as a necessity for quality assurance and training purposes. In some cases, it must also be used to ensure the proper processes are being followed in a financial transaction-based environment. But that's where things can get messy - the calls need to be recorded to ensure compliance, yet certain information on the call can't be recorded. How do you create the right mix?

Call Recording, Speech Analytics Key to Customer Service Excellence
The quality of the customer experience being offered today is of paramount concern to any company that wishes to succeed. The marketplace is intensely competitive, customers are careful with their money, and margins are getting narrower. For this reason, companies realizing that an excellent customer experience is the way to win business from competitors. As companies have cut all they can cut, they realize that this is essentially the only way to grow.

Mobile Call Recording Just Got Easier for BlackBerry Users
While contact centers rely on call recording for help with maintaining compliance standards, the legality of call recording on a mobile device can be a bit trickier for the Average Joe.

Why VoIP Call Recording Matters to the Customer Experience
When people call your customer service line, are they always greeted with a smile? It may sound like a funny question-given that the communication isn't in person-but the customer can hear whether or not the agent on the other end of the line is happy to be on the phone. If the smile is lacking, the call may get off to a bad start, increasing the risk of the customer leaving the interaction less than satisfied. If you've got VoIP call recording in place, you're on the right path to identifying t…

Call Recording Week in Review
Companies continue to turn to call recording solutions, not only to meet compliance requirements, but to also achieve the best customer service possible.

Tango and Mavenir Offer Mobile Connectivity Solution
Tango Networks' Business Mobility solutions have been integrated with the 4G IMS Mobile Core from Mavenir to leverage standard IMS signaling and securely connect the operator's IMS network with enterprise unified communications, PBX and call recording platforms from major vendors.

Travel Firm Sees Increased Sales with Call Recording Solution
Yankee Leisure Group wanted to use call recording methods to better understand what customers were seeking and how sales agents responded. The firm wanted improved customer service and agent training, and wanted to be able to offer travel products based on customer desires.