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  • Employee Smartphone Use Challenges Norms of Quality Management and Call Recording
    By choosing an enterprise solution that accommodates mobile devices, companies can skip the cumbersome and piecemeal approach of downloading apps for different device platforms, and ensure that those recordings become part of the company's overall quality management program.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: CallCabinet, Liquid Voice, TCN
    This week in Call Recording news, growth in the market continues to make headlines.
  • CallCabinet Teams with Vodia for Cloud-based Solution
    That "pay as you grow" features is a big draw for businesses, as many times organizations find themselves needing to scale at greater speeds than they originally anticipated. The simplicity of Vodia's architecture is thus very important, as it allows for rapid scaling if needed.
  • Liquid Voice Lands New Distribution Force in New Zealand with Cogent Deal
    Distributors do a great thing for businesses, opening up whole new markets that previously may not have been available. Liquid Voice recently took advantage of just such a new market development by signing a distribution agreement with Cogent - giving Liquid Voice its first-ever access to the New Zealand market.
  • TCN Reaches New Growth Milestones, Showing Its Chops in Call Center Operations
    Good news recently emerged for TCN, a company that focuses on enterprise-level cloud-based call center systems, as it achieved a slate of milestones illustrating its growth. With successes in mergers and customer counts, the company had plenty to be proud of, but wasn't resting on its collective laurels.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: Verint, Teo, MiaRec, More
    This week in Call Recording headlines we saw partnerships, industry recognition and new product releases cross the wires.
  • Call Recording, Other Tools Can Bring Greater Value to Self-Storage
    Call recording, particularly when part of a call center, delivers a lot of benefit for self-storage and other companies. With a call recording system, businesses have an easy way to refer back to issues raised during said calls, and can present information to callers in their own voice. The recordings can be used to ensure total accuracy in customer requests, and should there be issues about what was provided, the recording can be used to placate the customer.
  • Verint Recognized for Recording Innovation
    Today's business landscape is more diverse and multi-functional than ever before.
  • MiaRec to Show off Cloud-Ready Call Recording
    San Jose, California-based MiaRec is well known in the industry for its global call recording and interaction management solutions that offer call recording, screen capture and other contact center tools for both service providers and enterprises.
  • Teo Technologies' New Teo Analytics Gets More Out of Call Recordings
    It's great to have data, but it's never enough to just have it. Data has to be used to be truly effective, and call recording data is no exception. Teo Technologies may have a solution in hand with its new Teo Analytics system, a new tool that takes its current line of unified communications and multichannel call center systems and adds analytics to help get more value out of the data on hand.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: StoraCall, Pexip, Abiliteam
    This week in Call Recording headlines we looked at the link (or lack thereof) between call recordings in the cloud and those done on premises.
  • Storacall's New Storm Cloud Call Import Improves Internal Call Recording Capability
    Storm Cloud Call Import gives users the ability to import recordings from cloud-based systems and bring them into a premise-based infrastructure. A business may need to do this for a variety of reasons, ranging from requirements to store certain data on premise for a certain length of time, to requirements to store such material in central locations for compliance with certain legal matters, or just as a means to have the recordings readily available for access by other functions.
  • Recordings in the Cloud Lack On-Premise Integration - Until Now
    The battle between the cloud and premise-based communications and computing has often been a focus on one or the other. In reality, a number of environments are trying to manage both in a way that makes sense for their operations. When call recording is a must-have in the mix and the potential for complete cloud communications is not yet realized, there has to be a way to efficiently manage recording and archiving of all interactions.
  • Call Recording an Important Component of Any Mobile CRM Solution
    In addition to call recording, real-time functionality like syncing and analytics are also valuable features for any mobile CRM solution. Agents in the field need up-to-date access to all data, including recorded calls, and solutions that push that information in real time are a major asset. Being able to study aggregate data to look for trends and metrics is another huge benefit for representatives, and an important feature for any mobile CRM offering.
  • Pexip Infinity Collaboration Tool Gets a Recording Boost from Abiliteam
    Collaboration tools are valuable in the field, mainly for the ability to connect sectors of a workforce separated by geography, time of day, or other matters. Collaboration tools can sometimes lose that value after the collaborating is done, as users forget what was determined during the collaboration. A new development from Abiliteam gives those who use the Pexip Infinity collaboration system a little extra edge: a recording, streaming, and asset management platform.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: TelStrat, Semafone, CTD
    This week in Call Recording headlines we heard about the troubles facing call centers in Canada and why technology like call recording is a vital tool in the competitive marketplace today.
  • Canadian Call Center Systems Face Disaster Amid System Replacement Issues
    The whole situation is a bad one for Canada, and one that needs to be resolved quickly. With employee paychecks on the line, a full-on revolt may be ahead, and one that might cripple Canadian government operations. Improved call center operations may be just what's needed to fix this, underscoring the importance of the call center in general.
  • CTD to Start Offering TelStrat's Engage WFO
    Computer Technology Distributing (CTD) has entered into a distribution partnershinp with TelStrat International. As a result, CTD can now offer TelStrat's complete solutions for call recording and workforce optimization as cloud services for compliance recording and customer service contact centers.
  • Semafone Shipping Up to Boston as Start of Global Expansion Plan
    Semafone is a company on the edge of a massive expansion effort. Reports are coming in that it's established a new location for its North American headquarters, to be located in Boston, and the secure payment software provider has some more plans for expansion beyond a new headquarters location.
  • Today, Call Recording Is Easy to Add, and Vital for a Competitive Marketplace Position
    Call recording is widely used in the customer support industry, but there is evidence it's not utilized as it should be. Many companies record calls because they are required by law - particularly financial services and healthcare - or because they need the occasional recording to evaluate the performance of an agent. What many organizations don't understand, however, is that call recordings are one of the most important tools when it comes to evaluating the customer experience and learning how you can improve it. It's also a great way to tap into your marketplace and understand how to grow your company.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: Versadial, BroadSoft, ASC Technologies
    This week in Call Recording headlines we heard the benefits in business and banking. We also heard about new interoperability and software development kit releases.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: Versadial, BroadSoft, ASC Technologies
    This week in Call Recording headlines we heard the benefits in business and banking. We also heard about new interoperability and software development kit releases.
  • Versadial Solutions Gives Recording Developers New Punch with New SDK
    For software developers, it's often good news when a new software development kit (SDK) comes available, as it opens up some new opportunities for development in the field. Versadial Solutions recently cracked up a slate of such opportunities with its new Call Recording Engine SDK, a tool that will give developers access to an array of functions for users.
  • Video Banking Integrated with Call Recording Can Improve Customer Engagement and Increase Revenues
    Video banking is fast becoming a reality, and close to 80 percent of banks worldwide plan on offering video-enabled banking services. A new report from retail financial association Efma and video collaboration specialists Vidyo shows that a vast majority of banks understand the value of high quality video services in improving customer engagement and satisfaction. When coupled with important features like call recording and click-to-call for mobile and web applications, video stands to revolutionize customer service in the banking sector.
  • EVOIPneo Call Recording Now Interoperable with BroadWorks Platform
    Cloud-based call recording solutions are important today because they cut costs and offer more intelligent monitoring options.
  • Employees on Smartphones: Is it Trivia Crack or Business-Related? Now You Can Know
    The idea of recording your interactions can seem like an unnecessary step outside of the contact center industry, but when was the last time you remembered every single thing the other person in the conversation said? This kind of retention isn't always necessary, but it is important in the world of business. Call recording can often make or break the transaction.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: Avoxi, ServeMeBest, Voci, MediaRecorder
    This week in Call Recording headlines we heard about new solution offerings, partnerships, and got a glimpse into the future where applications are headed.
  • MediaRecorder API Gives Users Access to a Browser-Based Recording System
    Call recording systems deliver great customer service because they allow for easy training tools, make orders come out exactly right and so much more. Sometimes it's even required by law to have a recording system in place. What if that kind of capability could be extended to the Web browser? That's a question about to be answered thanks to the new MediaRecorder application programming interface (API).
  • Avoxi Adds Salesforce Integration to Smart Queue Call Center
    Avoxi begins this partnership by allowing call center agents to continue with their work by contacting more customers. It also provides managers with reporting tools to see all the activity Smart Queue has logged throughout a given time period. Managers can gain a live view of how many calls have been transferred and can look in the history to see gains in call center productivity.
  • ServeMeBest Hits Florida, Shakes Up Roster
    Improving contact center operations is, for many firms, an increasing priority. As the main touchpoint for large numbers of users, it's the point where a lot of sales efforts are made or broken, and the point where current customers become either repeat customers...or former customers. Being able to deliver a better customer experience, with first-call resolution, is vital to ensuring the best chance of repeat business. ServeMeBest's line of tools, coupled with its new VP's experience in the field, makes it a great prospect to deliver that high-end customer experience.
  • Mattersight, Voci Get Together to Bolster Data Analysis
    One of the great benefits of call recording is to provide a steady stream of fodder for big data operations to analyze. From that data, an analysis can produce actionable insight, those things that turn what customers seem to want into actual things that a business does. Mattersight Corporation and Voci Technologies recently got together to bring a new power to call recording that should make for better analysis of the recordings made.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: TelStrat, ASC
    This week in Call Recording news, ASC announced it was chosen by the country of Estonia to upgrade the call recording system for its public safety network.
  • Comings & Goings: Mike Berlin Joins TelStrat as SVP of Global Sales and Business Development
    TelStrat, a top developer of call recording, quality management and workforce optimization solutions, has made a new addition to its executive management team this week, by bringing Mike Berlin on board. Berlin will now serve as senior vice president of global sales and business development for the company, and will also be responsible for all TelStrat sales and sales engineering activities.
  • Why Call Recording is a Must for Collections
    While it may seem risky to have a "bad call" recorded as it can come back to haunt later, it's much better to be able to demonstrate compliance with industry regulations. Call recording can ensure that all collections activities are meeting with expectations so the business can go on to be profitable.
  • If You're Not Recording and Analyzing Mobile Calls, You're Missing Out
    To ensure you're remaining compliant with the law, however, make sure you understand the call recording rules of each state (or country) you operate in. Most states are "one-party consent" states, which means only one party to the conversation needs to know it's recorded. (More on the legality of call recording here.) Others require that both parties are notified however, so ensure that your "this call may be monitored" messages are following you into the mobile realm.
  • Estonia Taps ASC to Upgrade Call Recording System for Public Safety Network
    The country of Estonia has chosen ASC's EVOIPneo for its TETRA public safety radio network. The network, known as ESTER, is operated by the country's SMIT (Center of Information Technology and Development). The network comprises more than 100 base stations across Estonia allowing first responders such as police, rescue offices, border guards and others to communicate.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: Coordinated Systems, Zendesk, DGT
    This week's call recording headlines demonstrate that the technology is necessary in so many applications across varying industries. Not just for legal protection, but also to improve efficiency and operations.
  • Wells Fargo Bank Agrees to Pay $8.5M to Settle Call Recording Lawsuit
    The settlement Wells Fargo had to pay is not small for any organization, but for companies that are much smaller, these types of fines can be detrimental. The good news is there are a wide range of solutions in the market place to ensure you are always compliant when it comes to call recording.
  • DGT Upgrades Polish Emergency Services Radio Communications
    DGT, a provider of communications systems for emergency response organizations, recently provided details about its upgrade of the National Emergency Medical Services in Poland.
  • Coordinated Systems Brings New Power to Virtual Observer
    Zendesk's app marketplace just got two apps stronger as Coordinated Systems Inc. (CSI) brought out a pair of new tools for Virtual Observer and Zendesk users, giving both tools new capability in the filed and a means to not only record interactions, but put these recordings to better use in other applications.
  • Why Robust Call Recording Demands the Addition of the ACD
    With deep insight into each interaction, you not only know that customers are getting the attention they need, you can also monitor accuracy among employees. Whether you're implementing the tools to run an in-house contact center or you simply want to be sure that all employees are following protocol, complete visibility is critical. And, with the right statistics and reporting tools, you can ensure an efficient operation where employees are compliant and customers get what they want.
  • New Feature Ensures that Call Recording Announcements are Made for All Calls
    MiaRec announced recently that it added automatic recording announcement functionality to its call recording software. The new feature will allow businesses to ensure compliance with call recording consent laws.
  • New Solution Reduces Labor Costs by Automating Call Recording Verification
    Red Box Recorders announced recently that it had released Assure: Daily System Check (ADSC), a solution with automated call recording verification. The company claims that by using this automation, businesses can save up to 60 percent on labor costs versus manual testing processes.
  • Don't Let Fear of Call Recording Laws Keep You from Using the Tool
    Buyers might actually like the idea that the call is recorded for their own protection in case of a he said/she said scenarios cropping up in the future. In the case of cold calls - perhaps from an outbound contact center - the caveat that the call is being recorded should be built into the script. If your company's legal team is really wary, there are call recording solutions that record only the salesperson's side the call, which is a way to get around the two-party consent rules but still keep a record of the sales person's pitch.
  • 4 Reasons Call Recording is Worth the Cost
    The practice of call recording has a reputation of being both good and bad. In the contact center industry, it serves as an important tool for quality monitoring and training purposes. In a small business, it can ensure that interactions are handled as they should be, delivering the right balance of service and accuracy. In the teenage relationship, it could be used as blackmail, giving it a less than stellar presence.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: TeleVoice, Business Systems,
    This week's call recording headlines included new implementations and a look at the benefits of customization.
  • Why Customized is the Only Way to Go in Call Recording
    What does call recording mean for your organization? Does it serve as a way to capture interactions that you can later use for training, or do you leverage real-time monitoring to ensure agents are delivering according to scripts and expectations? The practice is almost standardized in the contact center environment. In other industries, customization is the key.
  • South African Conglomerate Shows Why Call Recording Matters
    This time, the person who authorized the insurance policy could not even spell the name of the alleged customer, proving to just about anyone who heard the recording that the caller was not who he pretended to be. Again, though, the sales agent didn't ask questions.
  • Business Systems Assists Multinational Bank With Audio Recordings
    The bank reportedly faced issues regarding the integrity of its voice recordings and compliance with international laws. Two years ago, it found itself in a situation where it was required by law to keep its current recordings for at least five more years but saw its recorders and their associated operating systems becoming obsolete and reaching their end of life regarding support. This caused the bank to look for a product that could keep the recordings safe and handle any individual idiosyncrasies required by additional regulations. Business Systems has now moved those problematic recordings - 50 million strong out of six individual recording systems in five countries - into a central location.
  • TeleVoice Insight Brings New Power to Mortgage Operations
    All of these factors are excellent reasons to have call recording capability on hand. Not only is it valuable for agent training, letting the agent immediately see the right and wrong of every call without forcing the agent to remember what may have been part of a hundred calls made in a day, but also it allows for the satisfaction of certain regulatory requirements. While there's an incredible potential for misuse-one of the biggest reasons that there are so many laws involved-there's an equally incredible potential for added value. With mortgage servicing, this can be particularly important; no one wants a payment to go astray or a foreclosure to kick in without cause.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: CallTower, OrecX, Slack, SIP Print
    This week's call recording news headlines included new partnerships and solution releases.
  • CallTower Launches White Label Voice Platforms for Resellers
    CallTower recently announced the launch of CT Call Recording, and Skype4B with Integration (S4BSI). Both solutions will be offered as white label programs to resellers and feature technology from leading vendors in the communications sector.
  • Slack Adds Voice
    Call recording, by the way, can also be part of the Slack solution. In fact, late last year Clarify did a series of demonstrations in which it showed how to use Clarify with Slack to make, record, search, and transcribe audio calls.
  • Call Recording Isn't Just for the Call Center
    Insurance providers can also benefit from the training capabilities allowed with SIP Print call recording. Agent compliance is easily audited, comparing activities against regulations and company directives for customer service. Captured recordings of effective interactions are also easily shared across the agent base. This not only leads to improved interactions, it also allows for proper monitoring so that wrong information isn't distributed to the customer base.
  • TopBox to Sell OrecX Call Recording in Partnership
    Cloud-based customer analytics and call recording applications can go together like black coffee and sweet chocolate cake. Complimentary tastes with a common ambition that brings them nicely together. The analytics provide a sober look at the exact inner workings of a business while good call recording platforms can capture the richness of every word that flow in and out of a business.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: MiaRec, IOVOX, California Invasion of Privacy Act
    Here is a run-down on this week's top call recording-related headlines brought to you bundled in one place your reading pleasure.
  • MiaRec Launches Call Recording for Skype for Business
    Until very recently, call recording solutions were the domain of large enterprises who invested in the technology to meet the compliance regulations for their industry. Call centers also use recordings to improve agent performance and gain better insights into their customers. MiaRec, a provider of call recording and monitoring solutions, is expanding the recording capabilities of its software for the contact center and enterprise sector with the support of Microsoft's unified communications (UC) platform Skype for Business.
  • If You Haven't Gone Virtual with Your Phone Service, You're Missing Out
    As you plan your day, it makes sense to examine the possibilities in the virtual phone service - you may even already have this in place to support your remote employees. You know the virtue of presenting that consistent look and feel to your target audience and you also know your employees work best when they're mobile. The virtual phone service enables these advantages while still keeping you on point for delivering the seamless branding necessary to keep the competition at bay.
  • IOVOX Insights Delivers Google Analytics-like Experience for Phone Calls
    Among the calling parameters IOVOX Insights can deliver are call arrivals by date and time, calls' geographic origins, marketing and advertising attribution through virtual numbers from the service provider, missed calls, and unique vs. repeat calls. IOVOX has two points of integration, added Luis, on the call records themselves and on the cloud PBX the SMB is already using (in which can an extra analytics tab is added to the interface).
  • California's Invasion of Privacy Act Spurs Flurry of Class-Action Lawsuits for Illegal Call Recording
    Contact center operators, however, may need to be wary if they're calling wireless phones and using cloud-based recording solutions provided by vendors (who could be considered "third parties") who are then storing the calls on their own premises. It's unlikely, however, to be an issue that will be settled anytime soon in the courts, or through state legislation.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: CallCabinet, Tango Networks, TeleVoice
    This week's call recording headlines included new solution offerings, partnerships and an award win.
  • CallCabinet Takes Home ITEXPO Best in Show Award
    CallCabinet Corporation has long made its call recording software, Atmos, compliant with Digium's Asterisk software-based private branch exchange. It has worked hard to make its recording product the best it can be, and it recently found validation for that effort at ITEXPO.
  • Tango Networks Releases Mobile Call Recording Cloud Service
    For businesses that choose to use cloud-based software, they can continue that path by deploying the Tango SaaS product in a hosted cloud. This can allow for access and device management from any location. Similarly, an on-premise launch can work for businesses that feel more secure in having their installations exist on a local network. Either way, Mobile Call Recording setups can interact with analytics software from well-known companies such as Oracle and Verint to add even more power to admins' decision making.
  • TeleVoice Insight Puts Call Recording in Business Hands
    TeleVoice, whose focus is mainly on customized call center options, brought out an entry of its own into the call recording field: TeleVoice Insight.
  • Four Best Practices for Call Recording
    The advantages of call recording are many. It can serve as evidence during a dispute, and help with training. Best practices and quality reviews are easier. Details that might have been missed during an important call can be reviewed. Data also can be mined for insights thanks to increasingly powerful speech analytics solutions.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: Numonix, Voci Technologies, Vaspian
    Call recording has a special place in the business world, not only because it offers protection of what was actually said during an interaction, but because the data created from recording interactions can also be used to help learn and improve process.
  • 5 Global Natural Language Processing Trends & Why the Market is Booming
    With content and real-time solutions connecting global audiences today, it was bound to happen: Natural Language Processing (NLP), an artificial intelligence engine that processes communications between human and machine, is showing growth in size and demand. This is happening thanks to continued adoption of productivity tools that are breaking down the barrier between written content and spoken word. In fact, engines have become so complex that they are even able to analyze natural human language and convert it into big data.
  • Numonix Customer Interaction Recording Helps Businesses Meet Strict Compliance Requirements
    Standard call recording practices are simply not an option in today's multimedia world of customer interactions. Compliance mandates are consistently changing and becoming more demanding to keep apace with technology, and companies in all types of vertical markets need to be prepared to satisfy regulatory requirements.
  • Avoid Wasting Time, Strategize Your Call Recording
    When using call recording, it's also important to implement speech analytics. It's one thing to have to turn over batches of recorded calls to demonstrate compliance. It's another when you want to look for specific conversations to measure success, identify problems or even help in a dispute. Speech analytics makes the search for that information in archived recorded calls so much easier.
  • Voci Technologies Brings Speech Analytics to Vaspian
    Digital communication is revolutionizing the enterprise. In addition to the flexibility that the technology offers, it also allows valuable information to be extracted from the voice data. And increasingly, companies across all segments are looking for ways to gain actionable insights from their voice communications. As a hosted telephony provider, Vaspian wants to give its customers this option, which it plans to do with a new partnership with Voci Technologies.
  • Call Recording Essential for Both Customer Service Quality and Regulatory Compliance
    The number of regulatory and compliance mandates across a broad section of industries is on the rise, with more data and information changing hands and traveling across networks.
  • LedgerAssets Launches Call Recorder Blockchain App
    LedgerAssets, a company that has developed a commercial-grade app for determining the authenticity of photos and videos, has extended its use of the blockchain to recorded audio.
  • CallCabinet Corners Cloud-based Call Recording with Atmos 2.0 at ITEXPO
    From training and customer service to compliance and legality, call recording is an integral tool for firms of all sizes. Last year, the team from CallCabinet unveiled its enterprise workforce optimization tool at ITEXPO, but this year the buzz comes from Atmos 2.0, a cutting edge cloud based call recording solution.
  • Red Box Brings Quantify Call Recording to Skype for Business
    Call recording is quickly going beyond call centers to cover practically any business that uses voice, video or text collaboration. In other words, call recording is on its way to becoming ubiquitous throughout the world of business. Obviously, call recording providers are eager to make this transition as easy as possible for potential customers.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: Compliance, Security & Call Scoring
    Call recording remains an important function in the communications market not just for the call center industry, but even businesses that must remain complaint and secure. This week's Call Recording articles highlight the importance of each of these use cases for call recording and offers reasons why businesses of any size should take note.
  • How to Take Compliance to a Place of Value in Call Recording
    When making a phone call, the opportunity to implement call recording is likely not top of mind. We simply have something to accomplish, an individual we need to connect with to accomplish a bigger goal. We make the connection, get the information we need and move on. In some industries, this kind of connection works well. In others, it's not enough to protect the professional or the client on the other end of the line.
  • Make the Most of Your Recorded Calls with a Call Scoring Function
    Quality management, critical to the success of a customer support program, often involves recording calls. (The more, the better, the conventional wisdom says.) So now you've implemented call recording, and you've recorded a bunch of customer-agent interactions. Now what? Can you search them? Do you have a tool to analyze them? Are they easily accessible? How do you score them? Can you share them with other agents as examples of best practices? If your call recording is just that - static recordings that take up space - you're not likely to get much "quality" traction out of them.
  • The Biggest Threat to Your Business Could Be Internal
    While the tactic has the potential to work well, understanding the human psyche of everyone in the office is another challenge I won't likely undertake, and mine is a small office environment. The larger enterprise has a bigger challenge, implementing and supporting a culture where every employee is trusted to maintain a higher level of integrity. Even with personality testing and training in place, there's still a need for call recording.
  • MiaRec's New Call Recording Tools Go Well with Cisco
    Call recording has long been recognized as a powerful tool, one so powerful its use comes with regulations. MiaRec has made its own call recording tools even more powerful with the addition of some new features, and the new features work particularly well with Cisco in mind.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: Privacy and Call Recording, Just in Case, Numonix, Vital Communications
    The news that comes into Call Recording has always been part of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, businesses can protect themselves and their customers with records of their interactions; on the other, privacy becomes a factor when customers know their words can be placed in a database. This week, TMC tackled that divide and also remarked on the value of call recording in businesses, a new Just in Case product that can put some power back into the hands of consumers, and new software release from Numonix and Vital Communications.
  • How You Can Create New Opportunities with Call Recording
    When it comes to the value of recording calls, we tend to think the activity only has a place in the contact center. We understand why call recording is a priority in this space. We're reminded each time we call that calls may be recorded for quality and training purposes. It makes sense and we really don't care if they need to later refer to our time on the phone discussing the intricacies of a billing question.
  • Just in Case: The Covert Case for iPhone Call Recording
    Just in Case manufactures slim iPhone cases with the hidden ability to record both sides of a user's call. This is an elegant, hidden solution to the iPhone's lack of built-in call recording software, and a way to break the stranglehold of apps and 3rd party software that have been the only recourse of iPhone users who want to record calls.
  • Numonix Announces Integration for RECITE Recording Solution
    Business calls can be a tricky endeavor: They're usually scheduled for a specific time, and everyone wants to get through them and get back to work, so it always helps to have a reliable recording solution in place. This way, if there is ever a question as to what was agreed on, a recording of the call can save the day.
  • Americans Divided On Government Surveillance
    How much do we want to be monitored? This is a question all citizens examine at some point. We demand privacy and yet we want protection. The debate over the rights of the many outweighing the desires of the few comes into play when the government is involved. Some are trusting and some are not. Some want call recording and others deem it invasive.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: Business Systems UK, 02, TelStrat, NewVoiceMedia
    Call Recording at TMC this week focused on the ease of modern call recording, Business Systems UK's use of the O2 Mobile Recording service, TelStrat's capture of a TMC Product of the Year Award, Interactive Design Institute's choice to use NewVoiceMedia outbound calling software, and a controversial proposed law that relates to privacy and access to body camera footage.
  • Controversial New Jersey Bill Will Change the Way Civilians Access Cop Body Cams
    If a New Jersey state lawmaker has his way, police video and 911 recordings would be exempt from public records requests. The proposed law has generated considerable controversy as opponents feel that it would prevent the public from holding law enforcement agencies accountable. It also raises concerns about protecting the privacy of those who are being filmed during encounters with law enforcement.
  • Interactive Design Institute Chooses NewVoiceMedia for Outbound Calling
    Interactive Design Institute (IDI) has announced its choice to upgrade its outbound calling operations with the addition of the NewVoiceMedia ContactWorld for Sales cloud-based software.
  • TelStrat's Engage WFO Wins 2016 CUSTOMER Magazine Product of the Year
    TelStrat International is celebrating a new award win for its Engage WFO platform, which was selected by TMC to receive a 2016 CUSTOMER Product of the Year Award. The 2016 CUSTOMER Product of the Year Award recognizes vendors that are advancing the call center, customer relationship management (CRM) and teleservices industries through capable solutions. Products chosen to receive the award tend to enable their clients to meet and exceed the expectations of their customers.
  • Business Systems UK Now Offering O2 Mobile Recording Solution
    Organizations in certain sectors that deal with sensitive information are required to maintain recordings of all phone calls with customers, and a wide array of solutions are in place that provide the means of doing so for traditional landline infrastructures. However, following the worldwide explosion of mobile device adoption among consumers and the subsequent implementation of them into organizations' communication strategies, the need arose for a more flexible solution that can record calls as well as other types of interactions across a limitless variety of devices.
  • Add Call Recording, Performance Management and Call Scoring to VoIP Telephony
    The days of call recording being an onerous process, luckily, is over. Cloud-based solutions allow companies to store recordings at their provider's data center, which frees them up to record 100 percent of calls, if they want.
  • Lawful Intercept Workshop Returns to ITEXPO 2016
    Unlike the physical world, where the number of suspects of a particular crime are limited to one geographical area, in the digital realm there could be tens of thousands of perpetrators from every imaginable part of the world. This has resulted in security being one of the biggest issues for today's companies, not only for CEOs and CIOs, but everyone within an organization. To help address rising security threats, the 2016 ITEXPO, held from January 25-28 in Fort Lauderdale, FL. is going to host its Lawful Intercept Workshop once again.
  • Wilmac Agrees to Resell VPI Empower WFO Software Applications
    As a provider of workforce optimization, business intelligence (BI) and analytics software for contact centers and public safety, VPI is combining its product line with Wilmac so they can offer their customers comprehensive products in these segments. This agreement will allow Wilmac to start selling the VPI solution in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Five9's Virtual Contact Center Deployed by Major Finance Firm
    Cloud contact center software provider Five9 recently announced that a major financial services company has selected the company's Virtual Contact Center (VCC) to upgrade its customer service abilities.
  • New Tracking Options Mean Better Support and Sales Opportunities
    If used right and not in a creepy way, knowledge such as browsing habits can help contact centers immediately engage intelligently with callers. If a customer has been searching help forums for information on a specific product issue, for instance, this data can greatly improve how customer service agents can resolve the request.
  • UniVoIP Office Connect Hooks Up With Skype for Business
    Communications in the office today is more important than ever; with customers wanting more and more varied ways to connect to a business and an increasingly distributed mobile workforce needing to stay on the same page, businesses are stepping up communications to help accommodate everyone's needs. UniVoIP recently launched its OfficeConnect Enterprise phone system, now with integration with a popular new tool in office communications, Skype for Business.
  • GWAVA Releases Retain 4.0 with New Features, Enhancements
    While archiving was traditionally limited to simply archiving email, often for regulatory compliance, regulations now often require management of all electronic communication data and all of this data must be readily available. This is Archiving 2.0 and it requires a much greater effort from organizations. Fortunately, Retain 4.0 offers all the functionality needed to fulfill Archiving 2.0 requirements.
  • NetScout's Service Assurance Platform Now Includes Support for SIP Trunking Services
    NetScout Systems recently announced that it has added support for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking services to the nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform. nGeniusONE aims to provide users with comprehensive and critical insights into the performance of carrier services, allowing them to maintain complete service visibility and address the needs of a wide range of operational teams.
  • Looking for the Best in Call Tracking? Start Here
    Few walk into a new purchase looking for less than the best. The tradeoff between expense and quality has been a part of the market since the market came into existence. An understanding of the best tools in any market, therefore, becomes valuable, and recently G2 Crowd released its new rankings of call tracking software to help businesses decide just which route to go.
  • Numonix RECITE Wins 2015 INTERNET TELEPHONY Skype for Business Pioneer Award
    Numonix is a company dedicated to delivering interaction recording solutions that boost customers' business success for practically every vertical market. The company is so successful in its mission that its RECITE interaction recording solution is award winning. In fact, Numonix's solution has been recognized once again for its power and compatibility as TMC has awarded RECITE a 2015 INTERNET TELEPHONY Skype for Business Pioneer Award.
  • Yallo Call Recorder Remembers So You Don't Have To
    There are a host of call recording tools out there, and Yallo Call Recorder may be one of the simplest. Some won't be interested in paying for that level of simplicity, but it's certainly got its competitive edge in place. Regardless, the market is clearly full of alternatives, and though call recording comes with some legal issues that must be considered, its power as a customer service tool, training system, and even potential help against other legal issues shouldn't be taken lightly.
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