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Call Recording Week in Review
Time to wrap up this holiday week with some technology news. Let's see what's happened in the call recording space.

Call Recording Can Help Companies Establish Caller Identity
The Internet is very good at anonymity. That historically has been one of its selling points, and the pathways to anonymity through the Internet are varied and many because of this very early design feature of the technology.

Mobile Call Compliance Made Easy with IPC Systems, TeleWare
IPC Systems and TeleWare have announced a way to provide mobile compliance systems to record calls and other communications in the U.S. and the U.K.

Call Recording a Must for Telephony Reseller Offerings
If you are a company looking to install or enhance your communications services, chances are you've heard the name HDN, Inc. (short for High-Tech Digital Networks). Founded in 1992, HDN began as a reseller of pre-owned telecommunications equipment, but since that time, HDN has grown to become a top Voice over IP (VoIP) and WAN integration company, specializing in telephony and data solutions.

MiaRec Now Interoperable with BroadWorks Platform
Technology as well as industry and government regulations are making call recording a mission-critical application for organizations across different sectors. Whether the company is using traditional or hosted telephony service, they have to comply with new rules designed to protect consumers in healthcare, finance, legal profession and other industries. This is introducing new opportunities for service providers offering call recording as a service by integrating new technologies to gain compet…

AGNITiO Unveils Voice Solution with Anti-Spoofing Protection
The increased sophistication and extent of cyber-attacks on critical data belonging to government agencies and other financial resources has made it imperative for enterprises and their call centers to enhance their digital identity and security solutions.

Irish Garda Saga Continues: Recording was Planned for 21 Stations
More news has unfolded in the Irish Garda saga, after it was discovered the police force of Ireland had been recording incoming and outgoing calls in its stations around the country. According to the latest reports, plans to install recording equipment were underway for 21 stations around Ireland in 2007.

San Diego Police Officers to Begin Recording Interactions by End of June
Currently 10 police officers in Central Division are outfitted with the cameras in a pilot program patrolling downtown San Diego and surrounding neighborhoods. So far they have captured dramatic events involving an officer shooting as well as a crime scene in which an officer involved shooting took place.

Truphone Launches New Truphone Mobile Recording Solution
Truphone, a global mobile network and mobile recording solutions provider, announced the launch of an industry regulation-compliant Truphone Mobile Recording Solution. The network-based solution will enable financial institutions in the UK and US to comply with mobile recording regulations and offers unlimited voice and SMS recording features.

Call Recording Might Help Solve Malaysian Airline Mystery
As the search for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 continues, officials are trying to glean any clues that they can from the few pieces of evidence that exist on where the flight could have disappeared to.

Wheelings & Dealings: HSC Partners with Toshiba of Canada to Deliver Call Recording, Call Accounting
A post featured on last week disclosed that Hansen Software Corporation (HSC), a Canadian call recording and call accounting manufacturer, have formed a partnership with Toshiba of Canada Limited. Toshiba of Canada, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Toshiba Corporation and a diversified electric/electronic manufacturer that provides a wide range of products and services on a global basis, announced that the alliance officially began on March 4.

Wheelings & Dealings: LiveVox Sells Majority of its Stake to Golden Gate Capital
Since its commencement, LiveVox has been offering a suite of integrated contact center solutions, including predictive dialing, ACD, IVR, call recording and reporting/business analytics tools, via a unified multi-tenant cloud platform. The company has 175 clients spread across a variety of industries such as financial services, healthcare, and telecommunications, as well as outsourced call centers.

Ninth Circuit Reverses Motion to Dismiss Call Recording Case Against Hilton
The issue of privacy is one that businesses have to tread on very carefully. No matter how benign the offending act might seem to the organization committing the offense, the violation can still be substantial enough for the victim to seek damages in a court of law. In the case of Young v. Hilton Worldwide Inc. et al., Rick Young claimed Hilton violated two sections of the California Invasion of Privacy Act (CIPA), Sections 632 and 632.7, when the company recorded him without his consent.

The President and Congress Introducing Bills to Harness NSA Powers
Since Edward Snowden first started leaking NSA operations around the world, the agency has been volleying all manner of allegations. Whether it is true or not, the NSA as well as other law enforcement agencies face incredible odds in trying to find global enemies who are trying to harm US citizens and her allies. While most people understand these agencies have to sometimes bend the law in order to catch terrorists, the problem has been the perception most people have of the NSA as having unlimi…

The Irish Garda Now Faces Illegal Recording Allegations
Ever since Edward Snowden began leaking information about the NSA, authorities around the world have been under greater scrutiny when it comes to respecting the privacy of their citizens. Now, law enforcement agencies are being being held accountable, and oversight committees in these agencies' respective municipalities are demanding that they explain their snooping into the private lives of the people they are supposed to protect.

Call Recording for the Consumer: Easy, Free and More Common than Ever
Every conversation with a major call center for any kind of business always begins with the same and often repeated phrase: "Your call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes." Companies use call recording for many purposes, and while some of these needs like training staff on how to reduce average call time and improve sales conversions, other uses like having the ability to back up a claim that the other party refutes or even having a simple reminder are useful for anyone who talks on t…

Aspect Mentor Provides Real-time Speech Analytics
The technology available today allows businesses to gather data from each touch point so they can use the information to improve the product and services they offer to customers. For call centers it means recording every interaction with the customer so it can be used to improve agent performance and provide the information to the company for further analysis. Aspect Software, provider of fully-integrated customer interaction management, announced the launch of Aspect Mentor, a real-time speech …

Call Recording Week in Review
Call recording has become a vital lifeline to businesses around the globe, as well as a controversial topic when it comes to government surveillance and lines being crossed.

Call Recording and the Enterprise: Working With IP Telephony for Better Customer Service
Then there are companies like SIP Print whose enterprise edition of its call recording solution can work with IP telephony, ensuring accurate records, increase productivity, and increase customer satisfaction.

Illinois Supreme Court Deems Eavesdropping Law 'Overly Broad and Unconstitutional'
The legality of call recording within the U.S. can get a little sticky at times thanks to inconsistent consent laws from state to state. It gets even worse when you factor in updates to these laws as was the case recently in Illinois.

Call Recording, Speech Analytics Not Necessarily Mutually Exclusive
As companies start incorporating data into their processes, they are increasingly turning to call recording in conjunction with speech analytics to get a better understanding of customers. These tools can help mine data to help determine the sentiment of customers. Executives can then use the data to make changes to improve quality and boost customer loyalty, sales and revenue.

NSA Surveillance Program Replays Foreign Phone Calls up to a Month Old
As more documents emerge concerning the National Security Agency's phone surveillance programs, more of their capabilities are becoming clear. In particular, a recently expanded call recording system has been revealed, which grants the NSA the power to store 100 percent of a foreign country's telephone calls, which can be rewound and replayed up to 30 days after the call actually took place. This allows the NSA to later follow up on a suspected individual's phone calls made before they were deem…

Automatic Speech Recognition Market Growing
Speech recognition by computers has long been a science fiction concept, but a new report by Research and Markets says that automatic speech recognition technology is becoming popular in real life, driven by a need for greater security.

Transition Networks Makes Testing and Launching Ethernet Services Easier for Carriers
Service providers live in a world of complex networks with lots of moving pieces, and they are faced with the pressures of keeping costs down while at the same time introducing new services and scaling as demand requires.

Call Recording Week in Review
Call recording continues to be a prominent technology in the business world. This week, call recording was included as a feature in many new product announcements, providing unique benefits such as agent training, quality assurance monitoring and customer feedback data. Let's take a look at some of the products advancing call recording technology released this week.

Voxox and Lenovo Sign Distribution Agreement
According to the terms of the agreement, Voxox's embedded icon will enable Lenovo's customers to gain access directly from the laptop to Voxox's feature-rich, low-cost global communication app. The app offers calling, call forwarding, call recording, global texting, electronic faxing, sharing of video, photo, contact and location information as well as instant two- way language translation, and voicemail transcription capabilities.

CounterPath Signs Agreement with Gryphon to Empower Gryphon Mobile Solutions
CounterPath Corporation announced that it has entered into a distribution and licensing agreement with Gryphon Networks, designed to provide additional capabilities to the mobile solution offerings from Gryphon.

Continued Controversy in Turkey Underscores the Delicacy of Call Recording
What politicians say behind closed doors has come under a new wave of scrutiny in recent years-thanks to the modern world of technology, in which privacy is often more of a courtesy than a guarantee. Former U.S. President Richard Nixon, who resigned in the 1970s after the embarrassment of the Watergate scandal, found this out the hard way. And now Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his party are facing a similar challenge.

Recordense App Adds Tags to Audio Recordings
Call recording has been around for a long time, but new technology is making it easy to add some nifty features that can enhance the recording experience-adding value and making it simpler to find key parts of the audio file quickly.

BharatSync Offers Four New Services for Low-end Mobile Devices in India
As per a recent IBNLive India post, BharatSync, a mobile communication service in India, has revealed four new services for low-end mobiles. Consumers can now sync their call log, use call recording, perform SMS backups (have SMS saved on servers hosted in India by just updating the application), and enjoy protection from unauthorized access to emails (i.e., email accounts can be secured with a PIN).

Wheelings & Dealings: Mitel Acquires Call Recording Company OAISYS
Today, many companies in the contact center space supply more than one business process, integrating their products seamlessly in such a way that their customers have less to worry about when it comes to integration. The days of the "Frankenstein call center" seem to be largely at an end. In pursuit of this goal, we have seen a number of important players in the contact center space acquire the technologies their portfolios have been missing.

Call Recording Companies Can Now Breathe Easier in California
While call recording is used on a daily basis by many companies, if not most, when it comes to customer support issues, the technology isn't free of headaches from a legal perspective. While anyone who has ever done business over the telephone is aware that "this call may be recorded for quality purposes," this generally applies to inbound calls when a customer is calling a company. The provision isn't always as obvious in outbound calls, in which companies generally require live agents to speak…

ASC's INSPIRATION WFO Software and VoIP Recording Solution Picked by GERI HDP
ASC, a provider of software solutions that are designed to record, analyze and evaluate communications, has implemented its workforce optimization (WFO) and VoIP recording solutions for GERI HDP.

There Are No Excuses Anymore for Not Evaluating Campaign Performance
Some consumers think it's pretty scary to see personalized ads pop up on Facebook's timeline or Google searches, but for marketing and sales centers it's even scarier to think about putting those campaigns out there and never knowing how well they work. Even the biggest company can set up a perfect flow of drip messages to push a prospect through the sales funnel, and then lose the trail when the customer decides to call rather than click to purchase.

Storing Call Recordings Securely is as Important as Encrypting Them
Some days, you've got to wonder how many people are listening in on your telephone calls or other messages. From news that the NSA is collecting data about your phone calls to the U.K. spy agency GCHQ being accused of intercepting millions of Yahoo Web cam images, it seems like these days, everyone is fascinated with your business.

Call Recording Week in Review
This week in the call recording industry, customer service reigned supreme as a top-of-mind concern for companies big and small, and news from the call recording sector reflected this.

How to Balance Call Recording with PCI Compliance
The idea of call recording is generally communicated to consumers as a necessity for quality assurance and training purposes. In some cases, it must also be used to ensure the proper processes are being followed in a financial transaction-based environment. But that's where things can get messy - the calls need to be recorded to ensure compliance, yet certain information on the call can't be recorded. How do you create the right mix?

Call Recording, Speech Analytics Key to Customer Service Excellence
The quality of the customer experience being offered today is of paramount concern to any company that wishes to succeed. The marketplace is intensely competitive, customers are careful with their money, and margins are getting narrower. For this reason, companies realizing that an excellent customer experience is the way to win business from competitors. As companies have cut all they can cut, they realize that this is essentially the only way to grow.

Mobile Call Recording Just Got Easier for BlackBerry Users
While contact centers rely on call recording for help with maintaining compliance standards, the legality of call recording on a mobile device can be a bit trickier for the Average Joe.

Why VoIP Call Recording Matters to the Customer Experience
When people call your customer service line, are they always greeted with a smile? It may sound like a funny question-given that the communication isn't in person-but the customer can hear whether or not the agent on the other end of the line is happy to be on the phone. If the smile is lacking, the call may get off to a bad start, increasing the risk of the customer leaving the interaction less than satisfied. If you've got VoIP call recording in place, you're on the right path to identifying t…

Call Recording Week in Review
Companies continue to turn to call recording solutions, not only to meet compliance requirements, but to also achieve the best customer service possible.

Tango and Mavenir Offer Mobile Connectivity Solution
Tango Networks' Business Mobility solutions have been integrated with the 4G IMS Mobile Core from Mavenir to leverage standard IMS signaling and securely connect the operator's IMS network with enterprise unified communications, PBX and call recording platforms from major vendors.

Travel Firm Sees Increased Sales with Call Recording Solution
Yankee Leisure Group wanted to use call recording methods to better understand what customers were seeking and how sales agents responded. The firm wanted improved customer service and agent training, and wanted to be able to offer travel products based on customer desires.

Declining Voice Revenues Set the Stage for VoIP
Wireline and wireless voice revenues will decline at a 4.8 percent annual rate, according to Insight Research's market analysis study, "U.S. Wireless & Wireline Voice: Threats and Opportunities, 2013-2018." While this may not be good news for voice carriers, it could be paving the way for a rise in VoIP services-and VoIP call recording.

The Serious Repercussions of Call Recording: Use It Wisely
Current events tell us that U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland had a conversation with the U.S. Ambassador to the Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, which was "somehow" captured and posted to the Internet by a Russian agent.

Call Recording Continues to Gain Accolades
In today's competitive business world, call recording has become an essential for contact centers. The technology can assist companies in a wide range of areas, including performance monitoring, agent training, and maintaining compliance standards.

Call Recording Week in Review
If you're snowed in this weekend, and even if you're not, now is a great time to take a break and catch up on the latest in the call recording sector

Save Cherished Memories with Call Recording
There are a lot of options when it comes to call recording. If you're making a call through Skype or another VoIP program, for example, these services typically offer an option to record the call, whether it's a video chat or plain audio.

NSA Call Record Collection Reportedly as Low as 20 Percent
Fears that the National Security Agency has an all-seeing eye when it comes to call records may be unwarranted, according to recent data leaked by anonymous sources connected with the government who spoke to The Wall Street Journal. They made the claim that the NSA only collects around 20 percent of American call records, which contradicts the implications of wide-spread data sweeps from Edward Snowden's reveal. In fact, the anonymous sources even claim that the NSA has an outdated program that …

How VoIP Call Recording Can Enhance the Mobile Workforce
Mobile VoIP is on the rise, based on the increase of smartphone usage in conjunction with more VoIP apps and tools being made readily available. With VoIP being the global phenomenon that it is, text messaging and long-distance calls have seen a decrease over mobile networks as free VoIP services are more easily available.

What's New in the Latest Version of Parrot Voice Recorder
Apps have changed the way we use cell phones, becoming an integral part of smartphones and other mobile devices. People use apps today to perform a wide range of actions on their smartphones, such as playing games, getting directions, accessing news, staying on top of the local weather, and so much more. Apps are easy to download and convenient to use, and this is why their popularity has soared in recent years. Today, countless apps are available not just for play, but for work as well.

Opting for a VoIP Phone Makes Sense for Call Recording
The smartphone is generally the most common device seen in any consumer gathering. We tend to rely on our seamless connectivity, apps and rich content download capabilities while on the go. The only challenge to what has become an addiction is the reality that smartphones and their supporting plans are not cheap. Even with mobile-to-mobile calling plans, maintaining the desired level of data allowance drains a notable portion of the monthly budget.

Call Recording World Week in Review
News in the call recording space saw another busy week, so take a break from watching all of those winter sports to catch up on some the week's highlights in call recording.

GL Communications Announces Enhanced Traffic Analysis Tool
GL Communications, a provider of network testing and analysis tools, announced the launch of Packet Data Analysis (PDA), an enhanced Traffic Analysis Tool for Voice over IP (VoIP).

Inconsistent Consent Laws Problematic for Call Recording
Call recording laws are not really black and white, as the laws vary state to state. Generally, it is required that one or both parties consent to having a telephone conversation recorded before it is legally permissible-with a few notable exceptions, depending on where you reside. United States federal law and state laws vary somewhat.

Red Box Recorders Added to EarthBend Call Recording Portfolio
Red Box call recording solutions have been added to EarthBend Call Recording Portfolio enabling EarthBend to offer additional options to its partners who have customers that depend on call recording for adherence to state & federal laws.

Call Recording Controversy Erupts in India
When major issues are discussed amongst government officials and journalists, we may label it as something other than gossip, but the concept is the same. Information is shared that maybe shouldn't be, and once it falls on the wrong ears, consequences ensue. What occurs in the aftermath may point to the guilty parties or the tools used to gather information. The latter seems to be the case in India as new controversy over call recording surfaces.

Before You Launch VoIP Call Recording on Skype, Do Your Homework
Over the years, we've viewed call recording as a necessary tool within the contact center. In fact, it has become so common that we're surprised if we don't hear the message at the beginning of the call that it may be recorded for training and quality purposes. As other industries look at the possibilities of combining new technologies with old methods and leveraging VoIP call recording, are they walking a fine line?

Call Recording at ITEXPO East 2014
The call recording session at ITEXPO East's Smart Voice event last week was full of surprises. Call recording is a topic many people are interested in, even if they are still thinking through all the implications.

Call Recording World Week in Review
This week was a very active one in the call recording space, with plenty of news coming from all corners of the industry. Let's take a look at some of the week's highlights.

How Do You Feel About VoIP Call Recording if You Don't Know it's Happening?
What's your opinion on VoIP call recording? If you've ever interacted with a call center, you've likely had the sound of your voice captured for future use and quality assurances. But in such situations, you're warned that the recording is coming - and you know what it's going to be used for. Would your attitude change if this information wasn't made 100 percent clear, or you simply didn't know recording was taking place?

Key VoIP Call Recording Opportunities Can Improve the Customer Experience
Improving customer service - how many times have you said or heard this phrase in your corporate environment? It's really a meaningless phrase unless you define where customer service is at the moment and what you plan to do to improve it. Plus, the company perception of the customer experience is likely very different from the customer's, which points to the need for VoIP call recording to understand the customer's side of the story.

Financial Services Industry Takes to Speech Recognition
Speech recognition has been around for a long time, but recently it has gotten much better thanks to companies such as Nuance, and the power that comes from leveraging cloud computing to decipher what voices are actually saying. It also hasn't hurt that a certain fruit-named company put speech recognition front and center on its smartphones and tablets, creating a rush of copycats.

UK Company Releases Cloud-based Video Recording, Streaming Solution
UK-based company Canned Video is making its cloud-based video recording and streaming solution for conferences available in the U.S., as well as in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, according to a statement released by the company. The solution records in MPEG 4 or WMV format and any meeting can be recorded or streamed with 24 hours notice.

SmartVoice Conference Analyzes Call Recording, Archiving
More and more of our lives and communications are being recorded, and business voice communications are no exception. Voice recording has typically been used for call center training purposes and emergency services. But now tools like Microsoft Lync, among others, allow people to record anything, anywhere, and at any time.

Call Recording, Archiving Finds Sweet Spot Outside the Contact Center Walls
There is no disputing the fact that call recording and call archiving have longed defined the contact center space. After all, even one poor interaction with a call center representative can wreak financial havoc for a company.

Industry Group Argues Telecom Companies Can Sell Consumer Info to Third Parties
An industry group which represents the wireless sector argued before the FCC that telecom companies are allowed to sell consumer info to third parties if customer identity was removed.

Malicious Sites Listen in Using Chrome Speech Recognition Bug
News of a bug on Google Chrome that allows malicious websites to activate the microphone on your computer is making the rounds, but Google doesn't seem to be worried about the issue.

Chrome Exploit Could Allow Hackers to Hijack User's Microphones
Chrome users might want to be a little more careful before granting permission to websites that want to use their microphones. A new bug in Google's popular browser makes it possible for malicious websites to retain control over a user's microphone long after visitors have closed out of the page. An exploit code has been published by Israeli Tal Ater, the developer of the annyang speech recognition Javascript library, in order to raise awareness of the issue.

Call Recording World Week in Review
Companies all over the world are discovering the wide variety of benefits that a call recording solution can bring to business operations, making it a very active market.

Sprinklr Emerges a Leader in Forrester's Report on Enterprise Listening Platforms
Sprinklr has emerged as a market leader in enterprise listening platforms based on the new report published by Forrester Research Inc. The report titled, The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Listening Platforms, Q1 2014 was published with the findings from the research company's independent evaluation of 11 companies on 27 criteria through a detailed research methodology.

New App Interprets Tone of Voice During Mobile Phone Calls
Beyond Verbal has been developing an engine, Emotion Analytics, to help those using call-recording software make sense of the meaning in tone.

Will the Contact Center Pay for the Sins of the NSA?
Telephone privacy has become a big topic of discussion, thanks to the revelations that the National Security Agency (NSA) has been storing and using the telephone data of its citizens for some time.

DSR's WIOVoice Recording Solution Popular in Europe
Voice recording transactions and interactions form an essential backbone of call center activities. Legal and client obligations require many organizations to record voice transactions, and as regulations become stricter, call centers will need to access call recordings quickly and efficiently.

Natterbox Secures Investment for Business Expansion from The Gores Group
Natterbox recently announced that it has secured investment from The Gores Group. Having established its position as a leading provider of mobile and voice intelligence solutions in the UK, Natterbox was looking for investments to drive its business across international markets.

How VoIP and UC Aid Big Data, Call Recording Efforts
A recent CIO article talked about how VoIP and unified communications can benefit big data utilization. But what the article missed is that there is another way that VoIP and UC help big data.

EarthBend Adds dvsAnalytics' Workforce Optimization Solution to Call Recording Portfolio
EarthBend, a provider of telephony peripherals and IT solutions to telecommunications resellers, announced partnership with dvsAnalytics, a provider of workforce optimization software, to add dvsAnalytics' workforce optimization software to its call recording portfolio.

Call Recording World Week in Review
It's been another busy week in the call recording space, with new government initiatives, court cases, advancements in voice technology and more.

HD Voice Quality to Reach More Mobile Users
HD (high definition) voice, also know as wide-band audio, extends the frequency range of sound travelling over a phone conversation, resulting in higher quality voice, and it's a big deal for wireless carriers.

NJ Deputy Illegally Recorded Calls with Free Web Feature
When civilians take call recording into their own hands, the benefits become less clear, as does the legality.

Castel's Voice and Speech Analysis Solution Features Audit Console
In order to help companies provide several built-in types of protection for audit data, Castel Communications has announced a customizable audit console feature.

ASC to Demo WFO Suite neo at Indian Trade Event
ASC has said that it will demonstrate its recording and workforce optimization (WFO) suite, neo, at a trade event in India, scheduled to be held from January 21 to 23, 2014.

Century Interactive, Kenshoo Team to Enable Phone Call Integration
Century Interactive, a provider of call tracking solutions and phone call analytics, and Kenshoo, a provider of online demand generation technology, have announced a strategic partnership and deep reporting integration.

Storacall Unveils Call Recording Solution for Hotels
Storacall, a provider of call processing solutions for call centers, announced the updated version of Storacall-ST, its call recording solution designed for hotels.

Crackdown on Poor Cellular Quality in Kenya a Gift for Contact Centers
Not all cellular service is created equal. While cell phone users in the U.S. and Europe might be pardoned for thinking that one cellular provider is like the next, except for plans and smartphones on offer, in many countries cellular service can be bad to horrible in some cases.

Call Recording World Week in Review
With the New Year now in full swing, the news is rolling in freely, and the call recording space was no exception to this trend. Here are some of the past week's biggest call recording stories.

Voice Input Processors Not Just for the Call Center
Conexant Systems Inc. has announced the next generation of its high-performance, far-field voice input processor system-on-chip (SoC), which is designed specifically for smart TVs.

Toshiba Bright Mode Tech Brings 240fps Recording to Smartphones
The advances that have been made in the area of smartphone cameras over the last few years have been pretty significant. However, it's only over the last year or so that we've reached a point where some smartphones can act as a legitimate stand-in for a decent point-and-shoot digital camera.

Latest Patent Opens Up Fresh Discussion of Speech Recognition Quality
Nuance Communications, Inc. recently applied for a patent in automatic speech recognition system technology, titled "Channel Normalization Using Recognition Feedback," which takes ordinary speech recognition a step further.

Speech Analytics, Call Recording Can Enhance Quality Management
Analysts and experts agree that speech analytics is a fast growing segment of the call center market. Companies can gain valuable insight about their customers, and the technology overall can provide a competitive advantage to the businesses that use it.

Welsh Speech Recognition System Receives a New Grant to Improve Technology
We live in a world with diverse cultures, each possessing their own customs, religions and languages. Effective communication is one of the most important aspects of these cultures, and without it the world would be a very different place. Even though there are more than 6,900 languages, many of them are in danger of becoming extinct or dead. Some dead languages such Aramaic, Latin or Gothic are kept alive, but with only a limited number of speakers. Countries that have small groups speaking the…

The Rise of Call Recording Methods: A Clear Evolutionary Track
Call recording has come a long way since its origins. From simple beginnings amid simpler technology, call recording both advanced with the rise of new equipment to make new methods possible, and the increased need for new methods to keep up with larger developments in the field.

How VoIP Call Recording Could Restore Customer Loyalty
The year 2013 closed off rather poorly for retail giant Target. The company experienced a fairly large, fairly dangerous data breach, which only hit the public news outlets weeks after it had actually happened.

Call Recording: Worth the Liability
Although young Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, such as Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, may believe that there's no such thing as true privacy in the digital age, not everybody agrees with this sentiment.

Kanda Unveils Video Call Recorder for Google Hangouts, Viber, Skype and Facebook
Kanda Software, a provider of call recording and customer interaction solutions, announced the addition of Google+ Hangouts, Viber and Facebook recording capability to Callnote Pro, the high-end version of Kanda's Callnote software designed to enhance caller experience.

Call Recording Week in Review
Happy New Year to everyone. Though it's been a bit of a disjointed week, there were still some significant announcements in the call recording industry.

Don't Forget Voice of the Employee
You probably have read many stories recently about the importance of the "voice of the customer" in your organization, and how the contact center plays a major role in capturing that customer voice. But the voice of the customer is only half the story.

Prankster Records Calls with Felonious Consequences
The call recording industry is one backed by numerous laws and protections to keep callers and those recording the phone conversations protected. But violations to those laws reap heavy consequences. One man who prides himself on his prank calling abilities, was arrested on Monday and booked on suspicion of felony eavesdropping, due to his alleged recording of calls he made without the caller's permission.

Skype Hackers Call Out Government Spying
It was hardly ten years ago that video calling seemed like a thing of the distant future. Talk to someone and be able to see his or her face, no matter where in the world either party was located? It was an impressive concept. Now, in the modern technology world, it's practically commonplace. But we would do well not to get too comfortable, because as the last year should have taught us, we still never know who is listening in.

Call Recording Could Have Helped in Health Exchange Policy Dispute
Recently, a call center employee anonymously told a TV station in Washington State about the difficulties faced by the local Washington Health Benefit Exchange.