Call Recording Featured Articles

  • 800response Steps Up its Vanity Phone Number Operation
    It's easy to overlook the possibility of a unique phone number being a marketing tool, but in some cases, that memorable phone number can mean the difference between advertising that works and a forgotten ad campaign that goes unheeded. 800response, a major figure in shared-use vanity 1-800 numbers throughout North America, has brought out some new upgrades to its operation that will provide even more valuable services, particularly in its call recording and call tracking platforms.
  • NSA to Stop Taking Mobile Phone Data November 29
    The extent to which the National Security Agency (NSA) has been gathering data from our mobile devices has been a hot-button issue for quite some time now. However, reports suggest that that hot button is due for a major cooling, as after November 29, the NSA will not be gathering mobile phone data en masse any longer.
  • CUSTOMER Magazine Gives TCN 2015 Contact Center Technology Award
    Finding the right solution can be difficult even for the most seasoned CIO, but Customer Magazine looks to make that process much simpler by identifying the best providers, so call center operators can make a more informed decision.
  • How iOS and Google Play Help You with Call Recording
    For the typical office environment, it's understandable why you may not have implemented call recording with your communications provider. The software may have been outside of your budget guidelines or you simply had no effective way to implement, train and use the information captured on a legacy system.
  • Lifesize Introduces Cloud Amplify Call Recording App
    Lifesize, a division of Logitech, has announced a new video call recording app, Cloud Amplify, which offers a YouTube-like interface.
  • Butt Dialing is No Guarantee of Privacy, Says Court
    The case in question revolved around a woman named Carol Spaw who was accidentally called by her boss, James Huff. Said boss was actually engaged in a conversation with a second of her bosses, Larry Savage, while both were on a trip in Italy. The pair worked for the Kenton County, Kentucky, Airport Board.
  • Call Tracking Solutions Are About More Than Protecting Company Telecom Assets
    While you may trust your employees to use your telecom resources properly, call management solutions are about more than just ensuring no one is misusing the company long-distance service. It's also about using data analytics to mine every bit of intelligence possible from the way customers and workers are using the telephone.
  • PhoneBurner Announces New Sales Acceleration Features
    Sales acceleration company PhoneBurner has announced some new features targeted toward small-and-medium-sized businesses to help them make sales.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: Dubber, Yallo, Linx-Networks
    Call recording continues to be a hot topic in the news today, despite the fact that most of us already know our phone calls with businesses "may be recorded for training and quality purposes." But a lot of the news we're seeing around call recording focuses on activities of the NSA or even new mobile applications making it easy for anyone to record a call.
  • Linx-Networks Chooses VoxSmart for Mobile Recording
    Linx-Networks, a company that specializes in trading floor systems integration, has announced that it will begin working with mobile call recording software company VoxSmart to bolster Specialist City against new European trading regulations.
  • Dubber Lab Allows Easy Setup of Cloud Call Recording
    Dubber Corporation Limited, a Melbourne, Australia-based call recording technology company, recently released its Dubber Lab call recording environment. With Dubber Lab, businesses can quickly setup call recording without requiring a massive hardware outlay or additional software.
  • Yallo Records and Emails Calls
    Even though traditional Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) had all the pieces of the communications puzzle, their inability to see the inefficiencies of their business model resulted in the creation over-the-top (OTT) solutions. What OTT companies did was answer customer demand by providing services they wanted, something MNOs were not willing to do at the time. This of course has been catastrophic, which has permanently removed billions of dollars from their revenue streams. Yallo, a company based in Israel looks to introduce more innovations to the way we use our phones by providing multiple fun and utilitarian functionalities, one of which is call recording.
  • What Is Call Recording?
    This is a short list of how call recording is being used to do so much more than improve the quality and training of the individual taking your call.
  • Cloud Outsourcing: Third-Party Due Diligence is Critical
    In an era when payment security is constantly in the headlines thanks to a seemingly never-ending stream of data breaches, compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) has become a top operational priority for merchants of all sizes. But checking that box is easier said than done, especially when so many companies are outsourcing business functions to cloud providers.
  • Mobile Phone Recordings Take on New Life in Anti-Corruption Bureau Case
    For anyone who still doubts the significance of call recording, a look at a recent cash-for-vote case in Hyderabad-and the impact that mobile call recording systems are likely to have in the ensuing aftermath-should be proof enough that this technology can change the world.
  • Top Reasons the Legal System Needs Call Recording
    The business use for call recording often centers on opportunities for the contact center or the financial services industries where the activity is either required or simply makes good business sense. But there are other applications where call recording can not only deliver value, but could also help save lives.
  • Call Recording: 5 Year Archive a Must for European Financial Services
    This activity is not unlike that in other countries where call recording is being used to demonstrate compliance and assure the proper handling of customer information. For those smaller firms that must comply, now is the time to look for the right solution that fits the infrastructure and the budget.
  • CTI's Call Recording Management Software Enhances Interoperability
    The significance of reliable call recording is lost on no company. But unfortunately, interoperability issues between enterprise-grade unified communications solutions and call recording software can prevent some businesses from using a desired solution. CTI Solutions-a software company specializing in telecom systems-which recently announced interoperability of its Chromis REC Call Recording Management Software with Grandstream's UCM Series of IP PBXs, is helping to remedy this problem.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: DataTex, Microsoft and More
    Both DataTex and Microsoft jumped feet first into Call Recording news this week. DataTex announced the launch of its iRecall Amethyst Replication in the Cloud software that gives enterprises a host of powerful recording features. Microsoft did its part by suggesting that call recording could come to Windows 10 Mobile, and TMC provided two features on this channel that discusses the need for that sort of technology.
  • Why Would Microsoft Make Native Call Recording Available on Windows Mobile 10?
    Today's smartphones are basically desktops in the palm of your hands. The processing power and other features they have give users the ability to not only talk, but use applications, shop, text, chat with video and more. So the rumor Windows Mobile 10 will have native call recording capability shouldn't surprise anyone. The only question is, why, and what is the reason Android and iOS phones don't have this capability?
  • Datatex Dynamics' iRecall ARC Means New Call Recording Edge
    Datatex Dynamics has recently announced its iRecall Amethyst Replication in the Cloud (ARC) system, a tool that makes call recording even more powerful thanks to new options.
  • Windows 10 Mobile May Come with New Call Recording Capability
    For a workforce that's proving increasingly mobile, a mobile call recording feature on most any app could go a long way toward persuading users to go with one app over another. But that may not be an advantage for app developers soon, as reports suggest the new version of Windows 10 Mobile may come with its own call recording systems.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: HigherGround, DialogTech, Wanatel
    Call recordings have continued to play a beneficial role in the business world, not only for legal reasons, but also to help companies spot any faults or improve upon them. This week's headlines in the call recording space focus on legal aspects of call recording and the ways communications solutions can be used to help companies with their marketing and business practices.
  • HigherGround Offers New Features for Its Capture911 System
    While call recording in businesses has been considered in a variety of ways, from the misused to the incredibly useful, government use of call recording is somewhat less considered. Here too there are misuses, and some uses that are obviously necessary. These are givens, and one such given is the use of recording in 911 calls. HigherGround's Capture911 system, which offers a great way to make these important recordings, recently announced some improvements.
  • Wanatel Launches Cloud-Based Autodialer
    Wanatel, a telecom that operates primarily in South Africa and Europe and focuses on the development of voice communications software, recently announced the launch of its cloud-based Wanatel Autodialer.
  • Does Your Company's General Liability Policy Insure You Against Call Recording Fines?
    Call recording, which most contact centers engage in for monitoring, quality and training purposes, is another sticky area. Since call recording rules vary from state-to-state - some states have almost no legislation in place while others have very stringent laws on the books - it's an area where organizations must tread lightly, even if they believe they're protected from litigation by a company general liability (CGL) policy.
  • DialogTech Delivers End-to-End Mobile Marketing With New Platform
    DialogTech provides call analytics and automation for the enterprise and agencies, and has announced the new DialogTech for Mobile Marketing platform will give marketers access to how consumers interact with advertising campaigns. They will now be able to track, control and optimize revenue-generating inbound phone calls from mobile advertising. This includes advertising sources such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, display, mobile websites, email, video and more.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: Calibre, Versadial, Aeriandi
    Call recording's value in the market isn't the kind of thing to try and overestimate. Why? Because it really can't be done. This is a tool that serves many uses from customer service to regulatory satisfaction, and that means there are plenty of new developments. With the weekend afoot, it's a great time to take a closer look at some of the biggest developments, to see how these will fit into everyday operations as we know such today. So settle in and put on another cup of coffee, because it's time for our Week in Review coverage!
  • Aeriandi's Call Recording Systems Can be Used Against You in a British Court
    We all know the legal hornet's nest that often comes around call recording issues. Laws vary by region, with some states having different laws and some countries doing likewise. But in Great Britain, a new move by the court system has elevated Aeriandi's call recording systems from a business tool to a potential evidence-gathering mechanism as the recordings are now admissible as evidence in court.
  • Versadial Solutions' Adutante H5 1.6.2 Gives Agents a Bigger Hand in Training
    The idea of call center managers having access to recorded calls to study for training purposes is well known by now, and has often been found to be a valuable tool to have on hand. But few have asked the question why this level of control isn't given to the people who actually need the training in the first place: the call center agents. With Versadial Solutions' Adutante H5 1.6.2, meanwhile, that question is answered, and the agents now have the access formerly seen only in managers.
  • Many Company Departments Can Benefit from Call Recording
    A lot of companies have begun to understand that a good customer experience is something that benefits everyone. The last thing that a customer or client wants to hear is that someone will get back to them soon. As customers, we are no longer expecting long wait times or unsatisfactory service from a call center.
  • Call Recording: Still an Important Tool in Business Today
    At the same time, the use of digital and voice is growing. Companies are increasingly turning to voice over IP (VoIP) as a way to streamline communications and reduce the cost of staying connected. The integration capabilities are extensive and the broadband aggregation equipment market - which supports VoIP connections - is quickly expanding.
  • Calibre Gets Reinforcements From HigherGround for Better Call Recording
    While call recording is easily one of the most powerful tools a business can have in its toolbox-sufficiently powerful that there are actually laws governing its use-it's still not the kind of tool that can be used on a set-it-and-forget-it basis. Its output has to be carefully monitored to ensure that not only is the end product secure, but also useful. To that end, HigherGround has brought out a set of new solutions for Calibre call recording, designed to help make sure that what comes out of a call recording is just as valuable as what went into it.
  • The Car People Are Pulling Ahead With Call Recording
    Having 40,000 or more data points a month organized by Liquid Voice allows The Car People to quickly and easily determine who is performing well and who is not, and what the differences in techniques are that lead to those performances.
  • Does Call Recording Make Sense for Your Business?
    In all industries, call recording is providing a means by which to demonstrate compliance - even in the contact center space. Businesses face mounting legal and financial burdens when they fall out of compliance or don't have the capacity to demonstrate they are actually following the rules. While there is an investment needed in call recording technology, the reduction in legal and financial risk makes the cost worthwhile.
  • 8x8 to Acquire Assets from Quality Software Corporation
    Communications technology company 8x8 recently announced that it will acquire certain assets from quality management software developer Quality Software Corporation.
  • CSA Releases Updated Privacy Tool to Protect EU CSPs and Their Customers
    The number one reason why prospective customers, whether they are consumers or enterprises, are hesitant to adopt cloud services relates to concerns about security and privacy. The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Privacy Level Agreement Working Group has come up with a solution and has released an updated tool to offer protection and assurance within the European Union (EU).
  • Call Recording Week in Review: CallRail, Citizen Lab, NSA
    Call recording has become a hot topic lately especially with all of the government ruling happening around phone taps and whether or not its unconstitutional for people to have their phone calls and messages monitored. This week's headlines in the call recording space focus on legal aspects of call recording. And how it can also be beneficial for businesses.
  • The Cloud Slows PBX Sales for Second Consecutive Year
    The cloud has officially had a disruptive impact on enterprise PBX and unified communications (UC) sales, according to new research from IHS Infonetics. The company found that global enterprise PBX revenues were down six percent in the first quarter of the year from the previous year, and that's just the beginning of the news.
  • Want to Save Big on Ad Spending? Try Call Tracking with CallRail
    Saving money is one of the highest-priority tasks for businesses these days, right alongside improving revenues. Doing one or the other, assuming the other stays static, increases profitability, and that's a measure that's good for all concerned. But saving money isn't always an easy, or simple, task, and finding ways to do it can be tough. CallRail, a major force in call tracking and analytics, may have something on hand to help.
  • Citizen Lab Report Shows Lack of Canadian Telecom Oversight
    A recent telecommunications industry report shows that Canadian telecoms have little oversight when delivering consumer information to law enforcement agencies.
  • Opinion: Parts of the Patriot Act Go Dark: Are We Less Safe?
    Now that parts of the Patriot Act have expired, some are wondering if, perhaps, it's done its job, and should stay quietly shut down.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: SIP Print, CallTrackingMetrics and More
    Call recording remains a critical technology for so many reasons. From legal uses, to compliance and even as a tool to improve customer service. This week's headlines highlight these reasons and include some new offerings.
  • Recording Calls is a Two Way Street
    How many times have you called a service provider such a your phone company or your cable provider and the first words you hear are, "In order to ensure quality care service, your call may be recorded"? They do not always say that you are being recorded, but there is a 99 percent probability that you are definitely being recorded.
  • ICO Offers Requests for Improvement of Data Protecton in Islington
    The ICO also mentioned in its report that Islington could improve its practices of how it responds to customer inquiries. Islington may not be responding properly to customers who seek data the government holds about those customers. Upon a recommendation, the government will begin logging all such requests. Furthermore, Islington may soon implement an e-learning system that will help employees gain experience with its adult social services case management system.
  • SIP Print's New Call Scoring Feature Supports Agent Improvement
    It's no secret that agents in the call center hold a very important role since they are on the front lines serving customers. Because of this, it's important to not only keep agents satisfied and productive, but it's also vital to train agents and arm them with the tools they need to deliver those exceptional customer experiences with each interaction.
  • Option Turns Agents' Computers into Advanced Phone and Call Controllers
    CallTrackingMetrics recently launched an update for its innovative CallTrackingMetrics Softphone that provides a way for contact center employees to use their computer as an advanced phone and call controller.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: Ringtail, CallCabinet, CounterPath
    Before you head out to the barbeques and enjoy the long weekend, let's review some of the top stories related to the call recording industry this week.
  • CounterPath Announces Improvements to its SDK For Call Recording
    Part of the reason the software is so adaptable is because the CounterPath Bria SDK is built using open standards. This means that software engineers can leverage the SIP in order to make IMS compliant, multi-media sessions that include video and voice calling as well as SMS and instant messaging.
  • CallCabinet Introduces Mobile Call Logging in South Africa
    CallCabinet has announced that it has released the first compliant mobile call logging solution, Atmos Live, in South Africa.
  • Ringtail E-discovery Helps Legal Teams Search for Audio
    Business advisory firm FTI Consulting recently announced the launch of its Ringtail Audio Discovery service that provides legal teams with search, review, and redaction of audio for inclusion with other documents.
  • Study: Cloud Computing is Creating the Mobile Climate Workers Covet
    Modern employees also expect strong functionality, with 86 percent of respondents in the recent report expressing a need for reliable software, and 84 percent demanding reliable hardware. In fact, 49 percent of respondents said they will consider availability of technology when choosing between employers. Among workers aged 18-24, this statistic is at 59 percent.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: Mitel, Dialing Innovations, Auto-Recorder
    This week, Call Recording news spanned award wins, use in the restaurant market, and a closer look at the legal matters involved with recording phone calls.
  • NICE Systems Developing WebRTC Multi-Channel Recording
    Communications software developer NICE Systems recently announced that it will be paving the way for a multi-channel recording system for WebRTC.
  • Dialing Innovations Makes Restaurant Customer Service More Palatable
    The last thing anyone wants when going to a restaurant is to leave with a bad taste in their mouth, whether over the food or over the restaurant's degree of customer service. While Dialing Innovations can't do much about the quality of the food, it can help perk up the customer service side of things -and has done so with a new phone system that brings out the best in interactive voice response (IVR)- a system that has proven to offer great benefit for over 1,500 locations so far.
  • California Votes in Favor of Secret Call Recording Bill
    The California state legislative committee has approved a bill that would allow companies to record cell phone conversations without first telling their customers.
  • Auto-Record Brings Call Recording to Android
    Sometimes it's useful to record a conversation (with the other party's awareness, one encourages), be it for customer-service purposes, quality control, compliance, simple posterity or even legal reasons. But there are few commercial options for doing so on-the-fly via mobile phone. A new Android app aims to change that.
  • Mitel Lands in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Second Time in a Year
    Mitel, a business communications provider, has announced that the research firm Gartner has placed the Kanata, Ontario, Canada-based company in its "Magic Quadrant" for Unified Communications in a new report.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: Google, SIP Print, G2 Crowd
    This week in Call Recording news we took a look at how some of the latest offering in the market are doing, saw new releases and even took a trip to Europe.
  • SIP Print Partners with Software Link, Brings 'Software Only' to Europe
    Call recording solutions provider SIP Print offers next gen solutions including a fully SIP-compliant VoIP call recording system for businesses of all sizes - in any industry. The company has been working to grow its partnerships and presence across the globe. One region it's had recent success in is Europe. This market is ripe for services delivered via the cloud because it saves money and it's more secure.
  • G2 Crowd Releases Top Call Tracking Software Provider Report
    When it comes to call tracking software, businesses can find it hard to determine just what kind of solutions they want to purchase. To that end, software review site G2 Crowd has issued a report that ranks seven of the top call tracking software products. The site has said this report is specifically geared toward helping buyers make purchasing decisions.
  • Google Voice Proves Able Help in Call Recording
    While call recording has great potential for both worthwhile use and injury to a business depending on how it's used, the tools involved in call recording can sometimes be difficult to work with. But one popular voice tool, Google Voice, is rapidly proving itself to be a major boost to the call recording operation, though it's still worth investigating just when call recording can and can't be used legally before putting these tools to work.
  • Messaging Features Being Brought to Voice Calls
    What if making a phone call was more like sending an email or text message? Could the traditional phone call be improved with modern communications features?
  • Call Recording Week in Review: Toshiba, SIP Print, Numonix
    This week in Call Recording news, EarthBend, which resells telecommunications and IT solutions for businesses, announced it added Numonix, a call recording and quality management product to its offerings. Benefits include regulatory compliance, improved call quality and security.
  • Toshiba Provides Solution for Improved Call Recording
    We've all heard this at some point when calling a company for customer support. The reason is simple: For businesses striving to improve customer service, call recording provides a beginning-to-end portrait of customer interactions; it's the equivalent of a game reel for a sports team trying to improve its play.
  • SIP Print Achieves Partner Certification with Metaswitch Networks
    SIP Print and Metaswitch Networks have announced certification of interoperability between SIP Print's Call Recording solution and Metaswitch's Perimeta Session Border Controller.
  • Report: Speech Analytics Market Will Grow, but Vendors Must Educate Prospects on Benefits
    A recent report by Grand View Research predicts that the speech analytics market will grow significantly between 2014 and 2020. With so many companies seeking to offer customers the greatest experience possible, the ability to capture content from voice interactions is critical.
  • EarthBend Offers Numonix Call Recording
    EarthBend, a reseller of business telecommunications and IT solutions, has announced that it has added Numonix call recording and quality management products to its portfolio.
  • SIP Print Keeps it Spicy, Signs New Exclusive Partner for Latin America & The Caribbean
    Latin America is a key focus for the contact center industry today as performance and infrastructure have improved over the last few years and as companies look to better cater to their Spanish-speaking customer base.
  • LifeQuote to Review its Call Recording Process
    LifeQuote, a provider of call recording software for the financial industry, recently announced its intention to review its call recording process to further enhance both client and advisor conversations.
  • RAC Improves Customer Service with NewVoiceMedia ContactWorld for Service
    NewVoiceMedia, a provider of cloud contact center solutions, has announced that RAC, a British automotive services company, has chosen NewVoiceMedia's ContactWorld for Service.
  • Call Scoring Helps Contact Center Managers Get on the Same Page with Performance Management
    There is high turnover in the contact center industry. The reasons for this are long and beyond the scope of this article, but many people who have worked in the call center industry report that the job is thankless, and that managers are very arbitrary about offering guidance and feedback, and frequently play favorites with some agents over others.
  • MiaRec Introduces Version 5.0 of Call Recording Software, Web User Interface
    MiaRec, a provider of contact center solutions and call recording software, has announced version 5.0 of its contact center call recording and quality monitoring package.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: CTI Group, Telcom & Data, RingCentral
    This week in Call Recording news, Telcom & Data said it worked to get Cooper Wheelock the SafePath Emergency Evacuation System running and ready for the new spring and summer seasons which tend to also bring weather emergencies.
  • SafePath Emergency Evacuation System Offers Tech-Driven Disaster Warning
    There is perhaps only one bad thing about spring: Its instability. While spring brings with it ideal weather in warm days and cool nights, the vibrant greenery, flowers, and the gentle promise of summer, spring also brings with it the kind of instability that makes severe weather possible. Tornadoes, thunderstorms and worse tend to crop up this time of year, and that makes emergency preparedness all the more important. Cooper Wheelock's new SafePath Emergency Evacuation System, recently introduced by Telcom & Data, a call recording solutions provider, shows one great way to help businesses prepare for the threat of sudden severe weather.
  • Metaswitch Networks Certifies CTI Group SmartRecord
    Metaswitch Networks, a network software provider, recently announced that it has certified the CTI Group SmartRecord call recording software to work with its softswitch platforms.
  • RingCentral Adds New Enterprise Grade Features to its Office Platform
    RingCentral, provider of cloud business communication solutions, announced it is adding new enterprise grade features to address mobile and dispersed workforces.
  • European Advisers May Need to Adopt Call Recording
    As this activity becomes a requirement in Europe, advisers will have to do their homework on proper processes and what features they need to have on hand. In the process, they'll have the opportunity to vet providers and land on the right solution.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: SIP Print, ContactPoint, iOS Call Recorder
    Call recording is a necessary function for call centers and businesses across industries. The benefits and compliance provided by recording calls are vital to success and surviving in today's marketplace for many.
  • What You Need to Know: Call Recording in a SIP Environment
    The point is, if you want to implement call recording in a SIP environment, you have to do your homework. A failure to get all the details right could leave you without the proper tools. If call recording is a must in your industry and you're enjoying the perks associated with SIP, you have to ask the right questions. In doing so, you're much more likely to wind up with the right solution.
  • iOS Call Recorder Adds Missing Functionality to Jailbroken iOS Devices
    Due to the complex legal and ethical implications that arise from providing the public with a way to record phone calls, smartphone manufacturers tend to not make this functionality readily accessible. Nevertheless, the call recording feature is always buried in there somewhere. We previously covered how to do it with smartphones running the Android operating system; now a similar tool is available for the iPhone.
  • Are You Missing These Call Recording Benefits in Your Call Center?
    If you're not recording calls in your customer service environment, it's time to make a change and learn how you can benefit from the practice.
  • LogMyCalls Becomes Call Analytics Heavyweight with ContactPoint's Acquisition of Call Source's Media and Publishing Division
    ContactPoint announced recently that it had acquired the media and publishing division of CallSource. As a result of the transaction, LogMyCalls is now among the industry leaders in call analytics.
  • Why You Need Quality Call Recording
    Likewise, companies are increasingly adopting the virtual agent model. As agents are working all over the world, they aren't working within earshot of the training supervisor. Using call recording to capture calls and critiquing as you go is a great way to ensure constant improvements. Plus, it's a great way to spot check those who are trained to be sure they're still following the methods you want followed.
  • New Partnership Delivers Cloud-based Speech Analytics for Canadian Businesses
    Call center agents armed with the right tools and solution to deliver a quality and consistent experience for customers is leading the pack today. To help ensure customers are getting the services they need, tools like speech analytics offer a chance to gather, review and extract important data about customers and about interactions. Armed with this information, businesses can make better decisions and ensure quality services are always the norm.
  • TMC Presents 2015 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award to TCN's Cloud-based Contact Center Suite
    TCN, a provider of cloud-based call center technology, has been named as a recipient of the 2015 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award, presented by the global integrated media company TMC.
  • ACS Solution Helps Call Center Win the Race in Customer Care
    Understanding what customers want, and more importantly what they need, before they even reach out, is critical to survival in today's competitive landscape.
  • SMEs Face New Call Recording Compliance Requirements
    Small and medium-sized enterprises are facing a looming new set of compliance requirements that will require them to record, store and be able to retrieve all customer conversations.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: SIP Print, NICE, Red Box Recorders
    Call recording solutions continue to play an important role for many businesses and call centers as they offer compliance with communications regulations. Violating rules can come with hefty fines - so it's not something that is taken lightly. Continual improvements and upgrades are being made to offerings as the landscape evolves.
  • NICE Trading Recording Delivers Industry's First Integrated Speech Quality Check in Real Time
    The Dodd Frank, Basel, SOX, GLBA, FISMA, and PCI as well as the NIST standards and COBIT compliance framework have to be followed to the letter unless companies want the wrath of regulators and the heavy fines they levy descending upon them. Even though making sure an organization is compliant can be challenging, there are many technologies that simplify the process. One of these is recording conversations between companies and their customers, which is what NICE Systems has done with the industry's first integrated speech quality check in real time for every recorded call.
  • TrapCall Places Stop to IRS Phone Scam
    The end of the tax season for most consumers is nearly upon us. Individuals may still have legitimate payments to make, but others may have found themselves caught in a scam that has grabbed nearly $15 million from Americans this year.
  • Nuvola and Red Box Recorders Partner on Data Recording for Contact Centers
    Contact center specialist Nuvola Distribution has announced a new partnership with Red Box Recorders, a global provider of voice and data recording solutions. Nuvola will distribute the Red Box Quantify Recording Suite through the agreement, reaching partners of big-name telecom companies including Microsoft Lync, Alcatel-Lucent and ShoreTel.
  • NICE Systems, BoomeRing Announce Integrated Mobile Call, SMS Message Recording
    NICE Systems and BoomeRing have announced that they have integrated BoomeRing's mobile recording system with NICE's Engage platform, adding the ability to record both voice and SMS messages.
  • SIP Print Finds Sweet Spot in European Market
    As the entire communications technology landscape evolves, so too do the features and advanced functionalities being offered with these systems. When it comes to security and compliance - nothing beats call recording.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: CallFinder, Twilio, ASC
    Call recording solutions helps ensure businesses and call centers are in compliance with communications regulations.
  • ASC's Latest Version of neo Workforce Optimization Suite Features Phonetic Indexing
    ASC recently announced that it had launched the latest version of its workforce optimization suite, neo 4.0. The new solution now integrates with Microsoft Lync and Airbus TETRA, and includes a very powerful feature: phonetic indexing.
  • Twilio Announces Availability of Elastic SIP Trunking
    For any businesses that have found their existing SIP setups to lack built-in features or be less flexible than they had hoped, this latest offering from Twilio could resolve their frustrations. It unlimited capacity for calling/recording can be of benefit to enterprises with a global presence. Likewise, for any company without a similar trunking system but which is growing at a rapid pace, the Elastic SIP Trunking service could fit them well now and long into their growth.
  • CallFinder and Lawson Concepts to Offer Cloud-Based Speech Analytics
    The new agreement is going to give Lawson's customers an affordable cloud-based speech analytics solution. Lawson Concepts specializes in providing the right technology for contact centers, including agent experience, desktop analytics, desktop automation, guided navigation, impact analysis discovery, payment card industry compliance, quality monitoring, speech analytics, and thought leadership.
  • DTMF Changing Call Center Security
    IVR technology is still the preferred way for call center operators to reduce staffing and offer customer self-service options. Despite its prevalence, IVR often isn't enough, and live assistance is needed. This is especially true when the caller needs to disclose personally identifiable information (PII) such as credit card numbers or SSNs.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: Red Box Recorders, Allworx, Subsentio
    Call recording solutions helps ensure businesses and call centers are in compliance with communications regulations. This week news in the call recording market included new partnerships and updated solution releases.
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