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Enghouse Interactive Expands Quality Management Suite
Enghouse Interactive has released Enghouse Interactive Quality Management Suite 5.3, the latest version of its contact center solution enables IP call and computer recording and monitoring so managers can document customer interactions, and identify and address areas that need work.

Call Recording Week in Review: Easier Than Ever to Use
Call recording is just about everywhere these days, from the 911 call center to your smartphone. With such proliferation, there is always plenty of news buzzing around this evolving technology. Let's take a look at some of the top call recording stories from this week.

How to Enable Call Recording on the Galaxy S5
Call recording is a very useful feature for a variety of reasons-such as for training, monitoring, and quality assurance purposes-yet it remains unavailable on quite a number of the most popular mobile devices due to its legality in some parts of the world. Different countries and even different states here in the U.S. have their own call recording laws, causing mobile device makers to err on the side of caution and ship their handsets without call recording activated.

VoIP Eases Call Recording Integration
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services are making it easier for businesses to integrate call recording into their phone systems because many VoIP providers are bundling the technology as part of their product offerings.

Spok Wins DOD Certification for Three IP Telephony Solutions
One of the world's leaders when it comes to call recording, quality management and 911 call center support announced earlier this week it won a contract from the United States Department of Defense. Spok, Inc. has received Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) certification and is now listed as one of the trusted firms and is on the approved products list for the DOD.

Call Recording Week in Review: Keeping Customers Satisfied
In today's customer-centric world, it's important for companies to not only hear their customers, but to actually listen to them as well. Call recording allows companies to do both, by capturing calls and then using advanced analytics and recognition technologies to glean valuable, actionable information from them. Let's take a look at some of the highlights from the week in the call recording space, with many organizations and businesses looking to improve the process.

Evolve IP Wins OrecX 2014 Global Partner of the Year Recognition
Evolve IP has been helping businesses improve employee productivity in the office and on the road with its unified communications (UC) suite; fully integrating voice, video, instant messaging & presence (IM&P), desktop sharing, and audio/Web conferencing.

Australian Taxation Office Chooses Voiceprint Software
When it comes to taxes, everyone wants their refund as soon as possible. Unfortunately, taxation offices are clogged with calls and there are not enough people to answer questions. In the United States, for example, the average wait time to talk to a representative was 30 minutes to one hour in 2014. This long wait time is frustrating for most callers, and many simply hang up.

Agents Need a Boost? Try Call Recording
It's common knowledge that call recording is something companies use as a means for monitoring and quality assurance. You've probably heard the phrase "this call may be monitored/recorded for quality assurance" when calling into a customer care center. On the business side of operations, call recording offers so many integral pieces of information, and helping agents is one of the reasons why.

Voxer Takes Messaging to the Next Level
We love our mobile messaging. Take a look around - the vast majority of people are walking around with a mobile device in their hands and, aside from playing a few rounds of Candy Crush Saga, that device is primarily used for keeping in touch. Maybe it's with friends, maybe it's with the folks back in the office. Maybe it's Mom who texted to ask what you wanted for dinner tonight. We are in a mobile messaging era.

Call Recording Week in Review: From Business Apps to Politics
As the world expands its communications from wireline into the mobile sphere, call recording is changing shape, becoming more versatile and ubiquitous for businesses and everyday consumers alike. This has caused the legal landscape to shift concurrently, and companies must keep up with new compliance laws. With so much change, there is always plenty to talk about in the call recording market, so let's take a few moments now to look back on the highlights from this week.

Dell Announces Virtual Smartphone App with Call Recording for Enterprises
Dell officially announced a new offering it will be bringing into the Enterprise Mobility Management market: a "virtual smartphone" app designed to help employees balance work and personal usage of their device as well as help companies manage security and expenses of their employees' business phones. This is Dell's solution to the Bring-Your-Own-Device issue that many businesses have complained of and many telecom companies attempt to address.

Bass Pro Outdoor World Settles Call Recording Lawsuit
Call recording has come under intense scrutiny during the last couple of years because of the many litigation cases filed against companies recording calls without prior permission of customers. Most of these lawsuits have been based in California because this is one of the few states that require permission from both parties to record calls. In most of the other states, it is enough to get the consent of one party, usually the one that is recording the call.

Call Recording Legalities Come to Bear in Maine Gubernatorial Race
It's perhaps the most important caveat involved with call recording: those who are interested in using it should first consider all the legal issues involved in using this powerful tool, because such legal issues aren't universal, and what will fly in one state may be quite grounded in another. That's a point that's become very clear in the 2014 Maine gubernatorial race, and it's a point that's showing some clear division along party lines.

Emotion Detection Applications Have Optimistic Future
Ever wonder if your boss or client can pick up on the fact that you are in a bad mood, even when you are trying your best to hide it? That is the idea behind Moodies, the iOS app from Beyond Verbal that has just landed on Android devices.

New Research Shows Financial Organizations are Struggling to Comply with Data Retention
New research from Ovum shows that financial institutions in the U.K. are struggling to comply with new rules introduced three years ago that made it mandatory to record and store mobile calls.

Call Recording Week in Review: Understanding Uses and Legalities
Call recording technology is an ever-present force in the contact center world. The ways in which call recording can be used are diverse and growing every day, and legal restrictions and regulations are being updated for these new uses accordingly. It can be a lot to stay on top of for any contact center, between upgrading older call recording technologies to take advantage of all its benefits, while also ensuring compliance with new laws. Needless to say, the call recording market is always a b…

GL Announces New T1E1 Line-Monitoring Equipment
GL Communications recently announced a new addition to its collection of line monitoring equipment. The tScan16TM will give technicians the ability to better monitor the performance and quality of voice, data, fax and other digital signals.

Clarabridge Unveils New Speech-to-Insights Solution for Call Recordings
Recorded customer calls hold invaluable information about customer behavior. But most companies do not have a structured process to strategically evaluate these calls. Instead, they just listen to these calls occasionally and try to map trends with random sampling.

Customers Should Record Calls for Better Service
One of the most frustrating aspects for many customers is to talk to call center agents because some of these agents tend to be rude and unhelpful. In fact, a study by American Express shows that only two percent of call center agents exceeded the expectations of customers. This number is abysmally low considering that almost every major business offers call support for its customers.

Aspect Software Announces Unified IP 7.1
The new version has features that improve call recording and compliance with regulations from the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission. Most of the changes have to do with the way the solution triggers autodialed calls and attempts to determine which calls can be autodialed and which ones should be initiated by an agent.

Call Recording Week in Review
It's amazing how much power a single recorded call can hold. That call could contain sensitive information that would cause huge waves if leaked, or simply data that reveals to managers the state of their call center's customer service, individual agent performance, and where to make improvements. As such, call recording technology is constantly making advancements and generating news. This week has been no exception, so let's take a few moments to look back on some of the highlights from the ca…

Storacall-ST Call Recording Offers Permanent Record of Telephone Conversations
Businesses use call recording for a variety of reasons, including legal services, mandatory compliance, training, evidential support, customer service, quality management, service delivery, process evaluation, support services and more. To serve these needs, United Kingdom-based Voice Systems has released its Storacall-ST call recording system.

Comcast Customer Service Brings Company Under Fire
Comcast has not had a good run of things lately. It took back the title of "Worst Company in America" in The Consumerist's annual measure of the United States' bad companies, breaking up the chance that Electronic Arts (EA) would land the title for a third straight year. Then a pair of recorded calls to the customer service offices launched a firestorm of negative stories about the company and its apparent lack of interest in taking care of customer needs. But what does all of this have to teach…

SIP Print Call Recording Enhancements Expected with New Partnerships
Partnerships in the communications space are nothing new, as they create opportunities beyond what a single company can accomplish on its own. Call recording solutions provider SIP Print recently entered into two new partnerships expected to bring good things to the company's bottom line.

Experimental Android Call Recording in Nightly Build
The developers of CyanogenMod, a community-maintained version of the Android smartphone OS, have added a call recording feature to the nightly build, according to Ubergizmo.

Call Recording Week in Review
Call recording is taking the world by storm. While once people associated the technology almost exclusively with call centers, it is now showing up in just about every sector. This week the trend continued, so let's take a break to review some of the latest happenings in the call recording space.

Staying Away from Call Recording Problems in California
Call recording is a common practice undertaken by companies, usually for their own internal statistics and to provide better training for its employees.

How to Record Your Own Customer Service Calls
If there's one thing that's become abundantly clear in the last few weeks, it's that call recording can not only save customers money and hassle, but also make some fairly major companies nervous. Ryan Block recently put call recording to work showing off the impact of a call with Comcast customer service, and Tim Davis likewise showed off its power getting charges taken off a bill with a call recording to play. So that's got some wondering, hey, how can I record my customer service calls for po…

Judge Dismisses Young's Cell Phone Recording Case Against Hilton Worldwide
According to The National Center for State Courts, Americans file about 16 million civil lawsuits annually, which makes you appreciate why lady of justice wears a blindfold. While not every suit is frivolous, many are filed by large law firms in the hopes of getting a class action that will pay their very hefty legal fees. Often times these suits are initiated by a single individual and become part of a larger proceeding when one of these law firms sees the potential. In the case of Young v. Hil…

Call Recording Week in Review
Tim Davis, who moved to a new house, installed his own Comcast equipment and found that the service had gotten a little "spotty," so he called tech support. The rep told Davis that the visit from a technician wouldn't result in any charges. But Davis saw a $182 bill for charges related to a "failed self-install", as well as for a wireless network setup that Davis didn't even know existed. Davis had recorded his call to Comcast, so when he complained, he had proof.

New Version of CXM Now Available for Contact Centers
CXM Inc., a developer of call recording, screen recording, performance evaluation, agent coaching, workforce management and speech analytics solutions, recently unveiled version 5 of CXM (Customer Experience Management), its call recording and quality monitoring solution.

Customer Call Recording Hits Comcast Again
Normally, when we call a customer service line, we're often treated to the disclaimer that this call may be recorded for training purposes or to improve service. But even when that disclaimer doesn't come up-and sometimes when it does-the call is indeed being recorded, but by the customer. This already lead to the now-infamous case of Ryan Block, a tech journalist who called Comcast and endured a 20-minute disaster-eight of which he recorded-and showed us all just what's going on on the other en…

Bookmaker Updates its Call Center Technology
The placing of bets on sporting events is alive and well, and many people still place their bets over the phone. To facilitate this, bookmakers must operate a series of phone lines, and in the case of large bookmakers, they often operate enterprise-scale call centers to serve their clientele. One bookmaker recently announced the update of its call center in Greater Manchester, England.

SmartVoice Panel Spreads the Word on Call Recording
Call recording gained ground in the call center arena as a way for organizations to capture calls so they could assess where agents might benefit from additional training. But the opportunities for call recording continue to expand both within the contact center and beyond, as more businesses aim to collect, store, and analyze what goes on during their real-time interactions with customers.

Call Recording Technology: Headed for Mainstream Adoption?
The customer service game has without question changed in recent years and, as such, best-of-breed businesses have had to take note of call center solutions including CRM, presence technology and call recording, to name a few. Just take a look at the following statistics aggregated by VPI as evidence with regards to where the customer service game is headed:

Call Recording Week in Review
As the weeks roll on, call recording continues to be a topic on the minds of IT aficionados and practitioners everywhere. This function of any major business is pivotal to the facilitation of a happy customer base, and thus the facilitation of a successful business practice, and while not all news in this section of our beloved TMC tends to be good news, it is always illuminating.

NetFortris Intros Dodd-Frank Compliant Unified Communications Solution for Financial Sector
NetFortris, a provider of cloud-based voice and data communications solutions, reportedly launched an automatic call recording system that has been designed to meet Dodd-Frank compliance, a regulation that requires financial institutions to have the ability to record and analyze all phone calls related to financial transactions, as to protect both institutions and consumers.

IntegrityNet Intros Level 1 PCI-DSS Compliance Software for Contact Centers
IntegrityNet has designed new software called IntegrityPCI, which helps companies' credit card voice transactions and recordings to comply with PCI-DSS.

Who Should Have Access to Call Center Recordings?
When a call center records a conversation with a customer, who has the right to ask to listen to that conversation? It's a simple question with a complicated answer based purely on the number of parties involved. For example, a call center employee in India could be talking with a customer in Canada on behalf of a company headquartered in the United Kingdom.

Imaginet Signs Major Distribution Agreements
One of the largest suppliers of IT services in the Phillipines, Imaginet International Inc., has entered two major partnerships in order to offer a fuller range of solutions in the country's fast growing technology sector. Imaginet is a leader in the field of designing, supplying, implementing and managing data, message and voice networks across the Philippines and other ASEAN countries.

Avtec Unveils Compatibility Testing Program for Logging Systems
Avtec recently announced a compatibility program known as "Works with Scout" (WWS) that defines requirements logging system vendors must follow to integrate with its Scout consoles. There are three levels of certification under this program: bronze, silver and gold.

Subsentio's Steve Bock to Talk CALEA at ITEXPO
Not so long ago, word emerged about how law enforcement was having a particularly difficult time adjusting to the modern communications environment. With new technology for communications arriving regularly, and the laws better suited to the older technology, conflicts can arise. But one law designed to help on this front is the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA), and this law will get a special look thanks to Subsentio's president, Steve Bock, at the upcoming ITEXPO event…

Grandstream Launches Beta Test for Network Video Recorder
Video monitoring solutions are getting so cheap they are practically everywhere, and the integration of IP technology is introducing more options for wider application. Unlike the old video images with grainy footage, today's HD cameras and network video recorders (NVRs) provide a wide range of monitoring and recording solutions. Grandstream Networks, manufacturer of IP voice/video telephony and video surveillance solutions, has launched its new product with a beta test for just one dollar.

Call Recording Week in Review
The past seven days have been absolutely unforgettable in the world of Call recording. For starters, while Empirix is offering to clean up communication with their new service, the good folks over at the FBI are finding this to be an ever-increasing difficulty. Between all that, and what Melissa Warten dug up for us on journalism, this week surely kicked off with a bang, rather than a whimper.

Empirix Reveals Conference Call Clean-Up Application
When it comes to business connections, it is crucial that corporations be able to connect within their system and externally with efficiency. Empirix, a network performance visibility specialist group, is offering a new program to help meet this goal.

Law Enforcement Finding Communications Advancements a Major Problem
The old Gilbert & Sullivan piece, 'The Policeman's Song', from 'Pirates of Penzance', may have first spelled it out to world as we know it: "When constabulary duty's to be done / a policeman's lot is not a happy one." These days, that constabulary duty is quite a bit tougher than it used to be, particularly in light of major changes in technology and new communications services that make court-ordered wiretaps difficult to actually execute.

Journalists Suffering from Data Breaches
The past few years have led to new information about the ways in which U.S. security officials can track people via phone, email or other electronic records. However, human rights groups continue to speak out in regard to how these revelations have made it harder for journalists to report on government actions.

Call Recording Week in Review
What an enlightening week in the world of call recording. Along with an exciting new product announcement from the folks over at Empirix, two of TMC's favorite contributors shed some much needed light on the world of call recording intelligence, both voluntary and involuntary gathered. So without further ado, let's dive right in.

Beware of Call Monitoring Software Restrictions
Businesses are increasingly relying on mobile devices for communications. That means there is not only more use of call recording, but also new legal considerations emerging, which users should take into account before using cell phone call monitoring software.

Empirix Gives Enterprises an Edge with its Conference Monitoring Tool
Audio conferencing has come of age, and companies looking to increase productivity are using conference bridges to connect people across time zones and geographical barriers. But these bridges really don't serve enterprises and providers if they cannot give a smooth customer experience. Empirix has launched what is touted to be a 'first-of-its-kind conference bridge monitoring application' that will hopefully ensure trouble-free conferences.

New Survey Reveals Why Most Contact Centers Record Calls
We're all accustomed (some might say "tired") of hearing the line that "this call may be recorded for quality monitoring purposes." The disembodied voice says "may be" because many call centers record only a portion of their calls. Inevitably, those recorded calls are being used to sample the quality of employees' performance. A manager listens, critiques or praises as the case may be, and may even recommend a promotion or a raise.

How to Make Customer Opinion Even More Valuable
Ever see those commercials involving websites offering paid surveys? How such commercials will tell the viewer that "companies value customer opinion" and, as such, are willing to pay for it? It's actually somewhat true, as most anyone who's run a business knows, if the customers aren't happy, said customers aren't buying. But there are ways to take that customer opinion and make it even more valuable to a business' normal operations, as a recent study from Business 2 Community noted, and much o…

Call Recording Week in Review
This week in Call Recording (CR) we find an exciting collection of announcements which, holistically, seek to prove the old saying 'out with the old, in with the new'. As the exciting world of CR continues to evolve, it is apparent that companies, in this vertical or in need of its services, are taking the necessary steps forward to evolve with it.

Fonetic and Tango Networks to Improve Voice Recognition, Global Trading
Voice recognition solutions provider Fonetic announced this week that it has partnered with business mobility services leader Tango Networks. The pair will reportedly be working together to establish linguistics recording in multiple devices that will ultimately affect compliance on global trading floors.

Motorola Announces TekSpeech Pro Voice Recognition
This week, Motorola announced its latest voice-driven solution that aims to improve the operations of warehouses and distribution centers. Called TekSpeech Pro, it allows businesses to create an end-to-end supply chain solution that offers speech recognition capabilities in a range of mobile computers.

Hexagon Housing Improves Customer Service with Call Recording System
Hexagon Housing, a London-based housing nonprofit, has announced that it has chosen a call recording system from Business Systems to keep on top of requests by its tenants.

Call Recording Week in Review
The week following July Fourth was a busy one for call recording, so take some time this weekend to kick back and review some of the week's highlights in the industry.

Know Your Call Recording Needs Before You Buy
The use of call recording is a powerful tool to monitor activities, protect the organization in dispute resolution and train employees in the right way to handle processes. While it seems pretty cut and dry, each industry actually uses call recording in a different way. Within these different industries, there are also specific needs, putting more focus on the reality that one size does not fit all.

Listening to the Customer with Social Media, Call Recording
Most businesses would find, if they could pinpoint customer satisfaction precisely, that they are not offering the high quality customer experience they think they are. Customer satisfaction is often measured by occasional customer surveys, which don't provide a great picture of what's going on in the contact center today.

Target Grop Deploys CTI Group's SmartRecord
CTI's Smart Record solution, a multi-tenant hosted recording solution, is being deployed by Targetgroup to capitalize on the growing trend of hosted unified communications in Ecuador.

Were You a Target of the NSA's Communications Surveillance?
The Edward Snowden affair brought to light a host of issues about communications monitoring and domestic spying at the highest levels of government. But a new report recently emerged from the Washington Post, suggesting that not only did the National Security Agency's (NSA) communication interception plans go a lot farther than anyone may have expected, but that many of the most useful bits of information came from those who were least likely to have been actually intended for surveillance.

MATA Transit Ramps up Customer Service with SIP Print's Call Recording Solution
Just about every industry makes use of contact centers, and these days most contact centers are looking to call-recording solutions to help improve operations.

Call Recording Week in Review
While the World Cup is taking the global community by storm, there continues to be plenty of other news generating worldwide, and the call recording industry was no exception.

Nexidia Interactions Analytics 11.0 Features Upgraded Speech Analytics Technology
Nexidia, a specialist in providing customer interaction analytics solutions that enable business transformation, released Nexidia Interaction Analytics 11.0. The upgraded version will feature enhancements to the speech analytics technology and applications which will help improve customer interactions.

SessionTalk Adds Call Recording Feature to its Android SIP Softphone Product
Many companies today are adopting softphones to increase the productivity of their organizations. However, some businesses still prefer to use a hard phone and this has encouraged phone developers to create softphones that boast features available on standard office phones as a way to entice these users to make the switch.

European Wax Center Starts Recording Outbound Calling, Unnerves Many
The practice of call recording-outbound, inbound or otherwise-has always been something of a double-edged sword. Like any powerful tool, it's got the capability to do some real good for its users, but it also has the potential to be somewhat dangerous. That's why there are often plenty of laws governing its use, and that's also why some are looking askance at the European Wax Center in Aventura, Florida, for putting call recording to use on its outbound customer service calls.

Hillarys Supported by Advanced Contact Center
Hillarys is one of the U.K.'s largest suppliers of blind, shutters, and curtains, and its massive operation that handles more than 1.2 million calls every day is supported by a contact center that holds up to 180 customer service representatives. Tony Hillary began his operation in a garage in 1971, and now a recent report from Business Systems UK says that it, a voice and speech technology solutions company, will seek to improve the Hillarys operation of 1,000 field-based sales advisors with it…

Anti-NSA Blackphone Shipping Soon
After having raised over $30 million in new investment capital and selling out pre-orders last month, Silent Circle is set to begin shipping the first batch of Blackphone devices three weeks from now, according to Phil Zimmermann, the company's CEO.

New Biometric Security Solution Hits the Scene
The forensics and security experts at SpeechPro have released VoiceKey.OnePass, a dual verification system that takes a photo of the user as they say the authentication phrase. The camera of a security system or even a mobile device captures the movement of the user's lips as they form the words, and SpeechPro claims it can't be fooled by a photo.

Call Recording Week in Review
This week saw plenty of news in the call recording space, so let's take a break from those weekend plans to catch up some highlights from the week.

US Court Rules Usage of Location Data from Mobile Devices without a Warrant is Unconstitutional
In a scene from the popular pothead comedy Pineapple Express, one of the protagonists tears a cell phone out of the hand of his friend, throwing it into the woods out of fear that the police may be tracking them. It's a scene that is repeated in a lot of films, and it is based in some fact. Police are able to track the general location of a suspect through their mobile devices. Yet, criminals need not be so fearful. It can only be used to find the area a person is located, not the exact location…

Call Recording Assurance Helps Improve Contact Center Performance
While many may think of contact centers as dealing primarily with phone systems, the technologies that support these hubs of communication are becoming increasingly varied and advanced. Call recording and workforce optimization solutions, speech analytics, omnichannel presence and more are being incorporated into the modern contact center.

SpeechPro Partners with Avaya
SpeechPro, a developer of cutting-edge solutions in speech recording, processing, analysis and voice biometrics, has entered into a partnership with Avaya, a global provider of business collaboration and communication software and services, to offer VoiceKey through DevConnect MarketPlace.

Spy-Proof Messaging Service Debuts Beepip Service
Many Internet users are extremely concerned about their privacy while surfing the web and communicating online. From the alleged breach of privacy allegations from the NSA, to constant potential for viruses and hackers to filtrate personal computers, users have troubling feeling totally secure online.

They DO Exist: Secret Wires That Allow State Surveillance
A new report was released from Vodafone revealing that a secret wire set up for the purpose of allowing state surveillance actually does exist and it gets a lot of use.

Call Recording Week in Review
As call recording technology evolves, it has expanded from the contact center bubble to reach the mainstream, its uses becoming more varied and widespread. With so many ways to take advantage of the technology, plenty of news is being generated. Let's take a look at some of the highlights from the week in call recording.

Can Outbound Dialers Assist Debt Collection?
Debt collection centers always have a hard time, as calling up people who owe money in an effort to get them to pay is never an easy task. However, call centers in charge of this task have found some success using call recording and outbound dialing solutions as part of their business strategy. In fact, a recent case study with Creditlink Account Reovery Solutions (C.A.R.S.) has proved that these solutions actually work, as the company has been using a Magnetic North dialer to increase answer ra…

CallFinder Partners with Customer Centered Strategies
CallFinder has entered into a strategic relationship with Customer Centered Strategies, LLC (CCS) to provide cloud-based call recording and speech analytics solutions as a component of CCS' customer experience and business transformation professional services.

Tragic End to Radio Stunt Shows Ethical, Legal Ramifications of Call Recording
Sometimes a joke can go too far. A former Australian radio host has expressed remorse for a prank call that resulted in the suicide of one of its targets, highlighting some of the legal and ethical issues regarding call recording.

Nice Systems Fixes Call Recording Software
Recently, Austria-based SEC Consult highlighted several vulnerabilities in Nice System's Recording eXpress platform. As one of the most recognized security companies in the world, Israeli-based Nice protects the digital resources of thousands of enterprise class customers around the world as well as nine out of the top 10 U.S. cities, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and many other public and private entities with critical security and safety needs.

Researchers Find Vulnerability in Emergency Service Recording
It seems like hackers can't leave any digital domain well enough, and if they can use the data for some nefarious purpose, they will go after it. You would think the emergency calls people make during their time of need would have nothing useful, but according to the Guardian, hackers could have easy access to confidential calls because of vulnerability in one of the most widely used security applications in the world.

SpeechStorm Forms Alliance with GM Voices
SpeechStorm, a company that offers mobile and voice customer service, recently announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with GM Voices, a producer of professionally-recorded voice prompts for automated technologies and an expert in the provision of translation and localization services, to add translation and localization services to its portfolio.

WikiLeaks Claims NSA Has Gone 'MYSTIC'
The Edward Snowden saga resembles a radio serial form the 1940s that tells about an impending doom in the hopes listeners will tune in, and that is what Glenn Greenwald seems to be doing. The problem is the vast majority of people around the world are not as na├»ve as Snowden and Greenwald thought they were. Most people in developed countries are computer literate and to some degree they probably are aware the intelligence services in their countries monitor the Internet and mobile communication.…

Call Recording Week in Review
Call recording made headlines yet again this week, featured in news around the world, from the U.K. to the Bahamas. While the holiday weekend is now in full swing, and the unofficial start of summer is right around the corner, now is a good time to recap the week's call recording news highlights.

UK Traders Ignore Call Recording Laws
While the United Kingdom has attempted to prevent another financial crisis like the one that happened in 2007-08, half of all bankers seem to ignore the call recording rules introduced by the Financial Services Agency, according to a new report by Ovum and Teleware.

Social Media Interactions Can Benefit from Call Recording
Social media has introduced a whole new way to communicate with your customers. Without a clear strategy for making this communication effective, however, you could quickly alienate your best customers. This is about more than just great customer service; it's about embracing the rules of a social media world and acting accordingly.

Record Personal and Business Calls with New Reality Telecom Service
Ensuring that calls made for business on mobile devices meet compliance standards, and that they can be used for gathering data, is still an issue for many.

Bahamian Residents' Mobile Calls Being Recorded by the NSA
While the President and U.S. Congress are working overtime to take away some of the powers of the NSA in this country, the agency is still up to its old tricks elsewhere. Edward Snowden has provided more documents that shed light on an operation by the NSA that has the agency intercepting, recording and archiving audio from nearly every cell phone call made on the island nation of the Bahamas.

Call Recording Week in Review
Another week has passed for the call recording industry, and for another week is there is plenty of news to go around. Customer service and protection from fraud and spyware took center stage in the call recording market, so let's take a moment to look back at the week's top stories.

New Call Recording Software from AIS Group
A lot of data passes through call centers, especially those that are in the business of providing insurance. This is because thousands of customers call everyday for information, questions and claims. As a result, insurance companies are burdened with excess amounts of information and this entails larger space for storing these calls. Unfortunately, these calls have to be recorded to resolve disputes, improve customer service, increase security and to meet government regulations. However, this n…

The Fight for Privacy is Both Global and Personal
I keep a piece of tape over my webcam. It's not aesthetically pleasing, and I don't like it, but I also didn't like the stories about schools spying on students through a webcam, or an extortionist snapping photos of Cassidy Wolf, Miss Teen USA 2013, through her webcam. At first I felt silly and paranoid for covering my cam, but a quick Google search will show you that everyday folks are also being targeted by stalkers, hackers and, as we now know, even the government.

Indian Consumers' Expectations Exceed Companies' Customer Support Offerings
According to a recent customer experience management study conducted by Avaya that surveyed 1,268 businesses and 8,500 consumers across 13 countries, customers in India have high expectations of the quality of customer service they should be receiving, and are finding those expectations are not being met.

Anti-Spyware More Relevant in the Age of VoIP Call Recording
As adults, we discover that in this day and age of advanced technology, the concept of spying has gone beyond the fantasies associated with James Bond. Spies come in a number of different forms and they're not just looking for government information - they also want to spy on the average citizen and mobile professional. If you transmit information digitally, spies are likely interested in you.

Callstream's Vault Platform to Ensure Coversure Franchises are PCI-Compliant
The Callstream Vault platform, a cloud-based PCI Level 1 certified solution for contact center environments, has been deployed by Coversure in order to ensure that its franchises comply with PCI-DSS regulations.

Call Recording Week in Review
It's been another eventful week for call recording technology, which continues to be featured in everything from political news headlines to new partnership agreements.

Call Recording Reveals Closed-door Australian Politics
We all know the kind of value and potential risk that call recording can bring to any normal operation. While there's spectacular potential for improved customer service, internal operations and even lawsuit protection, there's also the potential for legal troubles and lost public perception if used incorrectly.

mSpy Can Track Smartphones
Smartphones have become more common, even among youth. If public service announcements on TV asked if parents knew where their children were, one company might provide a modern way to find out: mSpy.

Callstream, Open GI Team to Offer New Technology and Communications Services to UK Insurance Brokers
U.K.-based contact center solutions provider Callstream recently forged a new partnership agreement with Open GI, insurance broker software provider.

Call Recording Week in Review
It's been another eventful week in the call recording space, with international ventures taking shape, new solutions being unveiled, and controversies over call recording making national headlines. With the weekend here, take a few minutes to sit back and review some of the week's top call recording stories.