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NICE Trading Recording Delivers Industry's First Integrated Speech Quality Check in Real Time
The Dodd Frank, Basel, SOX, GLBA, FISMA, and PCI as well as the NIST standards and COBIT compliance framework have to be followed to the letter unless companies want the wrath of regulators and the heavy fines they levy descending upon them. Even though making sure an organization is compliant can be challenging, there are many technologies that simplify the process. One of these is recording conversations between companies and their customers, which is what NICE Systems has done with the indust…

TrapCall Places Stop to IRS Phone Scam
The end of the tax season for most consumers is nearly upon us. Individuals may still have legitimate payments to make, but others may have found themselves caught in a scam that has grabbed nearly $15 million from Americans this year.

Nuvola and Red Box Recorders Partner on Data Recording for Contact Centers
Contact center specialist Nuvola Distribution has announced a new partnership with Red Box Recorders, a global provider of voice and data recording solutions. Nuvola will distribute the Red Box Quantify Recording Suite through the agreement, reaching partners of big-name telecom companies including Microsoft Lync, Alcatel-Lucent and ShoreTel.

NICE Systems, BoomeRing Announce Integrated Mobile Call, SMS Message Recording
NICE Systems and BoomeRing have announced that they have integrated BoomeRing's mobile recording system with NICE's Engage platform, adding the ability to record both voice and SMS messages.

SIP Print Finds Sweet Spot in European Market
As the entire communications technology landscape evolves, so too do the features and advanced functionalities being offered with these systems. When it comes to security and compliance - nothing beats call recording.

Call Recording Week in Review: CallFinder, Twilio, ASC
Call recording solutions helps ensure businesses and call centers are in compliance with communications regulations.

ASC's Latest Version of neo Workforce Optimization Suite Features Phonetic Indexing
ASC recently announced that it had launched the latest version of its workforce optimization suite, neo 4.0. The new solution now integrates with Microsoft Lync and Airbus TETRA, and includes a very powerful feature: phonetic indexing.

Twilio Announces Availability of Elastic SIP Trunking
For any businesses that have found their existing SIP setups to lack built-in features or be less flexible than they had hoped, this latest offering from Twilio could resolve their frustrations. It unlimited capacity for calling/recording can be of benefit to enterprises with a global presence. Likewise, for any company without a similar trunking system but which is growing at a rapid pace, the Elastic SIP Trunking service could fit them well now and long into their growth.

CallFinder and Lawson Concepts to Offer Cloud-Based Speech Analytics
The new agreement is going to give Lawson's customers an affordable cloud-based speech analytics solution. Lawson Concepts specializes in providing the right technology for contact centers, including agent experience, desktop analytics, desktop automation, guided navigation, impact analysis discovery, payment card industry compliance, quality monitoring, speech analytics, and thought leadership.

DTMF Changing Call Center Security
IVR technology is still the preferred way for call center operators to reduce staffing and offer customer self-service options. Despite its prevalence, IVR often isn't enough, and live assistance is needed. This is especially true when the caller needs to disclose personally identifiable information (PII) such as credit card numbers or SSNs.

Call Recording Week in Review: Red Box Recorders, Allworx, Subsentio
Call recording solutions helps ensure businesses and call centers are in compliance with communications regulations. This week news in the call recording market included new partnerships and updated solution releases.

Red Box Recorders Becomes Alliance Partner in ShoreTel's Innovation Network
Lately, Red Box Recorders has received a lot of praise from both resellers and customers for the quality and performance of its Quantify Recording Solution. As a result of these accolades, the company has been named an Alliance Partner in the ShoreTel Innovation Network.

INTERNET TELEPHONY Names Allworx View, Allworx Interact Products of the Year
TMC's own INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine has named two of Allworx's products, Allworx View and Allworx Interact, recipients of the Product of the Year awards

Noble's Cloud Solution Selected to Enhance Whitney Bank's Customer Service
Whitney Bank, a banking subsidiary of Hancock Holding Company serving several states in the southern U.S., has selected Noble Systems Corporation's cloud-based unified communications (UC) suite to enhance its customer service. Noble provides UC, business process management and analytics solutions to the customer communications industry.

Subsentio Announces Safe Harbor Cloud
Subsentio, which bills itself as "the CALEA compliance company," has announced Subsentio Safe Harbor Cloud.

Call Recording Week in Review: Bluewire, CTI Group, Samsung
Call recording is important to many businesses and call centers across industries as it helps to ensure they are in compliance with communications regulations. This week's news in the call recording market included a number of new solutions to help make it easier to capture call information and record calls even on mobile devices.

New App Enables Call Recording on Select Samsung Devices
With all of the functionality modern smartphones supply in comparison to its predecessor - the feature phone - it can be easy to overlook the absence of a tool to record incoming and outgoing calls. Although it may seem like a basic feature to include, the murky legality of call recording has led OEMs to hide easy access to it in order to discourage its use and avoid potential problems with the government. According to U.S. law, at least one party in a call must be aware of the fact that it is b…

Impulse & CTI Group Collaborate on ClearStar Call Recording System
The impact call recording can have on the market is well-known. Call recording can prevent lawsuits, improve customer service, and serve a variety of other purposes. Impulse Advanced Communications and CTI Group have now come together to bring out the very latest in call recording technology for users.

Mainstreet Announces New CSR Outsourcing Solution for Glass Businesses
Belleville, Michigan-based Mainstreet Computers Inc. recently announced that FrontLine 24/7, its new call center management system for glass companies, has begun operations. The new solution provides glass shops what amounts to a turnkey call center, with staff well-versed in glass shop operations, requiring little or no training to understand the business.

Bluetooth Call Recorder Bluewire Unveiled
While Bluetooth technology really isn't that new anymore, a device called Bluewire is bringing brand new features to the well worn tech. This new device is going to be introduced soon and it will be complete with features that no other Bluetooth device can currently offer. Among the features Bluewire will boast is the ability to record two-way phone calls, as well as chat from Skype and FaceTime. All of this can apparently be done even if the user of Bluewire is 33 feet away from their phone.

Call Recording Week in Review: CTI Group, Contact Solutions, Ecosmob
Call recording is a critical element in not only the call center, but a number of other businesses comply with communications regulations. This week brought news of service offerings, product solutions and some insight on a recent court case related to call recording.

Contact Solutions Increases the IQ of IVRs with Adaptive Personalization
According to the company, early adopters of the platform have experienced a 35 percent decrease in the length of calls, transfer rates reduction of more than 70 percent and up to 90 percent of callers have experienced a more optimized self-service from the IVR solution.

California Ruling May Change the Outcome for Class-Action Call Recording Lawsuits
For those who record telephone calls for commercial purposes - think call centers engaged in routine recording of calls for training and evaluation -- the State of California presents significant challenges to doing business. The California Invasion of Privacy Act (CIPA), Penal Code section 632, prohibits the intentional recording of "confidential communications" without the consent of the called party, and also protects "reasonable expectations" of consumers that calls won't be monitored. The v…

CTI Group Announces Cloud Call Accounting System
The availability of VoIP has allowed PBX systems to be abstracted from the physical phone connections, letting them be hosted in places that could be far away from the offices they serve.

Ecosmob's Contact Center Solution Enables Effective, Flexible Call Management
Ecosmob, a provider of IT solutions and services, has achieved significant success with its popular Contact Center solution. The company's software was developed for inbound, outbound and blended call centers, offering a long list of features to complement its robust underpinnings and make it easy for companies to effectively manage all aspects of incoming and outgoing communications.

Call Recording Week in Review: ResponseTap, CloudFactory, Noble Systems
Call recording is easily one of the most powerful tools a business can bring to bear. Its use alternately controlled by and required by law-depending on the industry that puts it to use-can protect against lawsuits, ensure the best in customer service, or potentially destroy a user's privacy. With this many important uses in the roster, it's no surprise there are lots of new developments coming out in this sector, and this week proved no exception. So with a weekend on hand, it's a great time to…

Pindrop Raises $35M to Combat Voice Fraud
Pindrop, which specializes in preventing voice fraud in call centers, said that it will use the funds to invest in customer support, engineering, sales and marketing staff, and it will also expand across newer verticals, geographies and products.

Gulf Coast Collection Bureau to use Noble Enterprise Cloud Contact Center Solution
Noble Enterprise Cloud is another example of a solution that any call center worth its salt should consider. Sophisticated call management is something that a business can no longer manage entirely on its own. Compliance issues and DNC list management alone are an unwieldy task and the laws are unsympathetic to violators.

CloudFactory Receives $2 Million From Rockefeller Foundation to Hire Kenyan Workers
SpeakerText is a cloud-based application that provides audio and video transcription, splitting files into 10-second clips that can be distributed to online workers, similar to Amazon's Mechanical Turk service. It provides captioning services for an impressive list of clients including ESPN, Deloitte and the University of North Carolina.

How Big Data Can Make Call Center Experiences Go More Smoothly
The biggest such point is that the tool can narrow down the personality of the person calling in, which in turn allows companies to, in the future, connect that caller not to the first available representative, but the first available representative with a similar personality type. Failing that, companies are able to better connect to compatible personality types, and that can be a big help in terms of addressing certain issues.

ResponseTap Calls for Greater Review of Call Tracking Systems
Call tracking systems, when such started to emerge, were often regarded as a useful addition to a business' capabilities, offering up great potential to improve overall results and make for a better chance at getting sales and improving operations. But ResponseTap-itself a fairly major name when it comes to marketing automation-called on businesses to take a closer look at this technology.

NewTek Releases TalkShow VS 100 Scan Converter for Skype Calls
Scan converters have been known in the video processing industry for being somewhat inflexible and difficult to use for converting video signals on the fly. NewTek is trying to change that image with its new TalkShow VS 100 hardware - a 19-inch rackmount device that takes a Skype call and instantly converts it into a signal fit for live television.

Call Recording Week in Review: Marchex Tackles Marketing, SIP Print Vies for Enterprise
In the wake of ITEXPO Miami 2015, there has been plenty of news in the tech world to keep us busy. In the call recording market, everyone from enterprise solution providers to marketing teams are eyeing the technology as the next viable solution to push their agendas forward. Let's take a look at what people are saying about call recording this week.

SIP Print Poised to Expand into Enterprise Call Recording Market
The call recording industry is changing rapidly these days. While a decade ago the technology was seen as a precautionary measure for some contact centers, today it is an integral tool for every contact center, in order to train employees, maintain quality assurance, and perhaps most importantly remain within compliance margins of ever-changing legal regulations.

Cloud and VoIP Make Call Recording Shine
While VoIP is a topic that has been talked about ad infinitum when it comes to communications, its relevance is not something that can be stressed enough. Businesses who have yet to migrate over to a more updated system like a VoIP one are surely missing out on a lot of features, not to mention the opportunity to see a lot of savings in the monthly bills.

Call Recording Helps Optimize Click-to-Call Marketing
The contact center is seeing many new and innovative ways to incorporate agents into the marketing process, and perhaps one of the most seemingly direct ways is through click-to-call campaigns, which utilize mobile call extensions to connect customers with agents. But, despite the strategy's growing popularity over the past year, there are click-to-call flaws that have kept it from becoming a more regularly used tool. As it turns out, one company is enlisting call recording to make click-to-call…

Call Recording Week in Review: Digium, Senss Technologies, and Wisdom from ITEXPO
With ITEXPO capturing the attention of much of the tech industry this week, experts and thought leaders came together to share ideas on current and upcoming trends, as well as to announce new products and services. Amidst this hub of activity, the call recording industry was generating plenty of news, so let's take a look at some of the week's highlights in the space.

TelStrat EngageRecord Passes Avaya Compatibility Testing
The cooperation of enterprises with one another can go a long way toward product/device interoperability and increased sales for their products. Avaya, a provider of business business communications and collaboration software, has created its DevConnect program to involve third parties that wish to combine Avaya's global reach with their own products.

ITEXPO: Digium, Voxox Buff Business VoIP Credentials
Differentiation among business VoIP cloud services is becoming increasingly important, as companies are in a constant battle of features, brand, and price. Digium has added a business continuity solution to Switchvox while Voxox is taking its communication expertise in virtual PBX and extending it with Cloud Phone Pro, a hosted voice offering.

Bluewire Can Record Calls Hands-free
Senss Technologies has announced that it is developing a Bluetooth device, the Bluewire, to record calls on smartphones hands-free and is running a campaign on Indiegogo to fund it.

ITEXPO 2015 Keynote Panel Talks Law Enforcement, VoIP and CALEA
A lot has changed since 1994 when Congress first enacted the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA). The act was initially put in place as a response to concerns among law enforcement agencies over emerging digital and wireless communications at the time (i.e. call forwarding, call transfer, multi-party calling, calling cards). Fast forward 21 years and the state of emerging digital technologies has transformed beyond measure, only posing that much more of a challenge for law …

Call Recording Week in Review: Swisscom, Call Cabinet and Storacall
Call recording technology has reshaped the way businesses all over the world ensure a high level of customer service quality while also reinforcing compliance regulations. With such a pivotal role to play, call recording technologies-and the laws governing them-are constantly changing and evolving, creating a lot of news to cover not just at home but internationally as well. Let's take a look at some of global the highlights in the call recording space from this week.

Storacall Self-Monitoring System Aims to Minimize Downtime
Storacall Voice Systems, a subsidiary of the Storacall Group providing call recording solutions for call centers, recently announced the introduction of new self-monitoring features for its range of call recorders. Called Storacall-ProActive, the internal module ensures all components of a deployed call recording system to regularly check their connections with each other, looking to see if each component at a given moment is live and active.

Swisscom Offers Swiss Banks Something New: Crealog Mobile Voice Recording
Call recording has been a powerful tool ever since its creation. It's done a lot of good for individuals and businesses alike. Like any powerful tool, it needs a proper set of rules to help protect against its misuse, as misuse of a powerful tool can be disastrous. But for Swiss banks, Swisscom is about to offer something of a first in the field, specifically, access to the Crealog mobile voice recording system to help provide some of those valuable call recording capabilities regardless of phys…

Call Cabinet Announces Release of Call Logging Software for South Africa Businesses
CallCabinet South Africa, a provider of voice logging and call recording software for businesses in South Africa, recently announced the launch of its new cloud-based voice logging product. The company says its new software is the first of its kind in the country.

Swisscom Launches MVR Managed Service
Swisscom, a Swiss telecommunications provider, recently launched its Mobile Voice Recording (MVR) managed service. Built on technology from telecommunications solutions provider CreaLog, Swisscom's MVR is aimed at financial service providers and enables them to automatically record and store all communications that take place over mobile networks.

CNIL to Begin 'Simplified Norm' of Personal Data Processing
The Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertes, otherwise known as the CNIL, is a French, independent regulatory body that seeks to enforce data privacy laws as they relate to the storage and use of personal data. Recent news regarding the CNIL notes the organization has issued new standards, a "simplified norm," to streamline compliance with privacy laws that could lessen the burden on enterprises that report the recording of workplace phone calls.

Call Recording Week in Review: Gryphon, CallMiner, 3Logic, and More
The call recording industry hit the ground running this year. While we're only halfway through January, there have already been plenty of developments, with more on the horizon thanks to ITEXPO Miami being held later this month. Let's take a look at some of the call recording highlights from this week.

Call Cabinet Coming to ITEXPO
Boca Raton, Fla.-based Call Cabinet Corporation made quite the splash in the call center space this week, as it has unveiled the industry's first cloud-based and compliant call recording solution. Known for developing a range of inventive, scalable and progressive cloud and premises-based call recording solutions, Call Cabinet Atmos is a game changer.

CarrierSales to Offer TCN's Contact Center Suite Under New Partnership
TCN, Inc., a provider of cloud-based call center technology, recently announced the forging of a new strategic partnership with CarrierSales, a telecom master agency with hundreds of sales partners. CarrierSales will promote Platform 3.0, TCN's contact center suite, to its extensive agent network of value-added resellers, managed service providers, systems integrators, telecom resellers and hardware vendors.

3Logic Updates Platform to Comply with TCPA
The Telephone Consumer Protection Act contains a number of regulations that seek to protect people from unwanted and unwarranted telephone calls. Its implementation in the early 1990s made sure that telemarketing companies could not, among other regulations, call residences before and after certain hours. It also made sure that marketing companies would honor the National Do Not Call Registry so consumers who did not want to be contacted could protect themselves from marketing.

Gryphon Networks, CallMiner Offer Speech Analytics Solution for Contact Centers
Gryphon Networks, a provider of sales intelligence and marketing compliance software, has announced a strategic partnership with CallMiner, a provider of voice and speech analytics software for contact centers.

It's Another Comcastic Day as Comcast Brushes Off Call Recording
While most of us were recently closing out the year 2014 with thoughts of what we'd do with this clean stretch of canvas that is 2015, Comcast, meanwhile, was finishing off a disastrous 2014 with just one more disaster. Summarized in a recent video release that has already started taking on a life of its own known as "My Comcastic Day," the video features audio of a customer trying to get Comcast to honor promises of a special rate. But even the use of call recording couldn't sway Comcast to liv…

Speakerbus and VPI Present Integrated Solution for Trading Floors
Speakerbus, a leading provider of voice collaboration solutions for the financial and command and control markets, recently announced alongside Voice Print International (VPI), a leading provider of compliance recording and workforce optimization software solutions, that the two companies have advanced their strategic partnership. By combining their award-winning technology, Speakerbus and VPI are able to offer a new solution that draws on each company's specialty and delivers best-in-class resu…

Call Recorder Solution Offers Ability to Record FaceTime, Skype Video Calls
In the board room, there is very little doubt that technology such as call recording technology is only getting more popular. That doesn't mean that people who live outside the boardroom wouldn't also like the ability to use this kind of tech. A new solution, which is named Call Recorder offers up the ability to record video conferencing the way pricier solutions do so for large companies. The solution will allow people to record their FaceTime and Skype chats so they can review them later for a…

Illinois Eavesdropping Bill Garners Controversy
An Illinois eavesdropping bill has passed both the Illinois House and Senate, which makes it a class 3 felony to record other people's private conversations with police officers. Though the law was meant to offer citizens more leeway when it comes to free speech, detractors say the law is too vague to be immune to misuse by law enforcement looking to cover up bad behavior.

German Researchers Find Flaws in Global Cellular Networks
Multiple researchers in Germany have discovered that SS7 technology, designed in the 1980s, has several serious vulnerabilities which could allow interested parties to break into the system and listen to phone calls.

Call Recording Week in Review: The NFL, SIP Print, Verint
It's a good time to take a step back and consider the wider impact of the week that was with our Week in Review coverage!

Call Recording 2014 Year in Review - What Was, and What Lies Ahead
It has been a busy year for the call recording sector. Given the lasting impacts of the Edward Snowden-NSA scandal, the changing tides in public attitude over call recording privacy have spurred policy changes across business industries, call centers, and government agencies alike. And while regulations were evolving this year, so too were call recording technologies, becoming more versatile to accommodate mobile devices, and more sophisticated with integrated tools such as analytics solutions.

Citycom Assure to Fight Insider Trading in Australia
Citycom Assure is a solution designed to combat insider trading by recording and analyzing voice conversations, emails and SMS, and Australia is the latest country where the platform will be available. Optus has been given exclusive rights so it can resell the service in the country to provide regulators with a solution that can monitor the interaction of individuals and organizations. Besides the financial industry, it has potential application in the insurance, healthcare and mining sectors.

Call Recording Proves Peterson Lied to by NFL Exec
For the second time in 2014 a call recording has rocked the sports world. Back in the spring, the world sat back and watched the Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling talk his way out of his ownership position with racist comments. This week, another high profile case in professional sports has taken a turn due to call recording-2012 NFL Most Valuable Player (Adrian Peterson) claims he was lied to, and there is a call recording to prove it.

Mobile Call Recording App Adds International Features and More
Call recording has long been a staple of the business world-particularly in the contact center. But with the rise of the mobile consumer and mobile workforce, call recording technology has had to undergo some major upgrades. Modern solutions can handle calls made from mobile devices, across international borders, and through IP-based networks. But there is still room to grow.

VoxSmart's VSmart Proves IG Group's Choice for Recording Mobile Voice
Call recording has great opportunity for businesses, and that's why so many have been eager to use it. Perhaps a little too eager in some cases, and thus the rise of regulations surrounding its use. But for IG Group, call recording is about to prove not only regulatory protection but also opportunity for improvement.

Dubber Technology Partners with NTT ICT for More Scalability
Today businesses are dispersed across local, national and international borders as organizations use a wide range of technologies to operate virtually anywhere around the globe. This requires companies to adopt solutions with multiple options when it comes to how they communicate with employees, partners and customers, while at the same time ensuring said communication is safely recorded and archived to meet the compliance mandates of their particular industry. Dubber, a cloud provider of call r…

Call Recording Week in Review: Actiance, Microsoft Lync, and More
In the post-Thanksgiving rush of holiday shopping, call recording news has not slowed down. The industry remains as busy as the holiday season itself, so let's take a moment this weekend to take a look back on some of the highlights from the call recording industry space this past week.

Customer Satisfaction Takes Its Biggest Drop in 20 Years
With the end of the year quickly approaching, analysts are starting to take a look at what happened in 2014 and what it means looking ahead. In terms of customer satisfaction, 2014 wasn't so hot, at least according to data compiled from the first three months.

Recorded Call Class Actions Having Rough Time in California Courts
In spite of being known as one of the most litigious states in the U.S. and for having tough privacy laws, California has not exactly been fertile ground lately for call recording class actions. In a couple of recent cases, state courts have ruled against certifying classes in suits related to the monitoring and recording of phone conversations.

FCC Fines Newport Television for Improper Use of Phone Recording
Several news organizations recently reported that the Federal Communications Commission has fined a television broadcasting agency $35,000 for its use of two recorded conversations without consent from the person who was recorded.

FCC Slaps Utah TV Station with $35,000 Fine for Broadcasting Unauthorized Phone Calls
The Federal Communications Commission has handed down a $35,000 fine to a former TV licensee, showing just how seriously the FCC takes unauthorized broadcasting of phone calls, according to the CommLawBlog.

Actiance Announces Three New Features in Vantage for Lync Solution
Alongside the addition of these three important features, Actiance announced the beginning of an official partnership with Modality Systems, a Microsoft Gold Partner and specialist Lync services provider. Commenting on this development, Modality CEO and Co-Founder John Lamb said, "We help organizations extend the usability of Lync through partnering with Actiance, a leader in Lync governance and compliance management. Together, we help enterprises make the most of their Lync 2013 investment."

Vodaphone Company Assists UK Government Agency in Telecom Spying Operations
A recent joint news report by British and German media reveals that the U.K.'s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) has operated a mass surveillance program with the help of telecom company Cable & Wireless (CW). The report found that CW gave GCHQ extensive access to its network, allowing it to collect data from millions of Internet users.

Call Recording Week in Review: OAISYS, Twilio, LiveVox and More
Just because the holiday season is right around the corner doesn't mean companies are slowing the pace on call recording innovations. The call recording industry has seen another very active week, so let's take a moment to look back on some of the week's highlights.

Gryphon Networks' Call Recording Systems Make Compliance Easier
Call recording is easily one of the most powerful tools at a company's disposal. It offers a variety of benefits to its user ranging from improved customer service to protection against lawsuits. But many powerful tools are often dangerous if misapplied, and that's why there are a set of laws surrounding the use of such tools. Yet in some cases, such tools are actually required by other laws, and that can make for a difficult position for a company to be in. Gryphon Networks, meanwhile, may have…

LiveVox Opens Toronto Data Center
Cloud contact center solution provider LiveVox has announced that it has opened a data center in Toronto.

Twilio Gives Enterprises More Flexibility with Launch of its Elastic SIP Trunking
Cloud computing has revolutionized virtually every aspect of information and communications technology (ICT) by providing a range of solutions to a wider audience, and giving companies multiple modes of delivery for the services they provide. Whether it is software, infrastructure, platform or security, cloud delivers it more efficiently, at better price points and without having to deal with the headaches of legacy systems. Even though SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking is relatively ne…

EarthBend Augments Call Recording Tech with New OAISYS Release
While call recording may well be one of the most dangerous tools a business has at its disposal-improper use of call recording could be met with a variety of legal challenges and potential fines-it's also one of the most powerful in terms of providing great customer service and even protecting a business' interests down the line. To that end, EarthBend has brought out the availability of version 8.1 of the OAISYS line of call recording tools, and this new version promises to bring plenty more po…

Ecosmob Launches Contact Center Software
Ecosmob, a fast-growing Indian IT company offering a wide variety of enterprise solutions, has announced the global availability of its new contact center software for enterprises of all sizes. The feature-rich solution is noted for being an intelligent, robust and secure alternative to the many competing services on the market.

Recording Calls with Different Smartphones
Although the advent of the smartphone has brought innumerable exciting new functionalities over its predecessor, the feature phone, one of the things we've lost is a built-in tool to record incoming and outgoing calls. A chief reason for this is the historically murky legality surrounding the issue, such as in the U.S. where it is required that at least one party (or every party involved, in some states) is knowledgeable that the call is being recorded.

Veterans Health Administration Addresses Call Recording and Privacy
The proliferation of mobile device use has many organizations and businesses reassessing their policies on call recording and privacy. Because mobile devices have the ability to record and capture both audio and video, having policies in place is imperative to protect both employees and clients, especially when your organization is a healthcare one. That's why the Department of Veterans Affairs' Veterans Health Administration issued a directive with the means to update its policies in a culture …

Be Sure Your Call Recording Compliance is Ready for the Holidays
With Black Friday and Cyber Monday right around the corner, retailers must make sure shelves are stocked and customer service teams are ready, but if it were only that simple. Awareness of call recoding and telemarketing lawsuits must also take a place on their priority list as any California company that does business by phone needs to be aware of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the California Invasion of Privacy Act (CIPA).

Verint, Truphone Combine Efforts to Help Financial Institutions with Regulations
Anyone who's been involved with banking these days-or just anyone who's ever tried to open a bank account in the last 10 years or so-knows full well that there are a lot of new regulations around in the industry. Reporting and call recording, suspicious behavior monitoring, and a host of other requirements are all just part of the package now, and that's putting a burden on financial institutions to keep track of all these various points.

Call Recording Week in Review: New Partnerships and Success Stories
As the international business landscape becomes increasingly connected-and as international laws are updated accordingly-companies are turning to new and improved call recording solutions to ensure that regulations are being met, and that customers are being kept happy. Let's take a look at some of the highlights from the space this week.

Zultys Introduces Cloud Services Offering
Zultys, a leading global provider of IP phone systems and unified communications (UC) systems, has launched Zultys Cloud Services, an umbrella solution for enterprises that offers cloud-based IP hosted phone systems, UC options, SIP trunking services and contact center services. The solution is derived from the award-winning MX series of IP phone systems for enterprises and is easily deployable for businesses of all sizes.

Social Care Provider Increases Productivity with Call Monitoring
While the mention of call recording usually brings to mind contact centers for banks and retailers, the technology is used in contact centers across just about every industry. U.K-based Vibrance, for instance, is a provider of social care and support services for vulnerable adults throughout Essex and parts of East and South London. Using Skillweb's SmartTask Care, a call monitoring solution, Vibrance has been able to reduce overall communication costs and boost its service provisions.

Verint, Truphone Offer Collaborative Call Recording Solution for Financial Institution Compliance
Large financial institutions have a lot of work cut out for them-namely, high standards that must be met on a continual basis, keeping in accordance with all kinds of legal regulations while also maintaining a positive reputation with customers. Call recording can help serve on both of these fronts, by holding employees accountable for their customer service while also keeping a record of verbal exchanges to ensure that sensitive data is being kept secure and that compliance regulations are bein…

Turn your Spare iOS Device into a Video Camera
You have to hand it to these guys that make smart, innovative apps all the time, making smartphones more invaluable than ever. With the newly enhanced Presence app, you can pair your new iPhone with your old, discarded iOS device and get a security camera and home management solution for free. Of course, the credit for that will have to go to the creator of the Presence app- People Power.

Call Recording Week in Review: Phone Calls Get the Legal Treatment
While the initial outrage over the NSA's secretive spying tactics has worn off, a general air of suspicion and renewed desire to protect people's privacy has been left in its wake. Call recording practices have always been regulated, but now they are coming into the spotlight in a whole new way. Let's take a look at some of the highlights in the call recording industry space this past week.

New Internet Appliance Lets Businesses Set Up Their Own UC
Grandstream recently announced that it had launched a new turnkey communication product for SMBs, the UCM6510. The Internet appliance will allow businesses with E1/T1/J1 networks to set up an IP/PBX unified communications (UC) system without having to pay licensing, cost per user, cost per feature or upgrade fees and provides free lifetime firmware updates.

Sound Communications Provides Digital Systems for Call Centers
Sound Communications is a small business that provides advanced digital audio and video systems for call centers and public safety center systems. Founded in 1983 by Gary Stephenson, a former Navy flight engineer, this company has made rapid strides in providing recording-based solutions for its 600-plus clients.

Cancer Research UK Implements Red Box Quantify Recording Suite
During the early 1970s, the survival rate of individuals diagnosed with cancer was very low, with only one quarter of these patients surviving 10 years. Since that time a massive global research effort has resulted in half of all cancer patients now surviving at least 10 years, and for women with breast cancer the survival rate for at least one decade has increased to 78 of all diagnosed patients. These landmark figures were published by Cancer Research U.K. in April 2014 to highlight the benefi…
10/20/2014 Patent for Lawful Intercept Moves Forward has announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has allowed the company an application to extend the patent for its Lawful Intercept program.

ADCB to Offer Biometric Voice Authentication
Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced its intention to offer voice biometrics as a means of authenticating customers, and claims to be the first bank in the world to do so.

Privacy Concerns Arise from FBI's Quest for Smartphone Data
The answer to some questions is clear cut, black and white, yes or no. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. We want to be protected from possible future terrorist attacks, or even a small group of individuals who want to go on a shooting spree, however, gathering this type of information has led to many concerns by the general public.

Call Recording Week in Review: Call Recording Goes Mobile
While at this point it may be stating the obvious, the world has gone mobile-businesses too, for that matter. As smartphones and other wireless devices become extensions of our identities and daily lives, the workplace is also expanding into this geographically unhindered realm. But as business operations shift to a mobile landscape, certain regulations and precautions must follow. For this reason, call recording is increasingly being integrated into mobile platforms, and this week illustrates t…

Customer Sues Comcast for Getting Him Fired, Demands Call Recordings
When it comes to customer service, Comcast doesn't exactly have a stellar record. Numerous calls have been recorded and put online of customer calls gone terribly, terribly wrong. From pushy call center agents to the overall poor services that drive customers to call in the first place, it's an ongoing battle for Comcast to clear its name in the public eye-but, unfortunately, the latest customer disaster may be another nail in the telecom giant's customer experience coffin.

Financial Institutions Adopting Voice Biometric Blacklists
Analytics software and hardware company Verint Systems recently released a conversation to the Associated Press that describes a situation in which a caller speaks to her bank about how her home had burned down, and her husband was hurt in the fire. She wanted a replacement credit card for her new address. The real problem: she was a fraud.

WhatsApp May Land VoIP Call, Recording Features
While WhatsApp rose to prominence on the strength of its messaging capabilities-and prominence it has indeed reached, boasting a combined total of over 600 million users at last report-there were soon after reports that WhatsApp was planning to make some additions to its operations to help draw in still more users and give those users in place a reason to stick around. But now, new reports suggest that WhatsApp may be poised to make some advances much more substantial than those previously sugge…

ASC Completes Integration Mobile Phone Recording Solution with Tango Networks
Today's workforce is increasingly using mobile devices to do their daily tasks and this is leading many businesses to seek for flexible solutions to help solve business-related mobility challenges.

Call Recording Week in Review: Ubiquitous in Business Today
As more software and call center solutions providers realize the value of call recording, they are incorporating it as a feature into their offerings. This week saw plenty of that, so let's take a moment to look back on highlights from the week in the industry.

Avotus to Augment ICM UM 8.4 Features to Enhance BroadSoft User Experience
Small to medium business (SMBs) and enterprise clients intending to switch from their traditional private branch exchange (PBXs) to the new BroadSoft SIP-based phone system without losing visibility or data management features will soon have an option available. Avotus Corporation is set to release significant call accounting and reporting enhancements to BroadSoft users.