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  • CSI Virtual Observer Completes Compliance Testing With Avaya IP Office
    Coordinated Systems, Inc. (CSI), a developer of workforce optimization software, benefits from having its own product work well with the world's prominent unified communications (UC) systems. One such provider of UC voice, email, and instant messaging service for desktop and mobile phones, Avaya, has now reached version 10 with its flagship, IP Office, and has now completed compliance testing with CSI Virtual Observer, the primary offering from the other side of this coin.
  • MegaPath Receives 2016 Hosted VoIP Excellence Award
    Additionally, Hosted Voice supports MegaPath's unified communications (UC) platform, which combines IP business telephony with video calling, instant messaging, presence, audio and video conferencing, and screen sharing. All of this occurs in a single application that works on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets, making it easy to use on basically any device.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: Dubber, CallRail, TelStrat
    Welcome to the latest version of Call Recording Week in Review where we highlight all the biggest headlines from this past week in the Call Recording space.
  • Traversing the Legal Minefield of Call Recording
    Recording telephone calls for business purposes seems like it should be a straightforward process. It's useful, particularly for contact centers and sales organizations for evaluating quality and performance. It helps weed out "he said, she said" scenarios. It's easier than ever thanks to technology, particularly for organizations that use hosted solutions and can store the calls off-site. Today, there are even a variety of smartphone apps that can accomplish it with little trouble. Enterprise-ready call recording solutions take up a small footprint on employee desktops, they're flexible and customizable, and they include analytics technology so companies can use the recordings to spot trends.
  • CallRail's New Conversation Intelligence System Improves Lead Qualification
    Salespeople want leads. Sales has long been a numbers game, and in order to have the numbers to win, it requires a slate of leads to follow up on. CallRail has heard the cries of lead-starved sales reps and brought out its new Conversation Intelligence system which helps provide automatic qualification of phone call leads, and even offers extras to help smooth the way in phone sales.
  • TelStrat Launches Engage WFO SaaS
    The purpose of Engage WFO SaaS is to offer reliable and safe call recording and WFO services with quick and easy deployment. It is the next generation of TelStrat's cloud-based call recording and workforce optimization solutions. The inspiration for Engage WFO SaaS comes from several needs in the market that TelStrat has observed over the years.
  • Telenor Sverige AB Chooses Dubber for Call Recording
    Even better for the client, Dubber's integration with Telenor's hosted IP telephony offers has allowed the operator to meet its customer's requirement without the need for capital expenditure or a legacy hardware-based approach to call recording. That's good news for everyone involved.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: Calabrio, Dubber, Versadial
    Welcome to the latest version of Call Recording Week in Review where we highlight all the biggest headlines from this past week in the Call Recording space.
  • Calabrio ONE Cloud Suite Gives Contact Centers New Recording Options
    Call recording in the contact center is a great idea, once all the legal hoops are sufficiently jumped through. Its value as a training tool, as a customer service aid, and even as a protective measure against lawsuits is well-known and often used. Thus, call recording tools have had plenty of refinement over the years, and one of the newest refinements is seen in Calabrio's new Calabrio ONE, a multi-tenant system geared toward the contact center.
  • Businesses Can Learn from Kanye vs. Taylor Feud
    You may remember the drama that occurred between Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian back in July regarding one of Kanye's new songs. Taylor was offended by some of the lyrics about her in Kanye's song, and took to social media to call him out on it. In reply, Kanye claimed that he had told Taylor about the lyrics and she had been fine with them at the time. The whole debacle appeared to be yet another celebrity "he said, she said" feud that took over timelines and wouldn't seem to go away. Things got more interesting, though, when Kim released a video she had recorded of the conversation via Snapchat.
  • Versadial's VSLogger Update Means Visualization in Call Recording
    Versadial's new VSLogger solution could be a significant help, especially in an environment where call centers are still regarded as somewhat necessary cash sinks. While it may not prove as useful in the long run as some might hope-it would be better to start regarding the call center as a vital, customer-facing marketing apparatus that yields improved sales over the long term-it's still likely to be valuable on some end.
  • Dubber Brings Call Recording to Simetric Telecom
    The enthusiasm for this agreement stretches to Dubber's side as well. Steve McGovern, chief executive, Dubber, expressed the need for Simetric's product by saying that a solution "whereby a user can have their existing mobile number as a single point of contact across fixed and mobile networks meets a universally growing requirement."
  • Call Recording Week in Review: Voiptime, Dubber, FCA
    Welcome to the latest version of Call Recording Week in Review where we highlight all the biggest headlines from this past week in the Call Recording space.
  • FCA Sees Pushback on Call Recording Requirements
    Despite the obvious benefits of call recording, there has been some pushback from firms, generally the smaller ones. This is because they do not feel properly equipped to take on the cost of call recording technology and recording storing software and analytics. The FCA is reportedly open to suggestions for a solution that would continue to provide these firms with protection at a lower cost, but so far none has materialized. In the meantime, firms will have to continue to look for proficient, cost efficient call recording software.
  • Voiptime Cloud Predictive Dialer Facilitates Debt Collection
    If we're being perfectly honest, no one really likes the process of debt collection. People who owe money don't like getting phone calls, and those doing the calls don't enjoy being hung up on. It really is a vicious cycle, if you think about it. That's why Voiptime, a call center solutions developer, has announced the upcoming release of its cloud predictive dialer. This solution's goal is to make the lives of agents much easier, while boosting their productivity in the process.
  • Call Recording: The Good, Bad & Ugly of Customer Care
    Having a successful customer service call is typically the end goal for both parties on a call. Not only are agents being tasked with delivering quick, quality service, but callers also want issues resolved efficiently and without friction.
  • Dubber, MNF Group Get Together on New Cloud Service Options
    A new combination effort recently revealed itself from MNF Group-formerly known as MyNetFone-and Dubber Corp, a group know for its call recording capabilities. A pairing like that has some serious potential for impact, and what the duo had to reveal recently should make those who turn to call recording systems particularly interested.
  • NetPro Expands Success with SIP Print Call Recording
    NetPro was founded in 2008 to provide managed network services to businesses across the western United States. The company's product portfolio includes hosted VoIP phone systems, telecom carrier services, network consulting, hardware sales & support, low voltage cabling, and revenue generating fiber Internet services for housing communities.
  • DialogTech Uses Nuance Transcription Engine to Power Conversation Insight 2.0
    The sales process of any product or service in many instances requires a conversation between a salesperson and customer. During this interaction a lot of information is exchanged, and if the conversation is properly analyzed it can provide valuable insights to help close the deal and improve the performance of the salesperson. DialogTech, provider of end-to-end call attribution and conversion for data-driven marketers, is looking to improve the analytics process of these conversations by using the Nuance Transcription Engine (NTE) for its new Conversation Insight 2.0 solution.
  • Cabela Wholesale Call Recording Class Action Settled
    There are many regulations in place that organizations in different industries have to abide by. The laws are always changing and being amended to ensure new technologies and systems that are introduced in the marketplace are properly regulated. This requires the organizations that are affected by these rules to always be aware in order to avoid the very costly fines regulators impose, along with possible lawsuits from consumers. In the case of Cabela Wholesale, the company was sued because it didn't properly notify callers that their conversations were being recorded when consumers called its toll-free customer service lines.
  • DialogTech Releases Conversation Insight 2.0
    DialogTech, a company that develops software for the tracking of marketing activities, announced this month that it has released the Conversation Insight 2.0 transcription tool for managing audio calls between marketers and their customers.
  • Firms Relying Heavily on Call Recording
    Last week, ITWeb and Ninzi Connect Software released the results of a survey conducted amongst South African organizations to examine their Interaction Recording habits. They found that a vast majority of these companies leverage an online contact center to handle the analysis and evaluation of their customer interactions.
  • Is It Legal To Record Calls With Smartphone Apps?
    Anyone who's been even casually following the call recording industry for more than a couple weeks knows that call recording is a powerful tool. It has uses in training employees, in ensuring the best in customer service, and even protecting against lawsuits. Some laws actually require some industries to engage in call recording. For everyone else, call recording has a minefield of laws around it, and the rise of smartphones hasn't made the picture much clearer. So much so, in fact, that some are specifically asking if it's legal to record calls on a smartphone using a smartphone app.
  • Call Recording Goes Mobile with Three and Gamma Co-Production
    Call recording's value has long since established itself, thanks to a combination of legal matters that in some cases require it be used and other cases only allow it to be used under certain specific conditions. When there's that much law around a tool, it's got to be a powerful one, and businesses are increasingly putting it to work. For mobile devices, this is no exception, and a new combined effort from Three and Gamma is delivering exciting new value in a field that seemed dominated by other firms.
  • iFree Skype Recorder Offers Free, Unlimited Voice Call Recording
    Although there are a lot of enterprise call recording software options on the market, many are designed for midsize and large businesses that need to capture the calls of entire call centers. For small businesses and less demanding users, those options can work well, but users may find themselves using (and paying for) a bulldozer when all they needed was a shovel.
  • VirtualTone In Compliance With Kari's Law
    VirtualTone, a telecommunications company that is based in Houston, Texas, announced this past week that its phones and voice services are ready to comply with Kari's Law.
  • The Robocall Flood Can't Be Held Back
    If you've had a call recently from a machine, like Lisa at Cardholder Services, then you're in very good company, or at least, in very broad company. A new report from the YouMail Robocall Index says that there's a new record-setting development afoot, as robocalls in the U.S. reached a staggering new high of 2.64 billion calls received just in the month of August alone. That's enough to mean a new record.
  • Call Recording Apps Raise Legal Questions in Australia
    On a regular basis, we find new uses for our smartphones. Smart devices today can be not only telephones, but altimeters, compasses, blood glucose detectors, flashlights and alarms. It's not a surprise they're also becoming call recording devices thanks to a number of easy to use apps. Apps such as TapeACall and Automatic Call Recorder have been downloaded by millions of people worldwide, and they allow users to easily record incoming and outgoing calls on their smartphones. From there, they can share them pretty much anywhere they can place a video: on social media, on YouTube or with their lawyer.
  • VirtualTone Partners with IT Fire
    VirtualTone, a Houston-based VoIP and video communications company providing complete solutions for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMB) including phone systems that can support anywhere from one to 200 users, has put a Gold Agent program in place to enable VirtualTone to partner with local IT firms to deliver hands-on services. This makes it possible to provide the client with an affordable, cloud-based solution along with the opportunity for increased revenue. Partaking in the Gold Agent program is a great way for IT companies to advance their businesses and the latest company to take advantage of this partner program is IT Fire.
  • Why Call Recording is a Must for the Insurance Industry
    The alphabet soup of acronyms that makes up the regulatory bodies requiring organizations to comply with the laws that are in place are many, and ever changing. While some industries are lucky to have just a few, insurance companies have to comply with some of the more stringent regulations because they cover healthcare, finance and virtually everything that needs to be insured. This is one of the many reasons call recording is a must for the insurance industry.
  • TCPA Lawsuits Proves Brisk Business for One 'Professional Plaintiff'
    When Forbes calls someone a "professional plaintiff" in a headline, there's clearly a reason to take notice. For Melody Stoops, who admitted she was in the "business" of engaging in Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) lawsuits, the appellation may not be too far wrong. Though this may seem outlandish, there are some vital lessons to learn here for businesses about how important it is to engage in telemarketing and call recording behaviors appropriately and correctly.
  • New itel Phone Offers Call Recording
    It looks like September is the month of new phones. itel India, which is owned by Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Tanssion Holdings, launched their new phone on Thursday at Rs 1,610 (about $25 U.S. dollars). The fast-charging, smart keypad phone is called it5311. It offers customers the ability to talk for two hours after an impressive 10 minutes of charging with a 1900 mAh battery.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: Facebook, drupe, Comcast and MiFID II
    Happy Saturday! This week in Call Recording was an exciting one, with articles touching on tracking call conversions, legal issues and MiFID II. Now that it's the weekend, let's take a look back at these last few days.
  • Bracing for MiFID II: How to Use Call Recording to Get Ready
    There's a new regulatory firestorm coming in, and it goes by the name "revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive," or MiFID II. While it won't actually go into effect until January 2018, smart businesses are getting ready for its impact now, because this is a development that's going to shake up a lot of the field. So how can a business get ready for this new regulatory environment? Call recording tools can play a big part, and help a business get along nicely with MiFID II.
  • Who Has Legal Access to Call Recordings?
    If you find yourself in this situation, Chronowski suggests asking to speak to a Comcast supervisor (or whichever provider you are dealing with). If all else fails, you could always make your own recording of the call. He warns, though, that it is imperative to inform the representative that they are being recorded. Like with the call center message, if the representative continues with the call after being told about the recording, they are consenting to it.
  • drupe Call-Recorder Facilitates On the Go Calls
    While this is an exciting new feature that is almost guaranteed to make people's lives easier, keep in mind that being on mobile doesn't change the fact that you should always let someone know when they're being recorded. In some states, recording someone without their knowledge is against the law-I'm looking at you, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. So just remember that apps like this are best used for professional reasons, and to always let the other person know when they're being recorded. If used correctly, drupe can help alleviate the struggle of taking business calls on the go.
  • The Simple Two-Piece Guide to Tracking Facebook Call Conversions
    It's become a business aphorism on par with "we have to have profit to make money" that social media is rich new fodder for marketing. Yet at the same time, it's somewhat difficult to figure out, with any level of certainty, just how rich that fodder actually is. With users averaging around 80 percent of their total social media time on mobile devices, mobile seems the place to start focusing. That means the possibility of checking how many people call in from a Facebook stay, and figuring out Facebook call conversions becomes deeply important.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: Calabrio, TeleWare, TCN
    Welcome to the latest version of Call Recording Week in Review where we highlight all the biggest headlines from this past week in the Call Recording space.
  • Calabrio Recognized As High Performer in Forrester Report
    Calabrio has earned top honors in the latest Forrester Wave report.
  • Investment Firm Buys Calabrio
    Global investment firm KKR today announced plans to buy Calabrio for an undisclosed sum. The deal will enable the workforce optimization company to scale to the next level.
  • TeleWare and Linx Networks Form Partnership
    The Enron case in 2001 and the financial crisis of 2007/08 led to the enactment of some strong regulatory compliances for the financial industry, both in the U.S. and abroad. These compliances are fluid, meaning they change as new technologies and violations come to light. It is therefore incumbent on the companies operating in the financial industry to always be aware of the new rules. The new strategic partnership between TeleWare and Linx Networks has been formed in part in response to the compliance challenges.
  • New Partnership Brings TCN and InterProse Corporation Together
    The account receivables of a company have to be managed accurately to ensure the long term operational success of the organization. If the funds are not collected in a timely manner, it can result in financial hardships that limit growth and make it difficult to capitalize on new opportunities as they come along. The new partnership between TCN and InterProse Corporation is going to bring together two solutions from both companies to increase the recovery rates of account receivables, while streamlining the management of payments with accurate reporting.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: Verint, Agile Cloud, CallCabinet
    Welcome to the latest version of Call Recording Week in Review where we highlight all the biggest headlines from this past week in the Call Recording space.
  • Verint Speech Analytics Help Improve Customer Experience
    Admiral Group wanted to better understand the customer journey to identify the root causes of calls, drawing on customer insights, such as the reasons prompting calls and actions. Given the organisation's long-standing relationship with Verint, it was able to swiftly add speech analytics to its recording and QM investment, enabling two of its contact departments to leverage the solution to bring added value across the business.
  • Agile Cloud Releases Cloco Cloud-based Call Center
    Agile Cloud develops cloud-based communications software for businesses. It took this past week to announce its most recent release, Cloco, a new IP-based private branch exchange (PBX) that runs in the cloud and offers clients a full set of call center tools.
  • CallCabinet's Atmos Receives Award from TMC
    Call recording solutions are being used to monitor productivity, settle dispute resolutions, deliver good customer service and meet regulatory compliances. However, the way in which the services are delivered prices out many small businesses, which is why CallCabinet has a pay-as-you-grow (SaaS) business model to address the different needs of organizations with its Atmos platform. This type of flexibility and a comprehensive call recording solution has led TMC to give the Atmos its 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award.
  • Call Tracking Solutions Offer Valuable Business Insights and Metrics
    We hear a lot about analytics and business intelligence (BI) in the communications realm, particularly as they apply to big data and other huge repositories of aggregated information. Call analytics, also known as call tracking, is perhaps even more important for a business but not nearly as hyped as BI and data analytics.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: Dubber, SIP Print, OrecX
    Welcome to the latest version of Call Recording Week in Review where we highlight all the biggest headlines from this past week in the Call Recording space.
  • Access4 Picks Dubber for Cloud Call Recording
    Unified communications as a service are becoming popular across the globe - particularly in the business world because they make it possible to have all the solutions and perks the larger companies with more capital can enjoy, but without all the costs and maintenance required.
  • Digital South Communications & SIP Print Partner for Cloud Call Recording
    Providing voice services for businesses is no easy feat. Doing so in today's market has become an even bigger endeavor as both cloud and on-premises offerings crowd the market. One thing that a quality provider must do is stay ahead of the market and offer solutions that meet changing needs.
  • OrecX Adopts Linux High Availability/ DRBD Clustering
    Distributed Replicated Block Device (DRBD) is a Linux-based software component which simplifies the process of replacing shared storage systems by networked mirroring. It makes it possible to have a greater level of consistency of data and maintain it in multiple systems and networks, which also ensures high availability (HA) for Linux applications. Making high availability clustering for its call recording using Linux High Availability /DRBD, OrecX will allow users to secure recordings by providing a reliable replicating platform.
  • Rostrvm Solutions' Cloud Contact Centre Service Now Available on G-Cloud
    The G-Cloud initiative was launched by the UK government to simplify the process in which public sector organizations in the country's government could acquire ICT services that use cloud computing in the Digital Marketplace. Framework agreements were signed with suppliers so the public organizations could acquire services without the traditional procurement process involving tenders and competition. By making its Cloud Contact Centre Service available on G-Cloud, Rostrvm Solutions will make itself accessible to public agencies in the UK.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: Digium, CallCabinet, SIP Print
    Welcome to the latest edition of Call Recording Week in Review where we detail the top news making headlines in the industry from this past week.
  • Microsoft Names CallCabinet an ISV Partner
    Independent software vendors or ISVs have access to a wide range of customers, which makes them ideal partners for companies that produce applications. For established ISVs, partnering with a large corporation such as Microsoft adds yet another product to their portfolio while at the same time making themselves accessible to a new customer base. By being appointed a Microsoft ISV partner for its Atmos Skype for Business solution, CallCabinet will now be able to provide Skype for Business customers with a compliant call recording solution that will integrate without any compatibility issues while allowing them to leverage the Microsoft cloud environment.
  • Cloud Call Recording Made Easy with SIP Print
    Call recording is important for businesses today because it continues to provide the assurance and data they need to succeed. Everything from records of what is said on calls to data to help improve customer care can all be garnered from call recording.
  • ConnectLeader Improves Click Dialer with New Calling Features
    Integrated IT solutions not only improve productivity, but also eliminate issues of compatibility when products from different vendors are brought together. As organizations look for seamless integration for the way they communicate and collaborate, they want all the tools they deploy to work seamlessly. ConnectLeader, provider of B2B sales acceleration solutions, has added new features to its click-to-call system, which is embedded within Microsoft Dynamics,, NetSuite CRM and some of the other leading CRM solutions in the marketplace.
  • Digium's New IP Phones Leverage the Power of Asterisk
    Digium, the primary developer and sponsor of the Asterisk project, created a free, open source software that converts your desktop into a communication server with today's most popular features. The Asterisk platform delivers an alternative to propriety phone systems by allowing users to create communication solutions based on open standard and open-source software. The next generation IP phones Digium just launched have been specifically engineered to take advantage of all the capabilities of Asterisk and Switchvox, giving users more options and greater flexibility without the trappings of propriety systems.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: NewVoiceMedia, ASC Technologies, Toshiba, Versadial
    Lots of news coming out of the Call Recording industry this week. New offerings, improved solutions and partnerships all made headlines.
  • Versadial Solutions Updates Call Recording Software
    Recording solutions are an important element for businesses today not only to manage, monitor and store conversations that happen over the phone - but even communications that happen via chat and the Web have become important.
  • Toshiba Clarify Call Recording Means Value for Customer Service Quality
    It might have seemed to some viewers like the call recording market was a little stuffed with competitors, but that's good news for those looking for call recording solutions as there are plenty of options to choose from. One new competitor has entered the fray, and with a name like Toshiba behind it, it's a safe bet that Toshiba Clarify Call Recording is ready to provide an excellent package in call recording.
  • ASC Technologies Improves Call Recording Capabilities
    ASC Technologies is a worldwide software company that provides solutions for recording, analyzing and evaluating corporate communications. Today, the company announced the release of its latest workforce optimization solution, neo 5.0, which will expand chat and video recording and advanced analytics capabilities for voice and screen information.
  • Crescent Wealth's Customer Experience Gets a Boost from NewVoiceMedia
    Every reasonable business these days wants a better customer experience. Improved customer experience increases the likelihood of return business, and return business means more steady cash flow, crucial to any business' survival. Crescent Wealth recently turned to NewVoiceMedia and its ContactWorld for Service tool set in a bid to improve its own operations, and brought in a slate of new options with it.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: Cistera, SIP Print, Toshiba, Noble Systems
    This week in call recording news we continue to hear about the importance call recording plays in so many verticals -from financial firms to IT support teams.
  • Cistera Networks Means Regulation Compliance for Financial Firms
    Call recording's power to directly impact the bottom line should be, by now, well known, but one feature of call recording often goes unheralded because its application is somewhat limited. However, where it does apply, it's downright vital. This application is regulation compliance, and for firms like financial markets, not having a call recording system is a matter of federal law. That's why Cistera Networks' lineup of offerings should be welcome: it allows businesses to comply with regulations, and do so at a cost-effective price point.
  • AGJ Systems & Networks: Delivering Top Notch IT Support, Now with SIP Print
    Established in 2002, AGJ Systems & Networks is the leading IT support company on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. AGJ is also a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and leads as a managed service provider.
  • Noble Systems Gets a Slew of Contact Center Patents
    Noble Systems Corp. this year has racked up a dozen new patents related to contact center technology. That includes patents related to data security, interaction management, speech analytics, strategy planning, and TCPA-compliant wireless number dialing. Here's a list of the specific patent numbers and what the patents address.
  • Toshiba's UC Platforms Get a Call Recording Boost with Clarify Addition
    Call recording's value to an organization can't be understated, especially for those organizations that are required to have such tools in place by various regulations. Even those who aren't required to have it find use for it, and Toshiba is stepping up its own involvement in the field with its new Clarify Call Recording system, a new addition to both IPedge and the Strata CIX with IPedge App Server system.
  • How Call Recording Beat Kidnappers and Reunited a Family
    The benefits of call recording tools have been known for some time now; protection against lawsuits, improved customer service, better training and so on. Now, we can add one more benefit based on an incident in Palghar in India, which saw call recording tools used to beat kidnappers and reunite a family within hours of the incident.
  • Cognia's New London Office Enjoys Ideal Location
    Cognia works to help organizations address some of their most pressing compliance, service-assurance and productivity challenges. Both small and multinational organizations rely on Cognia to help settle these issues. These businesses come from a range of industries, including finance, energy, healthcare and retail. Through their global communications-intelligence platform, the company transforms the cost and ease of capturing, storing and analyzing mobile, fixed-line and digital interactions. Due to its success, the business was recently able to open a new office in London.
  • Lifesize CEO: Reinvented Company Seeing Strong Customer Traction
    It's been a crazy few years for Lifesize, but the company's founder and CEO, Craig Malloy, is today happy to report that the recently reorganized and once again independent business has had a lot of success in the last year and seems to be on the right track.
  • Call Recording Issues for Windows 10 Fixed
    The ability to record calls for everyone within an organization is extremely important for companies that have to abide by regulatory compliances, whether they are on location or not. And because today's employees can work from anywhere with just their smartphone, not being able to record the calls when they are off-site can be problematic. So when a glitch was reported with the Voice Recorder app of Windows 10 Mobile, users quickly made Microsoft aware of the problem.
  • Illegal Call Recording Could Settle Kanye West/Taylor Swift Feud
    The pop culture trio of Kanye West, Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian effectively broke the entire Internet earlier this week. For those who are not up to date on the situation, here are the cliff notes.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: Aeriandi, TeleVoice, Verint
    This week in call recording headlines, security, award wins and advice on what to do with the recordings all made the news.
  • Proxy Networks to Expand Aeriandi's Secure Recording Capabilities
    The recordings can be used to improve performance, analyze customer insight and audits for compliance regulations using the Aeriandi archiving and retrieval capabilities already available in its platform.
  • TeleVoice Turns 30
    TeleVoice, the customized call center solutions company, recently celebrated its thirtieth birthday. The company was founded in 1986 shortly after the breakup of AT&T, which at the time was the sole leader of the telecommunications industry. TeleVoice entered a world where interactive voice response communications were severely lacking, due to the lack of sophisticated scripts and limited call recording means.
  • Avoid the Call Recording Paradox by Using Data from Recorded Calls
    Mining data to glean business insights, trends and valuable customer feedback is becoming a standard part of conducting business. Call recording offers a veritable goldmine of insights, and yet the data from recordings is often not used to its full potential.
  • Verint Awards Speech Analytics, Engagement Management and Workforce Optimization Customers
    During the recent Verint Engage 2016 Global Customer Conference that took place in Chicago, the company named BMO Bank of Montreal as the winner of its 2016 Engage Global Customer Awards Program in the "Enriching Interactions" category, with Garmin receiving the "Highly Commendable" distinction in the same category.
  • New York Life and Express Scripts Win Verint Engage Global Customer Award
    The initiatives Express Scripts implemented were designed to first collect actionable data using the Verint platform. Once the company had this information, it put in place processes that made contact centers more efficient by empowering front-line agents with the capability to provide and review information with callers, which in this case where patients.
  • Call Recording Solutions Need to Support a High-Level Customer Experience
    Customer service used to be the name of the game in the contact center realm. Back when the phone and snail mail were the primary ways to communicate with customers, offering a one-size-fits-all customer service solution made sense.
  • Orecx Adds REST API for Even More Flexibility
    Orecx is a provider of open source-based call recording software. But now the company's solutions are becoming even more open with the release of a REST API that enables users to do customization more easily.
  • Tapping Into Your Call Recording Data
    The Huffington Post recently profiled founder and CEO Steve Richard to discuss ways to utilize data from recorded sales calls. Richard pointed out that although many companies now record all of their sales calls, very few of them actually have the means to make any sort of use of this data. Richard went on to reveal some of his tips for tapping into the gold mine of recorded call data.
  • Business Plus Releases Office, Mobile Calling Service
    In this package, Business Plus begins by offering businesses VoIP phone service for their offices and wireless phone service for their mobile devices. It then tops that base with a number of call center features and the addition of email and texting. Business clients can then route incoming calls as they see fit and connect with customers through multiple channels.
  • 8x8 Offers Updates on its DXI, QSC Offerings, Analytics Roadmap
    Last year around this time 8x8 acquired DXI Ltd. and Quality Software Corp. Now the company is working to bring the DXI outbound dialer, which was initially available in the U.K., to the U.S. At the same time, it's readying the QSC quality management solutions - which include tools for agent scoring, call recording, playback, screen reporting, and speech-to-text - for commercial availability starting in August.
  • Robocalls Strike in Record Numbers in May
    The robocall-that menace that strikes at almost any time of the day or night with no human intelligence behind it to tell to go away-is hitting United States phone lines in ever-increasing numbers. The word from YouMail's National Robocall Index proves just how far this particular problem goes, as American phones were hit with what estimates called 2.49 billion calls just in May alone.
  • Dialoga Brings New Options for Customer Service Improvement to Spain's Roadways
    Dialoga's system won't address all the problems RENFE could face, but it will likely address sufficient numbers to keep most riders in place and bring in some new ones via positive word of mouth. The point is that RENFE isn't just coasting, but rather, actively working to make itself better, and that's a point anyone can get behind.
  • MiaRec Adds More Languages to Call Recording Solution
    Companies that often have to deal with conversations in multiple languages should give strong consideration to multilingual call recording solutions like MiaRec. They can save both time and money, and create more detailed analytics to aid businesses.
  • Call Recording Week in Review: iQventures, Calabrio
    This week in call recording headlines, we continue to hear about the problems and potential for laws to be broken in California due to the strict nature of their call recording laws.
  • Calabrio, Five9 Announce Integration, Cross Selling Partnership
    In February WFO leader Verint Systems announced the acquisition of Contact Solutions, a provider of cloud-based voice and mobile customer care solutions. Just last month NICE, the other leader in WFO, revealed plans to buy cloud-based contact center solution provider inContact for $940 million. And today WFO company Calabrio and cloud-based contact center provider Five9 unveiled a new partnership that involves integrating their products, which both companies will bring to market.
  • Call Recording Evolves Beyond Humans to Include Analytics and Intelligence
    Human error is the weakest link with most technology solutions, and call recording is a prime example. In today's competitive economy it's simply not enough to record calls and have humans listen to a cross section of those recordings. Voice analytics and other types of intelligence are providing better tools to make call recording an extremely powerful tool.
  • Phone Calls Are Still Important for Customer Care
    Focusing on phone calls and what they bring to the business as far as leads and quality data remains of primary importance.
  • California Call Recording Statutes Reveal Hazard of the System
    A content marketing firm pointed out this week that the laws governing California's call recording mandates may be unclear to the point of litigation. Indeed, at least one large company, Wells Fargo, has come under fire as of late because of missteps with the "California Eavesdropping Statutes."
  • Call Recording Week in Review: VBrick, Earthlink, ProblemSolutionHQ
    This week in Call recording news we continue to see call recording being added to offerings in the business world and across verticals to further add value to communications.
  • Samba Tech Releases Kast Mobile App for Audio, Video Sharing
    Samba Tech is reaching high with this app - beyond email and texting, into the realm of voice and video, but with a focus on security and user choice regarding the type of content they want to handle. If they can pull off the balance between what one is allowed to post and what one wants to post (and include robust security in the mix), those predictions about it being the next most-popular-app-in-the-world could come true.
  • VBrick's New Addition to Rev Offers Recording
    The Rev platform from VBrick was an impressive enough piece of engineering as it was; cloud-native setup and a host of enterprise video options all combined into one package. Now, Rev's got some new features to it that will add a highly valuable new feature to its video operations: streaming and recording.
  • ProblemSolutionHQ Adds Call Informer Solutions to its Product Line
    Small business owners face many challenges, but digital technology is making it possible for them to acquire enterprise grade solutions so they can address these challenges head on. A call recording platform with monitoring, tracking, analysis and reporting capabilities such as the one Call Informer offers is one of those technologies.
  • Maryland Legal Aid Taps Earthlink for New Services
    This isn't the first time Maryland Legal Aid has turned to EarthLink for services; it's has actually been an EarthLink customer for the last six years, particularly for voice and data services. In that time, Maryland Legal Aid has expanded to 12 offices and three District Court Self-Help Resource Centers, backed up by fully 300 staffers, which means new tools are necessary.
  • Pinnaca Record and Stream Offers New Option for Unusual Recordings
    Call recording is talked about a lot, especially given the fact that for most people the telephone is still the first means of contact with an organization. With an omnichannel experience increasingly desired, and video calling and the like becoming more prevalent, maybe call recording by itself isn't enough any more. That's where Pinnaca steps in with its new Pinnaca Record and Stream system.
  • Intelliflo Gets Ready for MiFID II, Makes Call Recording Features Available
    The adviser management software Intelligent Office by Intelliflo is used by financial and mortgage advisers, network providers, service providers, and enterprises, with more than 1,600 financial advisory firms currently using the system. This makes Intelligent Office the perfect technology for regulators to keep an eye on it.
  • Are Tax Officials Listening to Your Calls Right Now?
    There's no doubt that the government wants more tax money. That's how it exists, after all, and the more tax money it gets its hands on the better it preserves its own existence. Using call recording tools would be a natural extension of such behavior, which is also a point explaining why there are so many laws around the use of call recording. If regular people used call recording in a similar fashion, it could be used as a vector for blackmail. So citizens and corporate users, therefore, often see a degree of regulation, like two-party consent, though this isn't the case in every state.
  • Facebook Says It Does Not Record Mobile App Calls to Boost Advertisements
    Facebook has denied the recent allegations from news media and users that it records its members' conversations to better serve them advertisements.
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